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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 3986-3990

Chapter 3986

saw that the God of the Nine Heavens is dressed in a golden dragon robe, which is very powerful, and Empress Hua Zhao is also dressed in a gorgeous phoenix robe, which sets off the charming curves and at the same time shows the royal majesty.

Although it was a major event in his daughter’s marriage, the Nine Heavens God did not have too many smiles on his face.

He already had an opinion on Yue Feng, and betrothing his daughter to Yue Feng was even more helpless. Under such circumstances, there was naturally not much joy.

But Empress Hua Zhao was full of smiles. No matter what, today is her daughter’s big day, so she should be happy no matter what.

At this time, all the guests on the seats on the two sides below have basically arrived.

I saw that the one sitting in the first place on the right was Guiguzi.

At this time, Guiguzi, wearing a purple robe, immortal style, had a bit of relief and joy on his face.

I thought that the conflict between Yue Feng and Jiutian God would be the best, but it was the best that Yue Feng would marry Princess Dongling.

The so-called enemies should be resolved but not, but Yue Fengneng and Jiutian God have resolved their past suspicions. Guiguzi, who is a master, is naturally very happy.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty, congratulations, Your Majesty!”

“Today, the princess is very happy, and I take this opportunity to congratulate Your Majesty!”

At this moment, all the guests congratulated the Nine Heavens God and Empress Hua Zhao.

Hearing the congratulations, Empress Hua Zhao couldn’t help smiling, and she was indescribably happy.

At this moment, the master of ceremonies came out slowly with a smile on his face. He first bowed to the God of the Nine Heavens, and then looked around: “The auspicious time has come, and the concubine and the princess are invited to enter!

” .”

As soon as the voice fell, I saw more than a dozen colorful phoenixes flying in the sky. These colorful phoenixes chirped in unison, and then opened their mouths and spewed out brilliant flames. In an instant, the entire sky was colorful.

This scene is even more shocking than tens of thousands of fireworks.

In the eyes of everyone, I saw a road formed by auspicious clouds, slowly extending, and then, Yue Feng and Princess Dongling walked side by side, stepping on the auspicious clouds and slowly walked out.

I saw that at this time, Yue Feng, wearing a red concubine’s robe, was indescribably wise and martial.

Facing the envious eyes around him, Yue Feng had a smile on his face, but his heart was extremely bitter.

This wedding, Yue Feng was completely forced, how did he feel better?

Next to her was Princess Dongling, who was wearing a long red dress with patterns of dragons and phoenixes embroidered on it.

And like Yue Feng, Princess Dongling also forced a smile.

After being abandoned by Gong Ao, Princess Dongling’s heart was ashes, and she had almost no feeling for the grand wedding in front of her.


Under everyone’s attention, Yue Feng and Princess Dongling came to the wedding stage.

“One day worship!”

At this moment, the master of ceremonies looked at the time, smiled and shouted.

Yue Feng and Princess Dongling held hands and bowed three times to Jiutian.

When bowing to Jiutian, Yue Feng was calm on the surface, but he couldn’t tell the bitterness in his heart. After three times and nine bows, he and Princess Dongling were the real husband and wife.

But Princess Dongling didn’t like her at all, and she didn’t have any feelings for her either.

How does this work?

At this time, the master of ceremonies cleared his throat and prepared to shout a second time.

“Oh, there is really a wedding!”

However, at this moment, a playful voice was heard from the gate of Yuyao Xianyuan.


Hearing the voice, whether it was Yue Feng, the Nine Heavens God, and the guests present, they turned their heads and looked over.

I saw a burly figure coming from the sky, dressed in purple gold armor, majestic.

It was the Demon Lord Gone.

However, at this time, the Demon Lord Gone was wearing the armor of the Haotian Divine Sovereign, and at the same time became the appearance of the Haotian Divine Sovereign. Speaking of which, the Demon Lord Gone had planned to make a big fuss about the wedding, but after thinking about it, he decided to impersonate the God of Haotian and play with the God of Nine Heavens.


Seeing “Haotian Divine Sovereign”, there was an uproar in the entire wedding scene.

“God Haotian?”

“Isn’t he in Kyushu, dealing with Demon Venerable? Why did he come back suddenly?”

“Yeah, it seems that he is very dissatisfied with this wedding.” As

the surrounding discussions came, Jiutian God also looked on his face . Gloomy, looking at ‘Haotian Divine Sovereign’, he said coldly, “Haotian, I asked you to watch Demon Zun in Kyushu, why are you back?”

Empress Hua Zhao next to her was also displeased. When the salute is interrupted, it is very unlucky.

At this time, the Nine Heavens God, and all the guests present, have not noticed that the person in front of him is not the Haotian Divine Sovereign at all, but the Demon Venerable in disguise.

Chapter 3987

Seriously, if someone impersonates, the Nine Heavens God and many guests can recognize it at a glance, after all, this is the realm of the gods. However, the Demon Lord Gone is powerful, and the Disguise Technique is unparalleled in the world.

More importantly, the Demon Lord Gone is wearing purple gold armor, and the purple gold armor is a symbol of the status of Haotian Divine Sovereign.

At this moment, Empress Hua Zhao calmed down, looked at Demon Zun Gone and said, “Haotian, your Majesty is asking you something! Why don’t you answer truthfully?”


Demon Lord Gone’s eyes flickered, and then he showed a smile, pretending to be very respectful: “Your Majesty, Empress, please forgive me for being abrupt, my subordinate has just won a major victory in Kyushu, and I am very excited, so I will come back quickly to announce the good news.

” , Mozun Gone looked at the two Yue Fengs on the wedding stage, and continued: “I forgot that the princess is getting married today.”

Hearing this, Jiutian God’s face softened and asked: “What major victory, Let’s hear it.” Compared with Princess Dongling’s wedding, the God of Nine Heavens is more concerned about the Demon Lord’s affairs.


At this moment, many of the guests present also looked closely at the Demon Lord Gone.

Yue Feng was also inexplicably excited. If the Demon Lord Gone was suppressed, it would be great, and Kyushu would be spared a catastrophe.

Seriously, whether it is God’s Domain or Demon Venerable, Yue Feng doesn’t like it much, but in contrast, he still prefers God’s Domain in his heart. After all, Demon Venerable is too evil. Kyushu is also a catastrophe.

While muttering in his heart, Yue Feng looked at the ‘Haotian Divine Sovereign’ in front of him, and had a feeling he couldn’t tell.

There is something wrong with this ‘Haotian Divine Sovereign’, but I can’t tell what is wrong.

“His Majesty!”

Just when Yue Feng was thinking about it, he saw the Demon Lord Gone slowly walking up and said to the Nine Heavens God: “At that time, the Demon Lord was hiding in a sect called the Five Poison Sect, and his subordinates led the army to besiege the Five Poison Sect. At the time, the Demon Venerable was merging with the body of pure yang, but it was interrupted by his subordinates in time.”

“The fusion of the pure yang body of the Demon Venerable was interrupted, and he was backlashed. He was very weak, and his subordinates took the opportunity to grab the seal. The magic mirror, and sealed the Demon Venerable in the forbidden area of ​​the Five Poison Sect.”


Hearing this, there was an uproar in the audience, all eyes focused on Demon Lord Gone, revealing deep admiration and excitement.

As expected of Divine Sovereign Haotian, the matter of Demon Venerable was settled so quickly.

At the same time, the Nine Heavens God is also full of joy, and his mood is extremely comfortable.

You must know that the matter of Demon Lord Gone has always been a thorn in the heart of Jiutian God. After the magic mirror was snatched from the ghost world, Jiutian God’s heart has been hanging.

After all, Demon Venerable’s strength is terrifying, even if the Nine Heavens God personally goes out, he is not an opponent!

At this time, Haotian Divine Sovereign has solved this biggest hidden danger, can you not be excited?

“Haotian, is the place where you sealed the Demon Lord, is it safe?” Jiutian God looked closely at the Demon Lord Gone and asked.

Although his heart was uplifted, Jiutian God still maintained some caution. Demon Venerable Gone smiled: “Don’t worry, Your Majesty, Demon

Venerable has been trapped by his subordinates, it is difficult to fly, and there are hundreds of thousands of gods and soldiers around him guarding him, he can’t run!”

Zungone had a smile on his face, but his eyes were cold.

“Ha ha…”

Hearing this, Jiutian God couldn’t hide his excitement, nodded in approval and said: “Okay, very good, Haotian, you really did not disappoint me, Demon Venerable lost the chance to be reborn, and our God Realm can be considered to have no hidden worries. “

Speaking, what did Jiutian God think of, and continued: “By the way, what about the magic mirror?”

“It’s on the subordinate.” The

Demon Lord Gone responded, and then slowly stepped forward and took out a mirror from his body. Presented to the God of the Nine Heavens.

It’s the magic mirror.

After the Demon Lord Gone left the sealed magic mirror, this treasure was worthless, and it was just used to gain the trust of the Nine Heavens God.

When Jiutian God got the magic mirror, he was in a better mood and waved his hand: “Come on, give a seat to Haotian God!”

After saying this, Jiutian God said to Demon Lord Gone: “Haotian, you have done a great job this time. Today’s wedding in Dongling, I must drink a few more glasses, and when the wedding is over, I will reward you well.”

Chapter 3988 The

voice fell, and several maids had prepared their seats, right next to the Nine Heavens God.

Haotian Divine Sovereign’s status in the Divine Realm was originally second only to Jiutian God, and it was natural to sit next to Jiutian God.

“Thank you, Your Majesty, Hong En!” The Demon Lord Gone was grateful and sat down unceremoniously.


Seeing this scene, the surrounding guests saluted the Demon Lord Gone in unison, and congratulated them one by one.

“God is mighty!”

“Congratulations to God for successfully subduing Demon Venerable!”

“It’s really a blessing for me to have a heavenly general like Divine Lord guarding me…”

Compliments from the surroundings kept coming, Demon Venerable Gone was sitting there, smiling. language.

This time, Yue Feng, who was standing on the wedding stage, was feeling ups and downs, very depressed.

I thought that the sudden arrival of ‘Haotian Divine Sovereign’ would interrupt the wedding, but now it seems that I am still too naive.


At this time, the Nine Heavens God slowly raised his hand and said lightly, “Everyone, be quiet.” After saying that, he motioned to the master of ceremonies to continue presiding over the wedding.

Upon receiving the signal, the master of ceremonies hurried up, but when he was about to speak, his face suddenly changed, and then his legs became weak and he slumped on the ground.

what happened?

Jiutian God’s face sank, and he was about to scold, but his brows were suddenly furrowed.

Strange, it was fine just now, why suddenly felt weak and unable to exert any strength?

Not only that, the power of the primordial spirit in the body was also suppressed by a strange force. This… This seemed to be a sign of poisoning. For a time, the Nine Heavens God trembled faintly, and he couldn’t sit still.

And Empress Hua Zhao next to her, her delicate face also showed a trace of paleness.

Like the Nine Heavens God, Empress Hua Zhao was also weak all over.


At this time, the Demon Lord Gone, who was sitting there, tilted his head to look at the Nine Heavens God, and said with a half-smile, “Your Majesty, are you uncomfortable?”

At the same time as he spoke, there was a hint of playfulness in his eyes.

Nine Heavens God was shocked and inexplicable. Just as he was about to speak, he was interrupted by the Demon Lord Gone.

Demon Lord Gone stood up slowly and said lightly: “Your Majesty, do you feel that your whole body is weak and weak, and your primordial spirit is suppressed? You can’t exert any strength?

” Hearing this, Jiutian God’s face changed suddenly, and he looked at him in shock

and anger: “Haotian, what the hell is going on?” Very proud: “What’s the matter? You are still God of the Nine Heavens, and you don’t even know when you were poisoned.” What? Jiutian God was shocked and angry, and his heart was also extremely shocked. He really was poisoned, but…what the poison is so powerful, he didn’t even notice it at all! Seeing the expression of God in the Nine Heavens, the Demon Lord Gone became more and more complacent, and pointed to the magic mirror placed beside him: “This magic mirror was contaminated with ‘Tianluosan’ before. Your Majesty should have heard of this kind of poison.” Tian Rose! ? Hearing these three words, Jiutian God was completely stunned as if struck by lightning.

Tianluosan is rumored to be a type of poison that only demons can cast.

Tens of thousands of years ago, when the gods and demons were fighting, the demons used Tianluosan, which led to the fall of many gods. Repression is very evil.

It’s just… the Demon Lord Gone has been caught, how can there be Tianluosan poison on this magic mirror?


Under the shock in his heart, the God of Nine Heavens stared at the Demon Lord Gone coldly: “You are not Haotian… in the end…” Before he finished speaking

, he saw the “God Haotian” in front of him. Jun’, his face changed a little bit, and finally he turned into the appearance of the Demon Lord Gone. In an instant, the Nine Heavens God was extremely shocked, his mind was buzzing, and it was blank.

He… he is the Demon Lord?

What the hell!

At the same time, the surrounding guests, as well as Yue Feng, were also stunned.

Especially Yue Feng, looking at the Demon Lord Gone, his mind was messy, and at the same time, he was a little surprised.

No wonder how you look at this Haotian Divine Monarch, why do you feel that something is wrong, it turns out that he is faked by Demon Venerable.

The surrounding guests were shocked, and they all responded quickly. ” Demon

Lord Gone?”

“You dare to use such despicable means against His Majesty…”

“It’s too wild, do you think that our God’s Domain is uninhabited?”

Come up, we must unite to deal with the Demon Lord Gone.

Ha ha!

Seeing this scene, Demon Zun Gone didn’t panic at all, looked around, and said coldly and proudly: “I dare to break in alone, and I’m not afraid of your siege, this day, Luosan’s poisonous, nine-day gods have been recruited, Do you think you can escape?”

Chapter 3989

After finishing the last word, the expressions of the surrounding guests changed drastically.

“My primordial spirit has been suppressed…”

“Me too…” Amidst the

exclamations, many guests slumped on the ground!

At the same time, Yue Feng was also weak all over, sitting on the ground with his buttocks, Tian Luo San was so poisonous that even the Nine Heavens God could not resist, let alone Yue Feng.


Seeing this scene, Jiutian God was so angry that he almost exploded with anger, staring at the Demon Lord Gonie: “Gonie, what do you want?

” At the wedding, he was caught in the trick of the Demon Lord Gone, what will be the dignity in the future?


Demon Lord Gone looked up to the sky and smiled, with a bit of resentment in his eyes: “In the war between gods and demons, my demons were killed and injured, and I managed to escape, wandering for thousands of years outside the nine heavens, After that, I was trapped in the magic mirror by the immortal ancestor of the Great Desolation. After so many years of hatred, what do you think I would do?” As he

spoke, the corner of Demon Venerable’s mouth evoked a hint of abuse: “But don’t be nervous. , I won’t destroy all of you today, it’s too boring, and I’m not relieved.” The

last word fell, Mozun’s figure flashed, and when he reached the wedding stage, he grabbed Princess Dongling’s wrist.


Princess Dongling was very frightened and cried, “Let me go, let me go…” While shouting, she tried to break free, but she was also hit by Tianluosan, and her delicate body was sore. Powerless, unable to break free.

At the same time, the surrounding guests also opened their mouths to stop it.

“Let go of the princess…”

“Shut up!”

“Dignified Demon Venerable, is it only such a despicable method?” The

surrounding angry shouts kept coming, and Demon Venerable Gone didn’t seem to hear it.

In the next second, Demon Zun Gone looked closely at the Nine Heavens God and said word by word, “Aren’t you going to marry your daughter today? I’ll take your daughter away and give it to my subordinates.”

“You God Realm God of God, always believes that he represents justice, and our demons are evil, then I will trample your so-called justice under my feet. Hahaha…” The

last word fell, and the devil Gone laughed. He took Princess Dongling to the sky and disappeared from sight in the blink of an eye.


Seeing this scene, Jiutian God was furious, roared, and fainted directly.

On the day of her daughter’s big wedding, she was taken away by Demon Venerable, and Demon Venerable threatened to give her daughter to his subordinates, such a humiliation that no one else could bear. Phew

… At this moment, Yue Feng looked at the direction in which the Demon Lord Gone disappeared, and his heart was extremely complicated. Princess Dongling fell into the hands of Demon Venerable, and these were troublesome. Although Yue Feng didn’t want to marry Princess Dongling in his heart, he also didn’t want to ruin the wedding in this way. … on the other side, Kyushu! Near the Five Poison Sect, the fierce battle continues. Speaking of which, it is quite easy for hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers and generals to deal with a small Five Poison Sect.

However, on the side of the Five Poison Sect, not only Bai Yunfei, the supreme powerhouse, was assisted, but also a huge ancient poisonous scorpion, plus tens of thousands of poisonous people.

Under such circumstances, it is difficult to say that the Five Poison Sects will be completely annihilated with hundreds of thousands of divine soldiers. On the contrary, under the poisonous attack of the ancient poisonous scorpion, the formation of these divine soldiers and generals was completely disrupted.

At this time, in the battlefield, a slender figure was particularly eye-catching, shuttled among dozens of divine soldiers and generals, like a smart butterfly.

It is Nalan Wushuang.

To be honest, Nalan Wushuang didn’t want to help Bai Yunfei even though he hated God’s Domain.

Nalan Wushuang is not afraid of death, but also does not want Xia Yinzong to be destroyed.


“Quickly withdraw!”

Finally, under the poisonous mist attack of the ancient poisonous scorpion, many divine soldiers and generals were exhausted, howling and fleeing into the distance.

Some people took the lead in fleeing, and the remaining god soldiers lost the courage to continue fighting, and they all collapsed, and they all ran away in the blink of an eye.


Seeing this scene, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect immediately cheered.

Bai Yunfei was suspended in mid-air, a smile appeared on his face, and arrogance flashed in his eyes. So what about God’s Domain, isn’t it a slap in the ass?

Chapter 3990

At this moment, Nalan Wushuang urged the figure to fly over.

When they got to the front, Nalan Wushuang respectfully said to Bai Yunfei: “Sect Master, the enemy has retreated, I want to ask for instructions.”

Bai Yunfei nodded: “Let’s talk.

” I escaped from the forbidden area. When I came to ask for help, I sent people from Xia Yinzong to track the movements of the Ouyang family.” Nalan Wushuang bit his lip and said softly, “Now that a day has passed, I must have found it. The Ouyang family.”

“I want to destroy the Ouyang family first, and then bring all the members of the Xia Yin Sect to join the Five Poison Sect and the Sect Master. When the time comes, I will do my best to help the Sect Master fight the God Realm.”

When he said this, Nalan Wushuang surfaced. Respectfully, complexion flashed in his eyes.

After knowing the truth of his mother’s tragic death, Nalan Wushuang hated Bai Yunfei to the core, and it was impossible for him to help him deal with God’s Domain. He said this just to escape.

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei pondered for a while, nodded and said, “Okay, when you destroy the Ouyang family, quickly bring Xia Yinzong to join me.”


Nalan Wushuang nodded, and after saying goodbye to Bai Yunfei, he turned and left.


on the other side, Kyushu!

Located at the junction of Xicang Continent and Diyuan Continent, there is a mountain range that stretches for hundreds of miles, called Fuluo Mountain.

At this time, on the official road at the foot of Mount Fuluo, there are two waves of people confronting each other!

There was a smell of gunpowder in the air.

One of them is the followers of Xia Yinzong, led by Elder Huo!

Opposite Xia Yinzong, it was Wen Chou Chou, Ren Yingying, Ye Zhi Xin and others.

Half an hour ago, Wen Chou Chou led the crowd to the Five Poison Sect. After passing through the Fuluo Mountain area, they happened to meet the members of the Xia Yin Sect. Previously, the Ouyang family was trapped in the cave by Xia Yinzong, and almost died in the mouth of the dragon. When they encountered it here, the smell of natural gunpowder was full.


At this moment, Elder Huo was suspended in the air, and his eyes fell on Sun Dasheng and Wen Chou Chou: “Sun Dasheng, Wen Chou Chou, let’s see where you are going this time!”

When he said this, Elder Huo couldn’t hide his inner anger!

Before throwing the Ouyang family in the cave, I thought they would be hard to fly, but I never thought that the Jiaolong in the cave, not only did not hurt them, but also said that they were successfully brought out. This is a shame for Xia Yinzong. .

Now that I meet the Ouyang family again, how can I easily spare them?

“Elder Huo!”

Wen Chouchou took a deep breath, looked at Elder Huo and said, “Fengzi said before your predecessor’s death that something was wrong, he was framed, I hope you can calm down and don’t take a step. Wrong, wrong step by step!”


Hearing this, Elder Huo sneered.

The followers of the Xia Yin Sect behind them all looked gloomy and cold, apparently not listening to Wen Chou Chou’s words at all.


Seeing this scene, Sun Dasheng couldn’t bear it anymore and shouted: “Brother Wen, these people are dead brains, don’t talk nonsense with them!”

After speaking, Sun Dasheng shouted at Elder Huo: “Ma De, you guys Xia Yinzong, don’t deceive people too much, we have said before that this matter is a misunderstanding, and you still have to press it step by step, do you really think we are afraid?

Sun Dasheng’s fiery personality was almost instantaneous. At this time, he could no longer hold back the anger in his heart, and suddenly burst out: “The account that you left us in the cave before has not been settled! If you want to fight, let the horse come over, Don’t talk nonsense.”


The last word fell, and Sun Dasheng’s dantian’s inner strength exploded, holding the opening axe tightly, and was about to rush up.

“Great Sage!”

At this moment, Wen Chou Chou grabbed him, his face full of anxiety: “Don’t be so impulsive, this matter was originally a misunderstanding, if we really want to fight, the misunderstanding can’t be solved! You forget How did you explain when Feng Zi was leaving?”

Wen Chou Chou was very speechless at this time.

For many years, this great saint’s violent temper has not changed.

“Haha…” In the face of Sun Dasheng’s clamor

, Elder Huo was also completely angry, and said coldly: “Very good, it seems that you are quite confident in your own strength, okay, then I will fulfill you!”

The elder’s internal strength exploded, and a scorching breath burst out in an instant, and the surrounding air was instantly distorted.

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