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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3516

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3516

The Levi Effect

Unlike them, the people of the Ecclesiastic Order were getting braver in the killings of their enemies.

Not long after, the deviant clan elites fighting the Ecclesiastic Order were all killed.

The only ones left were the few thousands who were shielding Xylas while fighting Levi.

The others were all dead.

Moreover, Solocus and Magdalena were grievously injured after the onslaught of attacks from their enemies.

The battle situation was far worse than they expected.

They thought that both parties in the battle would be suffering tremendous losses, but as it turned out, it was a one-sided slaughter.

Barely anyone in the Ecclesiastic Order was killed.

Moreover, the members of Levi’s party only had minor injuries. It was as if they were fine.

The two were dumbfounded.

Of course, that was the Levi effect.

Levi was the one who changed the situation on the battlefield.

He killed many and stunned many, so the others had much lesser stress.



Soon, Solocus and Magdalena could no longer fight. They collapsed onto the ground, and they could not stand up anymore.

They were completely at their enemies’ mercy.

“Hahaha! You’re idiots to have been fooled by me for so long without realizing it! Do you still think of Levi as your master? Honestly, it’s not a bad thing that you’re all his dogs! Hahaha!” Solocus bellowed as he laughed.

Then, he looked at the people as if he was staring at fools.

“It seems like you’ve won, but actually, you’ve lost badly. Wipe those gleeful looks off your face! You’ll all be murdered too. That secret force will surely target you, and they’re much more powerful than Levi! Also, the head of the Cetus isn’t dead. He has only gone missing. Once he shows up, you’ll all be dead meat!” Solocus laughed boisterously.

Magdalena then looked at Levi and shouted, “Levi Garrison, how dare you lay a finger on my son! I’ll kill you too! Once my husband returns, you’ll be dead!”

Levi, who was inching closer to Xylas, suddenly gave Solocus and Magdalena a slap on their faces from a distance away.

“Shut up! Kill them!” Levi ordered.

Then, like madmen, the Ecclesiastic Order elites charged toward Solocus and Magdalena.

In the end, the two died a terrible death.

They did not even die in one piece.

Xylas was on the verge of breaking down.

In the blink of an eye, everything he had would be gone without a trace.

Even though there were thousands still protecting him, nothing would work.

Those people were going to die soon, and once they were dead, he would be dead too.

Moreover, he knew that he was going to be the one who would die the most horrible death.

That sent chills running down his spine as he quaked in his boots.

Still in hiding, Gloria clicked her tongue. “I never thought that the Ecclesiastic Order’s archenemy, the Cetus, would just end like this. What a shocking sight!”

Bone Grandmaster sighed as well. “Everything changed so much. The world has changed, and everyone’s fate is about to change too. Up next would be the Ecclesiastic Order. Hehe…”

Gloria chuckled. “Suddenly, everything looks so boring. Should I add a little sprinkle to the event?”

Meanwhile, everyone on the battlefield had halted in their tracks.

They were silently watching Levi lead Azure Dragon and the other four to close in on Xylas.

Fewer and fewer people were beside Xylas.

Five thousand… Three thousand… One thousand…

Soon, it was five hundred.

The number of people around him was decreasing.

Azure Dragon and the other four were merciless against the elites of the Cetus.

They killed everyone who got in their way.

As Levi looked at the dozens of people guarding Xylas, he laughed. “I’m impressed. You’re still protecting him even at the very last second.”

Levi was more impressed by the Cetus than the Ecclesiastic Order.

At the very least, the people of the Cetus were simple-minded.

Even on the brink of death, they did not have much fear in them. They were still standing in front of Xylas doing their best to protect him.

Xylas was stupefied.

The people around him were getting lesser and lesser.

Thirty… Twenty… Ten…

Then… None.

There were no one around him anymore.


The force Levi exuded shattered his kneecaps and made him fall to his knees.

“Azure Dragon, go ahead and do what you want to do.”

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