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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 3956-3960

Chapter 3956

In Princess Dongling’s heart, she originally wanted to let Yue Feng take herself to Gong Ao, but when she arrived in Kyushu, Yue Feng’s unhurried attitude really made her unbearable. At this time, she learned from others that Gong Ao The news, Princess Dongling will naturally not miss the opportunity.

What the hell!

Watching Princess Dongling fly far away without discussing it with himself at all, Yue Feng was stunned.

Yutong Xianweng looked indifferent, drank a glass of wine, and said to Yue Feng: “The princess left without saying hello. It seems that in her heart, Gong Ao’s status is much higher than yours.”

Uh …

Hearing this, Yue Feng was a little dumbfounded: “Senior, I said before that my marriage with Princess Dongling was a complete misunderstanding. It’s normal for her to not have me in her heart.”

After saying this, Yue Feng Slowly stood up and walked towards the few people who were still in a daze not far away.

“I’m asking you!” When he

got to the front, Yue Feng asked, “How is the situation of the Ouyang family now?”

Yue Feng thought about it, since Princess Dongling went to save Gong Ao, let her go, and let her deal with Bai Yunfei, You can save yourself a lot of things.

What I want to do now is the safety of the Ouyang family.

Yue Feng?

At this moment, several people realized that the people sitting next door turned out to be the famous heroes of Kyushu, and they were completely stupid.

In the next second, one of them hurriedly said: “Master Huiyue, the Ouyang family was arrested by Xia Yinzong. It is said that they were all brought to the main altar of Xia Yinzong.”

Xia Yinzong?

Hearing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help frowning secretly.

The Ouyang family and Xia Yinzong have no grievances or enmity. Why did Na Lanqing arrest the Ouyang family?

At this time, Yue Feng didn’t know that Nalanqing was dead, and he was also blamed for it.

Under the doubts, Yue Feng did not dare to neglect, turned around and said to Yutong Xianweng: “Senior, I have very important things to do, I guess I can’t accompany you.”

After speaking, Yue Feng was ready to check out and leave.

Yutong Xianweng wiped his mouth and said, “You invited me to drink and eat. Now that I have a problem, I can’t just sit back and watch. Let’s go, I’ll go with you!”

Yue Feng was overjoyed, and Yutong Xianweng followed. , even if the Nine Heavens God comes, don’t be afraid.

the other side.

Under the guidance of the Jianghu youth, Princess Dongling quickly arrived near the Five Poison Sect.

It was already late at night, but Princess Dongling was in a hurry to see Gong Ao, so she didn’t want to rest at that time. After letting the Jianghu youth leave, she directly broke into the Five Poison Sect’s main altar.

“Who? Dare to break into the Five Poison Sect’s main altar?”

“Hey, what a beautiful woman…”

As soon as they arrived at the gate of the main altar, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect who were patrolling nearby found Princess Dongling.

For a while, seeing the graceful appearance of Princess Dongling, all those disciples were dumbfounded.


This woman is too beautiful, like a fairy descended to earth. No, more charming than fairies.

That slender waist and long straight legs, this figure is simply too perfect.

Princess Dongling didn’t care about the gazes of these disciples, her icy expression did not fluctuate in the slightest.

“Release Gong Ao immediately, otherwise, I will raze this place to the ground!” Princess Dongling’s red lips lightly opened, and her icy voice spread throughout the Five Poison Sect’s main altar. Her voice was a little soft, but full of majesty.

As the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, with a detached status, naturally she doesn’t take a small Five Poison Sect in her eyes,


Is she going to save that God’s Domain envoy?

In an instant, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect below were all stunned and looked at each other in dismay. The beauty in front of me is too loud, but she wants to save the special envoy of God’s Domain alone?

Seeing that no one responded to her, Princess Dongling suddenly became angry and raised her jade hand.


In the next second, a powerful aura erupted from Princess Dongling’s body, and then a golden light flickered, and the door to the main altar of the Five Poison Sect was instantly smashed to pieces. Within a hundred meters, a cloud of dust flew up. .


Seeing this scene, all the disciples of the Five Poison Sect couldn’t help gasping for breath, and they were extremely shocked.

This woman seems to be delicate, but her strength is so terrifying. Just raising her hand will smash the gate of the main altar dozens of meters high?


At this moment, two figures came quickly, it was Bai Yunfei and Ji Hongshang.

“Who came here to make trouble?” Ji Hongshang looked at Princess Dongling closely and gave a coquettish shout.

At the same time, Bai Yunfei also looked up and down Princess Dongling, his face was indifferent, but his eyes flashed with a strange brilliance.

What a charming beauty.

Chapter 3957


At this moment, Princess Dongling’s gaze directly locked Bai Yunfei, and said coldly: “You are that Bai Yunfei?”

Bai Yunfei smiled slightly: “Yes, it’s right here, I don’t know where the beauty comes from?”

Saying this At that time, Bai Yunfei looked up and down Princess Dongling with a bit of solemnity in his eyes.

The power of the primordial spirit pervading this beauty is stronger than that of Gong Ao. It seems that her identity is extraordinary, so she cannot take it lightly.


At this moment, the disciples of the Five Poison Sect present held their breaths, their eyes focused on Princess Dongling, waiting for her answer.

Princess Dongling was suspended in the air, her beautiful face was full of arrogance: “I am the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, Princess Dongling.”


Hearing this, both Bai Yunfei and the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect were all stunned.

This….this beauty has such a big background? It turned out to be the daughter of the God of Nine Heavens….

For a time, the audience was silent, and a drop of a needle could be heard clearly.

Seeing this situation, Princess Dongling’s eyes showed a bit of contempt, and then she said to Bai Yunfei: “You already know my identity, so quickly release Gong Ao, otherwise, I will call you dead without a burial. Earth.”

As the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, Princess Dongling has a cold and arrogant personality, and did not take Bai Yunfei and the people of the Five Poison Sect in the eye at all.


Hearing this, Bai Yunfei was stunned for a moment, then chuckled.

To be honest, Bai Yunfei was very surprised after knowing the identity of Princess Dongling, but after calming down, seeing that there was only Princess Dongling alone, he felt less panicked.

However, Ji Hongshang next to her couldn’t help it.

“What a big tone!” The

next second, Ji Hongshang came out and shouted at Princess Dongling: “What if you are Princess Dongling? This is the continent of Kyushu, not God’s Domain.

” You are not qualified!” The

last word fell, and a long sword appeared in Ji Hongshang’s hand, and then her delicate body flashed, and the long sword stabbed directly at Princess Dongling.

To be honest, if it was before, Ji Hongshang would not have such courage at all. After all, the other party is Princess Dongling, the daughter of the Nine Heavens God.

But now, Ji Hongshang is backed by Bai Yunfei, and in the forbidden area of ​​the main altar, there is also the powerful Demon Lord Gone. Under this circumstance, Ji Hongshang has support in her heart and is naturally fearless.


Seeing Ji Hongshang rushing in, Princess Dongling frowned, her beautiful face showing a bit of anger, and then she raised her hand, and a dazzling light burst out.


The next second, the light slammed into Ji Hongshang’s long sword, a loud noise came out, and Ji Hongshang groaned, and the whole person was shocked and flew out, flying dozens of meters away. Finally, he fell on the steps at the entrance of the main altar, his pretty face pale.

What a terrifying power!

Ji Hongshang’s delicate body trembled faintly, staring at Princess Dongling, her heart was shocked.

“act recklessly!”

Princess Dongling’s red lips lightly opened, and she spit out a few words coldly, then she stared at Bai Yunfei, and said coldly: “Bai Yunfei, I’ll give you one last chance, hand over Gong Ao immediately, otherwise, today I’ll let you all be buried with you!”

“I’ll let you all be buried with you today!” The

last sentence was not loud, but it spread throughout the Five Poison Sect’s main altar.


For a time, the entire Five Poison Sect general altar was silent.

The disciples of the Five Poison Sect present all looked at each other in dismay, feeling the murderous intent pervading Princess Dongling’s body, and all of them felt inexplicable fear in their hearts.

To be honest, if others said such cruel words, these disciples of the Five Poison Sect would definitely not help laughing out loud, but Princess Dongling was different, she was the daughter of the Nine Heavens God.

Not only that, Princess Dongling’s strength is also very strong, and she defeated Ji Hongshang with one move just now.


At this time, Bai Yunfei’s face also became solemn.

It was the first time that he had received such a threat since he set foot in the arena, and the other party was still a woman.

“Okay, very good!” In the

next second, Bai Yunfei took a deep breath and looked at Princess Dongling with a half-smiling smile: “It seems that Her Royal Highness is very confident, then I will take a good look at it!” The

voice fell, Bai Yunfei urged With the power of the demon soul, the figure rose into the sky and came straight towards Princess Dongling.

Chapter 3958

Princess Dongling’s pretty face was cold, without any hesitation, she directly attacked and fought with Bai Yunfei in mid-air.

Bang bang bang…

I saw the figures of the two sides constantly shuttle back and forth in mid-air, and the burst of breath vibrated, causing the situation to change.

At first, Bai Yunfei was full of confidence, but after a few rounds, he felt something was wrong.

This Princess Dongling, but a daughter’s family, is so tyrannical…

At this time, Bai Yunfei has successfully integrated the power of the devil’s soul, but against Princess Dongling, he can’t gain the slightest advantage!


Just when Bai Yunfei was secretly anxious, she saw Princess Dongling’s jade hand turn over, and a palm flutteringly hit her!

This palm was very slow, but it was in front of him in the blink of an eye, and Bai Yunfei couldn’t dodge it.


The next second, the two of them touched their palms and made a dull vibration. Then, Bai Yunfei trembled, and Ling Kong was knocked back ten steps. His handsome face was instantly ugly!

Speaking of which, although Bai Yunfei has integrated the power of the demon soul, it has only been a few months since he obtained the demon soul, and Princess Dongling, as the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, has practiced for more than a thousand years. , the background is not comparable to Bai Yunfei.


At this moment, Bai Yunfei only felt a tightness in his chest. After Ling Kong stabilized his figure, he looked at Princess Dongling closely and was furious.

This Princess Dongling is worthy of being the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, and her strength is too strong.

Frightened, Bai Yunfei quickly landed on the ground and shouted at the surrounding disciples of the Five Poison Sect, “What are you doing, hurry up and get her to me!”

Bai Yunfei thought about it, since Dongling The princess is so strong, let the Five Poison Sect consume her first.


As soon as the words fell, tens of thousands of elite disciples of the Five Poison Sects rushed into the air and surrounded Princess Dongling.

Seriously, none of these elite disciples of the Five Poison Sect wanted to fight against Princess Dongling, but there was no way, no one could disobey Bai Yunfei’s orders.

“Fighting alone is not an opponent, so you want to bully the less with more?”

Seeing tens of thousands of disciples of the Five Poison Sect besieging, Princess Dongling’s beautiful face showed a bit of disdain. The power condensed a white long sword and met the crowd directly.

Bang bang bang.

Princess Dongling held the white long sword tightly, her figure was agile, and she was indescribably graceful and graceful. Every time she made a move, a dozen disciples of the Five Poison Sect would definitely be shot down.

In just a few breaths, the Five Poison Sect disciples who were defeated by Princess Dongling reached several thousand.


Seeing this scene, Ji Hongshang was frightened and anxious, and whispered to Bai Yunfei: “Sect Master, you can’t go on like this.”

Bai Yunfei’s face was also extremely gloomy, he thought for a while, and said coldly: ” Go and bring Gong Ao out!”

Bai Yunfei thought about it, since he couldn’t take down Princess Dongling, he could only threaten Gong Ao.

When the words fell, Ji Hongshang hurriedly instructed several disciples beside him to bring Gong Ao, who was tied with five flowers, to the entrance of the main altar.

At this moment, Bai Yunfei did not hesitate at all, and said to Princess Dongling who was in the air: “Princess Dongling, stop immediately, or you will be responsible for the consequences!”


Hearing this, Princess Dongling did not stop immediately, but looked towards Bai Yunfei subconsciously.

Seeing this, Princess Dongling’s delicate body trembled, both surprised and delighted!

I saw that next to Bai Yunfei, several disciples of the Five Poison Sect were holding a weak figure!

It is Gong Ao!

At this time, Gong Ao, his hands and feet were tied tightly, his face was pale, and his golden armor was covered with blood.

Seeing this, Princess Dongling felt distressed and even more angry at the same time.

Gong Ao was the special envoy of the Divine Realm, and he was also a well-known commander in the Divine Realm, but he was tortured like this by Bai Yunfei.


At this time, seeing Princess Dongling, Gong Ao’s heart was also shocked, and he was suddenly filled with surprises.

After shouting, Gong Ao’s face was full of shame. He was the dignified commander of the Divine Realm, but was caught by Bai Yunfei. More importantly, this embarrassed appearance was also seen by the beloved Princess Dongling.

This, this is so embarrassing.

Chapter 3959

While ashamed, Gong Ao was also a little puzzled.

what happened? Isn’t the princess going to have a wedding with Yue Feng soon? Why did you suddenly come to Kyushu!

“Gong Ao!”

At this moment, Princess Dongling shouted: “I’m here to save you.” The voice fell, and her delicate body flashed, and she was about to rush down.

“Princess Dongling!”

However, at this moment, Bai Yunfei shouted angrily, then walked over and put his hand on Gong Ao’s head: “Stop immediately, otherwise, I will abolish his primordial spirit!”


Seeing this scene, Princess Dongling stopped suddenly, her delicate body trembling.

At this time, Princess Dongling could not wait to kill Bai Yunfei immediately. But she dared not act rashly. She was deeply in love with Gong Ao, how could she just watch Gong Ao get killed?

“Bai Yunfei!”

After a few seconds, Princess Dongling calmed down, glared at Bai Yunfei, and shouted: “Let him go immediately.”


Seeing her nervous appearance, Bai Yunfei was very proud. He smiled and said, “Your Highness is so nervous about this Gong Ao. Could it be that he is your lover?”

Hearing this, Princess Dongling’s face flushed and she scolded, “Stop talking nonsense, how can you let him go?”

“Don’t worry, Her Royal Highness!”

Bai Yunfei said with a playful look on his face, and then thought about it: “Well, do me a favor, as long as Her Royal Highness can do it, I will let Gong Ao go.”

“What? ” Princess Dongling frowned.

Bai Yunfei smiled slightly and said lightly: “It’s very simple, within a day, you can help me find a man with pure Yang body, and then grab it and hand it to me. As long as the princess can do it, I will release Gong Ao.”

When he said this, Bai Yunfei’s face was indifferent, but his eyes flashed coldly.

After the Demon Lord Gone devoured Nalanqing’s pure yin body, he still needed a pure yang body to truly reshape his body. However, Bai Yunfei sent people to search all over the Kyushu, but could not find a pure yang body. Because of this, Bai Yunfei had a headache.

At this time, Princess Dongling was making a lot of trouble in the Five Poison Sect, and Bai Yunfei immediately thought of asking her to do it for her and find the body of Chunyang. After all, Princess Dongling, as the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, has vast supernatural powers. With her presence, she will definitely be able to find the body of pure yang.

More importantly, as the daughter of the Nine Heavens God, Princess Dongling went to help the Demon Lord Gone to find the body of pure yang. Once this matter is exposed, the prestige of the Divine Realm will be greatly damaged.

Pure Yang body?

Hearing this condition, Princess Dongling frowned, and then said with a sigh of relief: “Okay, I promise you!”

At this time, Princess Dongling still didn’t know that Bai Yunfei was looking for the body of pure yang in order to let the Demon Venerable Gone reshapes her body, she only knows that as long as Gong Ao is safe, she will agree to any conditions.

The voice fell, Gong Ao’s body trembled, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Princess don’t agree.”

“The body of pure yang is to make the devil respect the body, this is no trivial matter, you must know that once the devil is reborn, Gone If you succeed, the world will be in chaos…”

Gong Ao’s weak face was full of anxiety when he shouted these words.

As the special envoy of the God Domain, Gong Ao certainly knows what the body of pure Yang means.


Hearing this, Princess Dongling’s body trembled, and she froze there…

It turned out…. Bai Yunfei wanted the body of pure yang to prepare for the life of the devil.


At this time, Gong Ao continued to shout: “Don’t worry about me, go back and report the situation to Your Majesty, the Demon Lord Gone has left the magic mirror, as long as he combines the body of pure yang and pure yin The body can be completely reborn.”

“I can’t wait for this matter, my life is not important, the safety of the world is the most important.”

When he shouted this, Gong Ao’s eyes were full of complexity, and he knew in his heart, even if the East Princess Ling saved herself, and it was impossible to be together, because the Nine Heavens God had already promised Princess Dongling to Princess Dongling.

Moreover, if he traded his own life at the price of the devil’s respect for his life, the Nine Heavens God would not spare him.


But when she heard this, Princess Dongling shook her head desperately, and then cried, “Gong Ao, why don’t you understand, if you are dead, what’s the point of my life?

” Princess Dongling looked at Bai Yunfei: “Bai Yunfei, remember your words, when I bring the body of pure Yang, you will release Gong Ao!”

Chapter 3960


Bai Yunfei laughed loudly, nodded and said: “Don’t worry, I, Bai Yunfei, count, you only have half a day, I wish you good luck!”

Princess Dongling stopped talking nonsense, nodded, and immediately rushed Gong Ao said: “Don’t worry, I will save you!” The voice fell, and the delicate body rose up and disappeared into the night.

Princess, you are so stupid!

Seeing this scene, Gong Ao was both anxious and moved.

He never thought that Princess Dongling had such deep affection for him that she would rather go against the principle and save herself.

on the other side, God’s Domain.

In the hall of Yuyao Xianyuan, the God of Nine Heavens sat there with a gloomy expression and a trace of worry.

Tomorrow will be the wedding day of Yue Feng and Princess Dongling, but the God of Nine Heavens is not happy at all. He is not used to Yue Feng. This time, for the sake of face, he betrothed Princess Dongling to Yue Feng. How could it be? happy?

Empress Hua Zhao was with her, her beautiful face couldn’t hide her joy.

Unlike the Nine Heavens God, tomorrow is the daughter’s wedding. As a mother, of course she is happy.


At this time, seeing Jiutian God’s unhappy appearance, Empress Hua Zhao comforted: “Your Majesty, this is the end of the matter, don’t be unhappy anymore, you should be happy for your daughter.” As

she said that, outside the door A maid walked in quickly, looking flustered: “It’s not good, it’s not good…”

The maid was panting and sweating profusely.

Jiutian God was in a bad mood, and suddenly became angry: “What does it look like in a panic? What’s wrong?”

The maid almost cried, her voice trembled, and she knelt on the ground: “Your Majesty is not good, just now The servant delivered the meal to the princess, and found that the princess’ room was empty, I don’t know where to go.”

After speaking, the maid wiped away a cold sweat and continued: “Then I went to the room of Yulong’s concubine and found that there was no one.”


Hearing this, both the Nine Heavens God and Empress Hua Zhao’s expressions changed.

Tomorrow is the big wedding day, Yue Feng and Dongling are gone?

Immediately, Empress Hua Zhao reacted, her brows furrowed, and she asked the maid, “How are you guarding? Tell me, where are Yue Feng and the princess now?”

The maid trembled and almost cried: “Returning to Niangniang, we searched the room and the surrounding area, but there was no clue at all. The concubine and the princess seemed to have disappeared out of thin air.”

Disappeared out of thin air?

Empress Hua Zhao was stunned, her mind was buzzing.

Jiutian God also frowned and looked gloomy. Yuyao Xianyuan is heavily guarded, how could it disappear out of thin air?

“Your Majesty!”

At this moment, Empress Hua Zhao analyzed: “Yue Feng is the Nine Heavens Profound Sage. It is not impossible for him to hide his eyes and eyes from Yuyao Xianyuan. Perhaps, he took Dongling to Kyushu.”

Bang . !

Hearing this, Jiutian God was furious and slammed down the table: “It’s just nonsense.”

After speaking, Jiutian God shouted at the magic soldiers outside the door: “Pass my decree and order Haotian God to lead the way. An army of 500,000 people will go to the mainland of Kyushu and be sure to capture Yue Feng and Princess Dongling.”

At this time, the Nine Heavens God was very angry.

No matter why Yue Feng and Princess Dongling left, but the wedding is such a big thing, such a child’s play, it’s really hateful, if they don’t get them back, what kind of majesty will there be in the future? How to rule the realm of the gods?


Feeling the wrath of the Nine Heavens God, the divine soldier outside the door responded and hurried to pass the word.

on the other hand, Xia Yinzong.

In the hall, Nalan Wushuang and Elder Feng were discussing how to catch Yue Feng.

At this time, Nalan Wushuang’s delicate face showed a bit of anxiety, it had been a day, and there was still no news of Yue Feng.

“Sect Master!”

At this time, Elder Feng said, “Don’t worry, the Ouyang family is all in our hands, don’t be afraid that Yue Feng won’t show up!” After the

voice fell, Elder Huo couldn’t help but said: “Yes, As long as Yue Feng appears, he will definitely be called back and forth!”


Just as he was talking, he saw two figures, like lightning, descending from the sky.

It was Yue Feng and Yutong Xianweng!

Knowing that the people of the Ouyang family were captured by Xia Yinzong, Yue Feng didn’t stop for a while, and rushed over directly.

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