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The ultimate husband in Chinese chapter 3946-3950

Chapter 3946 Terrible


At this moment, Princess Dongling’s delicate body trembled, and she hurriedly said to Yue Feng: “Quick, run!” After the voice fell, Princess Dongling turned around and ran towards the palace not far away.

Kunmeng must not be allowed to discover himself, otherwise, the royal father will know the situation, and the consequences will be disastrous.

Yue Feng did not hesitate and followed Princess Dongling closely.

Dong Dong Dong …

That Kunmeng has a very high IQ. Seeing Princess Dongling and Yue Feng turn around and run away, they immediately followed up without any hesitation.

Seeing Kunmeng chasing after him, Princess Dongling became even more anxious, and greeted Yue Feng and rushed directly into the palace in front of her.

This palace is called Yushan Palace. It is the place where fairy chefs prepare meals. Because it is near the wedding, it is filled with rare and precious ingredients. The moment Yue Feng entered, he only felt an intoxicating fragrance blowing towards his face.

What the hell!

At this time, Yue Feng was very shocked.

God of the Nine Heavens and Empress Hua Zhao really enjoyed it very much. There are so many delicious delicacies in this imperial dining palace, I am afraid that there are tens of thousands of kinds, and they will not be able to eat them for a few years.

Dong Dong….

At the same time with emotion, I heard that Kunmeng also chased outside the Imperial Kitchen Palace, but Yuyao Xianyuan has regulations, Kunmeng is a spirit beast and cannot enter the Imperial Kitchen Palace, so Kunmeng can only stay in the palace outside the door.

That is, at this moment, a team of patrolling soldiers passed by, and when they saw the situation, they rushed over.

“What’s the situation?”

“Looks like this, who should have broken into the Imperial Dining Palace, that’s why Lord Kunmeng lingered outside the door.”

“Go, go in and have a look.”

After a few patrolling soldiers discussed, they entered the Imperial Kitchen Palace one after another.

Hearing the footsteps, Yue Feng and Princess Dongling were in a hurry.

In the next second, Yue Feng saw a long jade table not far away, covered with a long tablecloth, on which dozens of delicious delicacies were placed, and without any hesitation, he got in at once.

The tablecloth was so long that it almost dragged to the floor, making it a great place to hide.

While getting in, Yue Feng did not forget to shout to Princess Dongling, “Come in.”


Princess Dongling hesitated, her delicate face full of complexity.

Her dignified princess, with golden branches and jade leaves, actually wanted to hide under the table of the Imperial Palace, what kind of decency?

But once discovered by those patrolling soldiers, his plan to escape was completely revealed.

Thinking of this, Princess Dongling hurriedly bent down and got in.

However, the space under the table was small, and the moment Princess Dongling came in, she fell into Yue Feng’s arms.


With the soft fragrance in his arms, Yue Feng was immediately blinded, and he couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

So soft, so fragrant.

Princess Dongling was embarrassed and angry, and wanted to go out very much, but when she thought of the patrolling magic soldiers, she was searching nearby, and she could only endure it, but her body collapsed tightly.

At this time, Princess Dongling was very depressed.

I thought about going to Kyushu with Yue Feng, and I forgot about the unpleasantness before, but I never thought that I would be so close to him before leaving Yuyao Xianyuan.

Princess Dongling became more and more aggrieved, and couldn’t help but said, “Yue Feng, stay away from me!”

“This place is so small, how can I stay away from you? If I’m not careful, I’ll be discovered.”

“Then don’t move!”

“Why am I moving? Are you wiggling around? “


“Shh… those magic soldiers are about to search here, let’s bear it for a while.”

After I don’t know how long, a few patrolling magic soldiers searched around and found no suspicious places. , left.


Hearing the sound of footsteps leaving, Yue Feng secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Princess Dongling’s hanging heart finally fell.

Immediately, the two were about to come out from under the table.


But at this moment, a slight footstep sounded, and soon, it came to the table.

What the hell!

At this moment, Yue Feng and Princess Dongling were both nervous.

Has the whereabouts been found?

Just when Yue Feng and Princess Dongling were extremely nervous, they heard the delicacies on the table being turned over one by one, and then someone picked up chopsticks and began to taste them.

As the visitor tasted it, he sighed with emotion: “God will really enjoy these nine days. It takes so much to eat a late-night snack. I’ll try it first…”


Hearing this, Yue Feng was stunned. Oh, who is this? He is so bold that he dares to act at the supper of the Nine Heavens God.

Chapter 3947

While shocked, Yue Feng was even more shocked when he sensed the opponent’s strength across the tablecloth.

It was unfathomable and unperceptible…

And at this time, the person outside was still feasting on it, while tasting it, he kept admiring it.

“This pastry is good!”

“Well… this wine is also quite mellow.” The

praises kept coming, and Yue Feng was both emotional and curious.

Who the hell is this? With such a strong strength, he came to Yuyao Xianyuan to steal something to eat.

On the other side, Princess Dongling’s beautiful face was also extremely complicated, and her eyes showed a bit of anger.

This person is so arrogant that he even came to the Imperial Palace to steal something to eat.

Princess Dongling was chased by Kunmeng just now. At this time, she and Yue Feng were hiding under the table, and she was already angry. When she saw someone coming in to steal food, she couldn’t help it.

In a fit of anger, Princess Dongling forgot her own situation, and suddenly got out from under the table, coquettishly said: “Who is so bold, dare to steal food here?

Seeing this situation, Yue Feng was taken aback, Princess Dongling was too impulsive, so she went out like this. Has her whereabouts been exposed soon?

Muttering in his heart, Yue Feng also got out with a helpless expression on his face.


Hearing Princess Dongling’s coquettish drink, the thief was also taken aback and almost jumped up on the spot. His eyes turned back and forth on Yue Feng and Princess Dongling.

At the same time, Yue Feng and Princess Dongling were also looking at the thief.

I saw that this thief turned out to be an old man with white beard and hair, a gray robe, a fat body, and a kind-hearted brow.

Yue Feng noticed that there was a faint mark of auspicious clouds between the old man’s eyebrows.

For a time, Yue Feng couldn’t help frowning secretly, full of doubts in his heart.

This is Yuyao Xianyuan, a forbidden place in the God’s Domain, and this old man in gray doesn’t belong here, just who is he, and where did he come from?


Just when Yue Feng was secretly surprised, the old man in gray came to his senses and said with a smile, “Scare me, I thought they were discovered by the patrolling soldiers outside, it turned out to be a young couple. .”

In the heart of the gray-clothed old man, Yue Feng and Princess Dongling were hiding under the table, subconsciously thinking that they were dating.


Hearing this, Princess Dongling’s delicate face suddenly flushed red, and she was indescribably shy.

The next second, Princess Dongling looked up and down at the old man in gray. Finally, his eyes fell on the auspicious cloud mark on the old man’s eyebrows: “You…you are an immortal?”

Princess Dongling was very shocked when she said this.

You must know that outside the realm of the gods, there is a vast void world beyond the nine heavens. According to rumors, after Pangu opened up the world, there were many powerful immortals who escaped from the gods and went to practice beyond the nine heavens, so they are called immortals outside the sky. , The immortals from outside the sky are omnipotent, and their strength is much stronger than the gods of the gods, but these immortals are indifferent to fame and fortune, and they are devoted to the Tao, and never participate in the affairs of the gods and human beings.

And these immortals from outside the sky have a very obvious feature, that is, there is a special mark between the eyebrows. Princess Dongling has heard the legend of the Immortals from Heaven and Beyond since she was a child, but she has never seen them before. When she saw the auspicious cloud mark on the eyebrows of the old man in front of her, she immediately thought of Immortals from Beyond Heaven.

You must know that the Yuyao Xianyuan is heavily guarded, and this old man can enter the Imperial Kitchen Palace without disturbing the patrolling guards. His strength is extraordinary, and he must be an immortal from heaven.

Heavenly Immortal?

Hearing this, Yue Feng was stunned. What kind of existence is this, why haven’t I heard of it?

Thinking to himself, Yue Feng couldn’t help but ask Princess Dongling in a low voice, “What is an immortal outside the sky?”

Princess Dongling looked contemptuous, and said in a bad mood, “Thanks you are still the Nine Heavens Profound Sage, not even an immortal outside the universe. Have you heard of it?” Although he despised it, he still briefly explained the matter of the Immortal Beyond the Heavens.

What the hell!

Knowing these circumstances, Yue Feng was stunned for a while, staring blankly at the old man in front of him, unable to speak for a long time.

I thought it was just a greedy thief, but I didn’t expect the other party’s origin to be so special.

Chapter 3948


At this moment, I heard the old man burst into laughter, and praised Princess Dongling: “The girl’s eyes are so good, she even guessed my origin at once, yes, I I come from outside the Nine Heavens, nicknamed Yutong Xianweng. Recently, I traveled through the Nine Heavens and passed through the Divine Realm. When I saw the lanterns here, I came in curiously. I came in and found out that it was the Nine Heavens God who was going to marry his daughter.”

Said, Jade Tong Xianweng’s face was slightly red, and he was embarrassed to continue: “You two don’t know, I have two hobbies, one is cultivation, and the other is like to taste the delicious food in the world. I smelled the fragrance here just now, and I couldn’t hold back. ..”

Finally, Yutong Xianweng did not forget to pick up a piece of cake and stuff it into his mouth, enjoying it very much.


Seeing this, Yue Feng couldn’t help but be happy.

This Jade Boy Xianweng looked old, but it was very interesting to talk, just like a child who didn’t grow up, it was very interesting.

At the same time, feeling the sincerity of Yutong Xianweng, Princess Dongling also breathed a sigh of relief. Since this Jade Child Xianwen also sneaked in, she didn’t have to worry about her whereabouts being exposed.

“I’m so sorry!”

At this time, Yutong Xianweng said while tasting the delicious food, “I didn’t know that the two of you were dating down there just now. Please forgive me for disturbing you!” After

speaking, Yutong Xianweng was curious. Asked: “I don’t know the identities of the two.”

Yue Feng smiled and replied: “In Xia Yuefeng, this is Princess Dongling.”

Like Princess Dongling, Yue Feng at this time also let go. Be vigilant, after all, this Jade Child Immortal Weng is from nine days away, and there is no conflict with himself, so there is no need to conceal his identity.


Hearing the introduction, Yutong Xianweng looked stunned, smiled and said: “It turns out that it is the groom and the bride at the wedding tomorrow.” Before entering the Imperial Palace to taste the food, Yutong Xianweng secretly listened to some of the maids’ chat, So I know Yue Feng and Princess Dongling.

Saying that, Yutong Xianweng showed a bit of playfulness in his eyes, and joked: “The two of you are in such a good relationship, the wedding is going to be held tomorrow, and they are still secretly dating, haha…. Really answered that sentence” I only envy the mandarin ducks, not the immortals’ ah.”


When the words fell, Princess Dongling blushed and stomped her feet anxiously: “You…don’t talk nonsense, who is dating him!”

When saying this, Princess Dongling couldn’t help but glared at Yue Feng, Very ashamed.

It was this Yue Feng who caused himself to be misunderstood.


Yue Feng was also embarrassed, smiled bitterly, and said to Yutong Xianweng: “Senior misunderstood, we are not dating.”

Isn’t it?

Hearing this, Yutong Xianweng was stunned for a while, his eyes full of doubts: “If you don’t date, what are you two doing hiding here? Is there something fun under the table?”

After speaking, Yutong Xianweng was about to drill Look under the table.

What the hell!

Seeing this scene, Yue Feng couldn’t help laughing and laughing, this Yutong Xianweng is too old to play, right?

I thought that Yue Feng was about to stop him, but Yutong Xianweng had already got in.

Immediately, Immortal Yutong got out and muttered: “The space inside is so small, there is nothing.”

After speaking, Immortal Yutong stroked his beard and said with certainty, “You two dolls. Lie to me, it’s obviously a date, but you have to admit it.”

At this…

At this moment, Princess Dongling was completely anxious and said with a blushing face: “We are hiding here because we want to escape from Yuyao Xianyuan.” After

speaking, Princess Dongling pointed to Yuefeng: “This princess doesn’t like him at all, how could she marry him and still date here?” The

voice fell, and Yue Feng also said: “Yes, senior, you really misunderstood, we are going to run away from marriage together, it’s not you. That’s what you think.”


Run away from marriage together?

Hearing this, Yutong Xianweng was stunned, looked at Yue Feng, and then at Princess Dongling, his mind was in a mess.

It is not uncommon to escape marriage, but generally escape marriage, it is unilateral, either the man or the woman, and the men and women who escape marriage together are the first time they see each other.

It’s really big in the world, there are no wonders.

Seeing Yutong Xianweng’s puzzled expression, Yue Feng took a deep breath and said, “Senior, our wedding was a complete misunderstanding. The princess has another sweetheart, and I continue to return to the Kyushu mainland.

” Feng briefly explained the misunderstanding, and of course, the intimate affairs with Princess Dongling were concealed.

Chapter 3949

So it turns out.

Yutong Xianweng nodded suddenly, and then thought of something, his eyes flashed with a strange brilliance: “I heard that the continent of Kyushu is vast and rich, and there are countless delicious delicacies! But is it true?”

Yue Feng smiled and nodded: “Yes, nine continents. Everyone has their own customs, and as for the delicious food, there are countless others.”

Tsk tsk…

Hearing this, Yutong Xianweng’s eyes lit up, and he couldn’t help smacking his lips.

Seeing his greedy look, Yue Feng couldn’t help but smile.

Haha… This Yutong Xianweng is so greedy when it comes to delicious food. It’s really interesting.

But Princess Dongling, who was standing beside her, was in a hurry.

When is this Yue Feng, and he still wants to talk to Yutong Xianweng about delicious food.

Thinking to herself, Princess Dongling couldn’t help pinching Yue Feng secretly.


Yue Feng couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air, and looked at Princess Dongling speechlessly: “What are you doing?”

Princess Dongling said angrily, “We are trapped here now, you still have the heart to talk about delicious food. , I really don’t know what the Master thought at that time, he will make you a Nine Heavens Profound Sage.”

Yue Feng was very helpless, and looked outside, and saw that Kunmeng was still wandering at the entrance of the Imperial Palace.

In the next second, Yue Feng said to Yutong Xianweng: “Senior, is there any way you can lead the Kunmeng outside? As long as you can help us leave Yuyao Xianyuan, I invite you to eat in Kyushu. Food .”

“To be honest with the seniors, we have a lot of delicious food in Kyushu. For one round of our Diyuan Continent, there are ten famous dishes, such as Dongpo pork, steamed preserved meat, and Feilong soup… ..”

“Really?” Yutong Xianweng suddenly became interested.

To be honest, Yutong Xianweng didn’t want to worry about Yue Feng’s affairs. After all, they met by chance, but his love for food reached the point where he was intoxicated. attracted.

Yue Feng nodded: “Senior is an expert, how dare I deceive?”


Hearing this, Yutong Xianweng was very happy, and said to himself: “Leaving Yuyao Xianyuan is too simple.” Saying that, Yutong Xianweng raised his hands slowly.


The next second, a strange light burst out from Yuyao Xianweng’s body, and then the light gradually expanded, surrounding Yue Feng and Princess Dongling.

I go!

At the moment of being surrounded by light, Yue Feng was both happy and shocked.

Originally thinking that Yutong Immortal Weng would lead Na Kunmeng away, I and Princess Dongling took the opportunity to leave Yuyao Xianyuan, but I never imagined that the strength of this Yutong Immortal Weng was so terrifying that he could directly bring himself and Princess Dongling away. Princess Dongling teleported away.

At the same time, Princess Dongling was also shocked.

This Yutong Xianweng, worthy of being an immortal from outside the sky, was able to start teleportation in the Imperial Palace. You must know that Yuyao Xianyuan is a forbidden place in the realm of the gods. There are several enchantments around, not to mention those ordinary gods. Nine Heavens God, it is impossible to deploy teleportation here, but Yutong Xianweng did it easily.

It can be seen that the strength of this jade boy fairy has reached an unimaginable level.

While shocked, Princess Dongling looked at Yue Feng with complicated eyes.

This Yue Feng is really incomprehensible. Just now I thought he was just chatting with Yutong Xianweng, but he didn’t expect that with a few words, he won Yutong Xianweng’s favor.


As the light became stronger and stronger, Yutong Xianweng also came out, smiled at Yue Feng and said: “The teleportation will start immediately, Yue Feng, go to Kyushu, whether the old man has a good meal depends on you. It ‘s gone.”

“Senior, don’t worry!”


While speaking, the light became more and more intense, and then, Yue Feng only felt that his eyes were dark, and he was teleported away together with Princess Dongling and Yutong Xianweng.


On the other side, in the battlefield a few miles away from the Five Poison Sect.

The battle between the Tiandao Alliance and the Ouyang family has come to an end.

After a few days of fierce battles, it was seen that the three forces of the Ouyang family, Mingjian Villa, and Danzong had added up to less than 100 people at this time.

On the Tiandao Alliance side, there are nearly tens of thousands of elites.

On the battlefield, Wen Chou Chou was covered in blood and his face was pale. After several days of fighting, his internal strength was almost exhausted, and he was so weak that he could barely hold on.

At the same time, Sun Dasheng, Ye Zhixin, Zheng Chunqiu and others who were not far away were also extremely weak.

Chapter 3950


In midair, Gong Ao clenched his golden spear with a grim expression on his face: “All accept your fate, from today, the Ouyang family, Danzong, and Famous Sword Villa will no longer be in Kyushu rivers and lakes. Existence.”

Hearing this, Wen Chou Chou clenched his fists and was extremely angry.

You can see the surrounding, the death of one’s own people, the wounds of the wounds, the ugly and incomparable despair.

Is there really no room for redemption?

I’m so unhappy.


However, at this time, I heard a wave of breath in the sky not far away, and then, I saw tens of thousands of disciples of the Five Poison Sect, coming from the sky.

The two headed, one handsome and handsome, the other charming and charming.

It was Bai Yunfei and Ji Hongshang.


Seeing Bai Yunfei, Gong Ao’s grim face suddenly turned gloomy, and he said coldly, “You are Bai Yunfei?” Before Luo Jue died, because of searching for Bai Yunfei’s whereabouts, he stayed at the main altar of the Tiandao Alliance. With the portrait of Bai Yunfei, Gong Ao recognized it at a glance.


Bai Yunfei smiled and looked at Gong Ao up and down: “You are the new envoy of the Divine Realm, aren’t you? During this time, haven’t you been sending the elites of the Heavenly Dao Alliance to arrest me? Actually, it doesn’t need to be that troublesome, I’ll come now. It’s over!”

When he said this, Bai Yunfei’s face was calm and arrogant, and he didn’t take Gong Ao in his eyes at all.


Feeling Bai Yunfei’s contempt, Gong Ao’s face turned gloomy, and murderous intent flashed in his eyes.

How can he endure being despised by a remnant of the Demon Race, his dignified envoy of the God Realm?

In anger, Gong Ao looked at the tens of thousands of Poison Sect elites behind Bai Yunfei, smiled contemptuously, and said coldly: “Bai Yunfei, you are very kind, but if you think that you can bring such people, you will be able to sit and accept. The benefit of the fisherman is a big mistake.”

Gong Ao was not stupid, seeing Bai Yunfei’s appearance at this time, he knew that the other party was here to clean up the mess.

Ha ha!

Hearing this, Bai Yunfei smiled slightly: “You’re right, but a person like the Five Poison Sect is certainly not enough to wipe out both of you.”


As soon as the voice fell, I heard a breath of vibration from the rear of the Five Poison Sect, and then, Nalan Wushuang and the elders of Feng came with tens of thousands of Xia Yin Sect disciples.


Does Bai Yunfei have allies?

Seeing the people of Xia Yinzong, Gong Ao’s expression changed.

Speaking of which, Gong Ao still didn’t know Nalan Wushuang’s identity, but he also clearly sensed that Nalan Wushuang, Elder Feng and others were not weak.

At the same time, Wen Chou Chou and others on the other side of the battlefield were also shocked.

Xia Yinzong is also here?

Xia Yinzong and Bai Yunfei have joined forces, and this is over.

“Let me come and see, the strength of your special envoy of the God’s Domain!”

At this time, Bai Yunfei stopped talking nonsense, said a word, and then the figure erupted and went straight to Gong Ao.

While rushing into the air, Bai Yunfei tilted his head and smiled at Nalan Wushuang: “Miss Nalan, I will deal with the Heavenly Dao Alliance, and I will leave it to you for the Ouyang family!”


Nalan Wushuang nodded, and then shouted at Elder Feng and everyone: “Everyone in Xia Yinzong listens to the order and wins everyone in the Ouyang family, not one of them can be missed!”

“Yes, the head!” The

voice fell, Elder Feng Everyone responded in succession, and then rushed towards Wen Chou Chou and others.

what’s the situation?

Seeing Xia Yinzong and the others rushing in, whether it was Wen Chou Chou or Ye Zhi Xin and the others, they were all stunned.

Isn’t this Xia Yinzong supposed to deal with the Tiandao Alliance? How did you join forces with Bai Yunfei to deal with the Ouyang family? Moreover, when did Nalan Wushuang become the head of Xia Yinzong?

Just when the crowd of Wen Chou Chou was in shock, the crowd of Xia Yin Zong had already rushed in front of them.

At this moment, Wen Chou Chou didn’t have time to think about it, and hurriedly greeted everyone to fight back.

And in the sky.

Bai Yunfei was as fast as lightning, and in the blink of an eye, he was in front of Gong Ao, and said coldly, “Don’t you want to kill me and take back the magic mirror? I’ll give you this chance today!”


The voice fell, Bai Yunfei burst out with the power of the devil’s soul, and suddenly a terrifying breath swept out, and the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant!

The next second, Bai Yunfei slowly raised his right hand and hit Gong Ao with a palm!

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