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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3501

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3501

Killing Levi With God Crusher

Gloria stood in the center of the vortex on the South Pole glacier and began devouring the spiritual energy underneath her.

Like waves from the ocean, the energy from the super-spiritual ley line washed over Gloria as she swallowed it all.

As her power increased, so did her devouring speed.

It was so fast that it had become too late for the Esoteric Guild, Ecclesiastic Order, or even Levi to intervene.

Gloria’s three precautions would stop Levi from reaching her anytime soon, but even if he did, she’d have devoured the entire ley line by then.

He could attack all he wanted, but his efforts would be useless!

Gloria was growing exponentially stronger by the second and bursting with immense power!

The speed and process of her becoming more powerful were undeniably miracles.

No one else had experienced something like that, and it was both shocking and terrifying.

Before long, Gloria had devoured half of the super-spiritual ley line.

She could feel her powers being elevated to a whole other level—one that was beyond her wildest imagination.

I didn’t know I could become this strong! Oh, the power feels incredible!

Fortunately, Gloria was able to control her power. Otherwise, just her aura alone would have caused an earth-shattering explosion.

Soon, she had devoured three-quarters of the super-spiritual ley line, yet she was still undetected.

Gloria smiled.

Oh, everything’s going so smoothly. Lady Luck has been shining down on me from the start, and now, success is within my grasp! I’d have nothing to fear from now on, and I won’t have to bow down to anyone!

Gloria might not have gotten disturbed during her process of devouring the super-spiritual ley line, but unbeknownst to her, someone had been lurking in the shadows the entire time to observe her.


After the explosion rang out, Gloria knew she had devoured all the essence of the super-spiritual ley line.

Whatever was left was unpure energy that wouldn’t be of any use.


Gloria laughed manically, only to find herself bursting into tears at the end.

Lately, she had been under too much stress.

Levi had almost busted her on several occasions and even nearly killed her.

Because of that, Levi became her nightmare, and she had been on tenterhooks since.

Gloria would feel a chill down her spine whenever his name came up and shudder when memories of him flashed through her mind.

She was living in so much fear and anxiety that she constantly found herself on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

The only solution she could come up with was to increase her power within the shortest time until she was on par with Levi.

Otherwise, she’d never be able to escape from the clutches of fear.

Finally! The moment that I’ve been waiting for is finally here! From now onward, I no longer have to be afraid of Levi Garrison. Neither do I have to worry about revealing my identity! I shall control my own destiny!

“From here on out, I swear I’ll no longer live in fear of you, Levi Garrison!” Gloria thundered. “I’m going to kill you! I shall become your worst fear!”

At that moment, she felt as though she could control the whole world.

She held tremendous power in her hands, and unleashing it would bring forth mass destruction.

All she could think about now was to take on Levi and see if she had the power to crush him.

If my estimates are correct, my power should have surpassed that of Levi’s, though not by much. I can kill him, but it won’t be easy.

Then again, that was enough for Gloria.

After all, nothing else mattered as long as she didn’t have to fear Levi again.

With a wave of the God Crusher in her hand, Gloria easily split the glacier in half.

“Wow, this sword is magnificent! Its power is truly unparalleled! I couldn’t wield this in the past, but now, I finally can!” she exclaimed as her grip around the sword tightened.

Oh, I can feel the power coursing through me. I’m sure I can slice Levi in half with this! Even better, I shall be the new Demon King to rule the world!

“I’m going to kill you with this sword, Levi! It’s definitely not a shame to die under your own weapon. Hahaha…”

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