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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3506

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3506

The Secret Of Deviant Clans

Gloria’s powers were so powerful that she could move heaven and earth.

Eusof could feel the terrifying surging powers within Gloria’s body.

That’s horrifying! It’s like I’m looking straight at a super-spiritual ley line. Once it explodes, the whole world will come crashing down. No one can save it. The reality finally comes crashing down that no one will be able to save it. I have given up and merely waited for the end of my life before, but I have lost all hope now.

Maybe Minister has a chance to stop Gloria before her latest breakthrough if he returns, but it’s impossible now. No one can stop her now! Only annihilation awaits the Ecclesiastic Order.

Even if Minister found the Celestial Gate and attained an even higher realm, he would merely see the ruins of the Ecclesiastic Order when he returned. Everything is pointless by then.

Bone Grandmaster was getting impatient. “Should we start making a move against the Ecclesiastic Order?”

“There is no rush. Let me release the news about the Cetus first. Let them fight and cripple each other.” Gloria grinned wickedly.

Now that I have the ultimate power, I can kill whoever I want, but that will be too boring. Where’s the fun in doing that? I prefer to use tactics.

The feeling of having complete control over others feels too good. All I have to do now is sit and watch as everyone in my control butchers each other in a massacre.

That’ll be a visual feast.

Playing them according to my will is the ultimate level. Other than Levi, I have no interest in killing the rest. They’re too weak, including Solocus. It feels dull to kill him. What’s more, the rest.

Before departing, Gloria glanced at Sonja and the other two. “I told you guys earlier on that I would let you witness my growth and how I would slaughter Levi before your eyes. Just wait a little longer. That day will soon come and I’ll use his sword to end him.”

She then turned to the Top Ten.

“Hmm? You guys look dejected. Haha! Shouldn’t all of you be happy? I was the one who took your spiritual bone to attain an even higher level than you could ever imagine.

“Without me, you could only stop at Master Eusof’s level. But, do you see me now? I’m the strongest in all of the Ecclesiastic Order’s history! Having your spiritual bones inside of me is your greatest honor. You should be proud of yourselves.” Gloria laughed.

“Maniac! You’re a complete maniac!” Top Ten yelled in rage.

Their anger only fueled Gloria’s glee. She let out another burst of maniacal laughter as she left.

Gloria returned to the West Pavilion with a haughty smile. Her eyes were condescending as she looked at the ants crawling around. That was how she viewed the other members of the Ecclesiastic Order.

Even the likes of Solocus were merely ants, not to mention the rest.

“You’re in a good mood, Gloria. I can see that you’re elated,” members of the West Pavilion asked when they saw the smile stretched widely across Gloria’s face.

Gloria didn’t reply to them and merely kept smiling.

Does an army of ants dare to question me?

Solocus was pacing nervously.

What should I do? The Cetus is about to be exposed. Yet, I still have no clue on how to prevent that from happening.

Magdalena suggested, “What if we make a move now? Strike the Ecclesiastic Order when they have their guard down. We’ll take in anyone who surrenders and kill those who don’t. Having the entire Ecclesiastic Order submit to us is unrealistic, but it’ll work out if we have half of them. We can kill off the ones who disobey our orders.”

A glint of ruthlessness flashed across Magdalena’s eyes.

Solocus nodded. “It seems that’s the way to go. We’ll only get complete control if we use violence to control the Ecclesiastic Order. Inform the Cetus and the deviant clans to get ready, we’ll soon make a move. Our goal will be to take down the Ecclesiastic Order.”

Gloria, who was eavesdropping outside, caught every word of the two’s secret plan.

“Huh? I didn’t know there were other deviant clans besides the Cetus? So they joined forces and were planted among the Ecclesiastic Order as spies. Haha! Don’t even think about making it happen. I’ll have Levi deal with you,” muttered Gloria.

Gloria was confident she had everything under her control.

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