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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3511

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3511

You Are Doomed

To begin with, Solocus was afraid of facing Levi alone, their brief encounter the previous time had already stunned Solocus with the terrifying extent of Levi’s power.

It would take every ounce of strength even to stand a chance against him.

Their defeat would be imminent at the inclusion of the Ecclesiastic Order.

The second Azure Dragon and his group caught sight of the Cetus, they felt so bitter and angry that their heads almost split open with rage and pain at the recollection of the torture and unbearable pain they had been through.

Flashes of the incident that day appeared in their minds, threatening to engulf them.

A vague sense of discomfort tingled menacingly all over them.

Their eyes bulged with fury upon seeing Solocus and his group, they shook irrepressibly as cold sweat began seeping through their clothes.

It’s them!

Though they could not quite see their faces, Azure Dragon and his group recognized their outfits as even the pattern of its embroidery had been seared in their subconscious mind.

It is definitely them! We will never forget it.

At that moment, Azure Dragon and his group were staring daggers at the Cetus.

No longer fearful of the deviant clan who had mutilated them, they only felt rage and a desire for vengeance.

We are not afraid anymore! We want their blood!

Levi understood they had yet to heal from the trauma.

The only way to get rid of it completely is to have them avenge themselves by facing their fears and killing their abusers.

Though it was an easy task for him to annihilate the Cetus, Levi felt it was essential for his brothers to exact their own vengeance.

That is the only way to uproot their fear.

“Is it them?” Levi asked Azure Dragon and the others.

“Yes! That’s them!”

Azure Dragon and his group could feel the wound in their heart being ripped apart.

It is definitely them!

Like a lightning bolt, a jolt of the utmost terror struck the five when their gaze swept to the back and fell upon Xylas.

It is a shadow in our psyche that we’ll never get rid of for as long as we live. He was the one to have taken our spiritual bones by force and transplanted them into his own body.

Though Xylas remained their biggest fear, it infuriated them that their spiritual bones were still in his body.

“It’s him, Boss!”

“He was the one who had robbed us of our spiritual bones!”

“I want to kill him, Boss! He must die by my hand!”

“He is the subject of our nightmares!”

Though they had not seen his face, his silhouette, and his aura had become clear at that moment as if they had known him all along.

The gazes of Levi, Floyd, and the rest fell on Xylas.

“Very well! We shall claim their blood today!” Levi shouted. “I have promised you before, brothers, to avenge you. With the opportunity presented, I will ensure that your vengeance is successful. Nobody will stop us from drawing blood today. This is the most important promise I, Levi, have made to you.”

I will keep my promise to my brothers. Our enemy will die today, and nobody will be able to stop it.

Levi set his murderous gaze on Xylas.

I don’t care if everybody else escapes, as long as Xylas is left behind. Even God cannot save him now!

Though Xylas was a formidable opponent, he struggled to breathe as if the weight of ten mountains were pressing down on him upon being marked by Levi.

His entire body rooted to the spot in fear, Xylas felt as though he was being torn apart by Levi’s gaze alone.

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