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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3514

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3514

Just A Theory

The moment those words were out of his mouth, the smile on Gloria’s face disappeared.

As a matter of fact, she froze.

That made Bone Grandmaster realize that he had said the wrong things.

Just as he was about to apologize to her, Gloria said, “It’s fine even if he discovers us. If I came alone, he would’ve never discovered me. But I’ve come with you, so I guess that he must have discovered you a long time ago.”

Bone Grandmaster instantly panicked. “What? I’ve been exposed?”

The truth was that Bone Grandmaster was fearful of Levi.

He was almost caught when he volunteered to lure Levi away outside the Ecclesiastic Tower the other time.

“But it’s fine. He won’t have the time to come after us even if he knows we’re here. He’s too preoccupied with taking revenge for his comrades. By the time he comes for us, we’ll be long gone. Also, there’s no need for you to be scared of him with me around.”

Gloria had a confident look on her face.

She used to be afraid of Levi, but now, she was confident that she would be able to go up against Levi.

She would not fear him even if it was going to be a head-on confrontation.

Gloria was certain that she could kill Levi, though she also knew that it would not be an easy feat.

There is no way I’ll be scared of him.

As a matter of fact, Gloria was ruminating about what she should do later as she watched the battle unfold.

Should I help out the Cetus, or should I help out Levi?

An epic battle erupted.

Both sides were already viciously attacking each other.

The elites of the deviant clans and the elites of the Ecclesiastic Order were equally strong.

In the end, they had been fighting against each other for centuries, and neither had yet to beat the other—they were equally good in terms of power.

However, the people of the deviant clans did not have as easy of a time fighting against Levi and his men.

Even Floyd was a fearless and brave opponent.

He was talented, and he had trained in Forlevia’s technique. In the blink of an eye, he was already in front of the others.

In fact, he was already exchanging blows with the top member of the deviant clans.

The others had become stronger after training in Forlevia’s technique too.

They were a match for the elites of the deviant clans.

Nevertheless, things were different when it came to Forlevia.

Forlevia was simply too mighty.

Even though she did not cultivate in the same way Gloria did by devouring the energy of her opponents, she was still improving at an exponential rate.

As a matter of fact, she was already at the peak of her power.

She was facing Solocus and Magdalena head-on.

“This is frightening. She’s improving extremely quickly—much quicker than I thought she would!”

Even Gloria, still hiding far away, could not help but click her tongue.

She thought she was far more powerful than Forlevia by now, but it seemed like Forlevia’s improvement was rapid.

It was much faster than Gloria thought.

If Forlevia were given more time, she would soon surpass Gloria.

As a matter of fact, Gloria knew that Forlevia had a much larger range of power than she did.

Gloria had only devoured a lot.

Once Forlevia began devouring, Gloria would never be able to catch up to her anymore.

After all, Forlevia had come up with the technique herself, so she had a much better understanding of it than Gloria.

Furthermore, Forlevia was born with devourer spiritual bone.

Besides, she had the original one.

A counterfeit like Gloria could never compare to her.

Nevertheless, the look in Gloria’s eyes soon turned cold as a bloodthirsty grin grew on her lips.

At the end of the day, innate talent is just nothing to shout about. It is nothing before it develops.

There’s no way Forlevia will get the chance to evolve to the point she’ll become a threat to me.

Not long after this, I’ll be killing Levi myself, and I won’t let Forlevia off.

I’ll kill her before she gets the chance to become better than me.

Therefore, everything is pointless if she doesn’t have the opportunity to utilize her innate talent.

Gloria smirked at that thought.

Even though Forlevia was gifted, the one who was actually the strongest was perhaps Solocus.

Yet, Eusof, the one who Solocus was most afraid of, was nothing but a mere ant to Gloria.

In other words, Forlevia posed no threat to Gloria at all.

Azure Dragon and the others were the focus of the battle.

More accurately, the focus of the battle was Levi.

No one was a match for the six of them.

Everywhere they went, they left behind the bodies of those from the deviant clan.



More and more deviant clan elites were getting defeated.

No matter what they did, no one could stop Levi.

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