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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3500

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3500

Three Precautions

There was no doubt that Gloria was a master manipulator.

She had played Floyd like a fiddle, and even a simple reply from her could bring about such a huge change!

Floyd was back to his old self and now had two goals—to protect Gloria and increase his power.

He was so motivated that he even wanted to hunt down the Cetus to exact revenge.

At the same time, he’d be able to prove to everyone that the Floyd they knew was back in full force.

Seeing that, Zoey nodded as relief filled her eyes.

It’s good that Floyd can adapt so quickly! That also means my advice worked! I’ve done an excellent job if I do say so myself.

Even though Phoenix found the sudden change in Floyd rather odd, she was still glad that the latter had managed to come out of his slump.

Everything was going swimmingly, just like how Gloria had expected.

The conflict between the Ecclesiastic Order and the Esoteric Guild also worsened with every passing day.

Solocus blamed the Esoteric Guild for the case of the missing Top Ten from Five Pavilions.

He insisted it was a well-crafted plan on the latter’s end to destroy the Ecclesiastic Order.

Of course, that accusation only drove everyone in the Ecclesiastic Order up the wall.

To make things worse, Solocus pulled another trick out of his sleeve.

He deliberately sent three of the eight Paladins from the Holy Guild on a mission and found an opportunity to kill them all. After that, he pinned the blame on the Esoteric Guild once again.

Unsurprisingly, the Ecclesiastic Order hated the Esoteric Guild with a vengeance.

At the same time, they instructed Solocus to keep the information from the Medical Guild.

With everyone in the Medical Guild busy making pills, no one had the time to inform Eusof about it.

Alas, that also meant no one knew Eusof had gone missing.

The Esoteric Guild wasn’t faring any better. They were constantly harassed and had lost several of their members.

They, too, were seething with anger.

Not only had they been wronged, but their members had also met such vicious ends.

In the face of such violence, how could they not retaliate?

As the conflict grew, an epic battle loomed on the horizon.

A collision of the worlds of martial arts and magical techniques was about to take place!

Naturally, Gloria wasted no time in making her move.

She was about to reach the super-spiritual ley line below the South Pole glacier, the one thing she believed would make or break her entire plan.

As soon as she devoured the super-spiritual ley line, her power would finally be on par with Levi’s!

I have to succeed! Failure is not an option!

Because of Gloria’s plan, the rumors about the Cetus being in Gerton spread like wildfire.

It garnered so much attention that even Levi decided to shelf his investigation on West Pavilion and made a trip to Gerton.

After all, the Cetus was about to make its appearance.

With Solocus and Gloria constantly fanning the flames, it wasn’t long before the Esoteric Guild launched an all-out attack.

As the showdown neared, the parties involved were so busy that no one had noticed Gloria.

The Bone Grandmaster had even sworn to step in and help distract Levi and his team if the situation called for it.

It was a double precaution, and Gloria was more than happy with it.

However, the truth was that she had taken another precaution!

She had already recruited assassin organizations like The Furies, Zar, and Bloodleaf.

As soon as they receive her orders, all the assassins will launch an immediate attack on Levi’s base.

Thanks to Floyd, Gloria even knew about the locations of the underground facilities.

With her three precautions in place, Gloria was confident she’d be left undisturbed.

She’d devour the super-spiritual ley line and become the one person who could go up against Levi.

She no longer had to fear Levi Garrison!

“This is the last time, Bone Grandmaster. So long as we’re able to hold down the fort, I won’t have to fear anyone anymore!” Gloria exclaimed.

It was the turning point of her life, and she was utterly thrilled.

“It’s happening! The fight between the Ecclesiastic Order and the Esoteric Guild has begun! This battle will undoubtedly spread and intensify over the days…”

At long last, the epic battle that Gloria had orchestrated was underway.

Without further ado, she hurried to the super-spiritual ley line under the South Pole glacier and felt the surge of spiritual energy in the air.

A smile crept across Gloria’s face. “This suits me just fine! If I devour all of this energy, I’d be able to fly!”

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