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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3509

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3509


“It looks like Master Eusof is gone.”

“For a very long time, it seems.”

The group conducted another thorough search of the Medical Guild’s main hall and discovered no trace of him.

“Something’s wrong!”

“Look! The magical medicine of the Medical Guild is gone!” Magdalena exclaimed at the discovery of another problem. “Somebody has raided this place!”

Sure enough, not even a scrap of the magical medicine was found in the main hall’s medical cabinets and secret compartments.

Even the storage compartments for the most precious magical medicine were empty.

Solocus gulped as he felt his heart sink.

Aside from killing Eusof, his other reason for coming was to take control of the Medical Guild.

With the supply of magical medicine from the Medical Guild on hand, his and the Cetus’ power would increase to another level.

The medicine is what I want. However, everything is gone now.

“What is going on? What happened here? Where is Master Eusof? Where is the magical medicine?”

Solocus was becoming anxious.

“Could Master Eusof have taken away all of the magical medicine and left the Holy Guild?” somebody guessed.

Solocus shook his head. “Impossible. Before the Minister departed, he had left the Ecclesiastic Order in the hands of Master Eusof, so he would be the last person to leave. What’s more, he wouldn’t have killed his own disciples.”

Xylas went outside for another round of inspection and exclaimed a minute later.

“We wouldn’t have discovered this if we had not come here today. Even the Holy Guild has been raided, and all of its treasures are gone!”

Solocus and Magdalena exchanged a glance and came to an immediate revelation.

Eusof would not disappear on his own. Somebody had likely abducted him. They must also have taken away the Holy Guild’s treasures and the Medical Guild’s magical medicine. Who would have the power to do so?

As Eusof’s abilities were only second to the Minister, Solocus surmised that it was an entity of uncommon strength and influence who took him away without drawing notice to themselves.

This is simply unimaginable! It must have been somebody of Levi’s caliber.

Cold sweat rolled down the backs of Solocus, Magdalena, and their entourage.

“It doesn’t look like the Holy Guild has any secrets,” remarked Xylas, “for such losses to occur in the Medical Guild and the Holy Guild to go unnoticed. Aside from the culprit’s great power to do so, they are also well-acquainted with the inner workings of the Holy Guild. It must have been how they managed everything so surreptitiously that it had gone undiscovered for such a long time.”

The news sent a shudder down Solocus’ spine as a sense of foreboding loomed over him.

That’s not good!

Xylas’ words sent a jolt down his spine.

The person responsible for taking Eusof away is not only powerful but familiar with everything within the Holy Guild. They must be someone within the Ecclesiastic Order! I should have taken Levi’s advice of investigating the West Pavilion seriously before he departed.

D*mn it!

The revelation pointed to the fact that there was still a power that even he was not aware of within the Ecclesiastic Order.

Having thought that he was the only spy in the Ecclesiastic Order, Solocus did not expect another spy or more planted within the order.

Levi was right. They must be hidden in the West Pavilion.

What was even more frightening was Solocus’ utter ignorance regarding the matter for having been led blindly to assume it was the Esoteric Guild.

That’s what they want us to believe.

Magdalena, too, arrived at that conclusion.

After exchanging another glance, they shuddered violently.

This unseen force must know the Holy Guild inside out to have taken away its treasures and the Medical Guild’s magical medicine without anyone knowing.

It was highly likely that the Cetus’ headquarters had already been completely exposed.

The mysterious force must have found out about it long ago and is only leaking the news bit by bit now. In fact, they know everything and this must be how the Cetus is exposed.

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