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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3497

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3497

The Only One For Him

Furthermore, Gloria was also responsible for the multi-faceted conflict between the Ecclesiastic Order and the Esoteric Guild.

The constant friction caused the strife to intensify over time, to a point where both parties were now on the verge of war.

There was no doubt that Gloria’s expert manipulation had made it such that a battle was inevitable.

The Ecclesiastic Order was so hellbent on attacking the Esoteric Guild that they couldn’t even be bothered to deal with the Cetus for the time being.

Likewise, the Esoteric Guild knew they had to start gearing themselves up for a big fight.

Meanwhile, on Levi’s side, North Pavilion’s investigation in Gerton was going strong.

After much effort, they finally had a breakthrough—the Cetus was hiding in one of the factions in the Ecclesiastic Order!

Even though they needed to investigate further, their current information was enough to make Levi sit up and take notice.

After all, he wanted revenge.

He needed to avenge Azure Dragon and the rest!

“We’re almost done, Mr. Garrison. We’ll have the information ready within three days!” one of the North Pavilion members reassured.

Upon learning that they were close to finding out the whereabouts of the Cetus, Azure Dragon and the others felt anger welling up in their chests.

The time for vengeance was finally here, and even Forlevia and Zoey were looking forward to it!

Everyone wanted to avenge Azure Dragon and his group, but surprisingly, only Floyd barely reacted to the news.

He had always been the most enthusiastic about helping Azure Dragon get even, yet now, he was nothing more than an empty shell of a person.

For some reason, he wasn’t interested in anything and even seemed indifferent about the prospect of tracking down the Cetus.

Needless to say, Zoey, Forlevia, and several others were baffled by his odd behavior.

Well, that shouldn’t be happening. If Floyd knew about the Cetus’ whereabouts, he’d be the first to jump and shout about wanting to take them down. Why is there no reaction from him at all?

Soon, more people had caught on to Floyd’s strange demeanor.

From what they understood about the latter, ignoring such an important matter was out of his character.

Floyd was the kind who would go to the ends of the earth for his friends and not just put on an act to show support. In short, he’d always walk his talk.

Therefore, the fact that he hadn’t shown an ounce of emotion only proved that something must have gone wrong.

Of course, Azure Dragon had long noticed the change in Floyd, and Phoenix even knew the reason behind it.

Floyd’s feeling depressed over affairs of the heart. How would he have the emotional capacity to care about anything else?

Slowly but surely, more and more people began to realize how gloomy Floyd was.

“Mom, Floyd hasn’t been himself recently. I think something must have happened!” Forlevia said bewilderedly.

“Oh? I wonder what’s wrong with him,” Zoey replied, equally curious and puzzled.

Thankfully, Levi was too busy with his investigation to check on Floyd. Otherwise, he’d have figured the latter out with just one look.

Since their last interaction, Gloria hadn’t contacted Floyd again, but that didn’t stop him from giving up on her.

He was still waiting for her reply, hoping she might apologize for her harsh words and for losing her temper.

Although Floyd never stopped waiting and fantasizing, Gloria continued to give him the cold shoulder.

The reality was the complete opposite of what he had expected!

He believed that Gloria would eventually acknowledge her mistakes and realize she had hurt his self-esteem with her overly harsh tone and choice of words. More importantly, he was sure she’d come around to comfort him.

Unfortunately, his dreams never came true, so Floyd had no choice but to continue waiting and wishing.

In the end, the longer he waited, the more depressed he became.

A feeling of abandonment washed over him, causing him to spend every day wallowing in sorrow and utter despair.

I’m starting to think that Gloria is leaving me for good. What if our previous interaction was also our last one?

With worries piling up inside him, Floyd constantly felt like he was on the brink of tears.

Oh, I can’t stand this! If Gloria really were to leave me, it’d be the end of my world. I won’t be able to handle the grief!

As a result, Floyd only got increasingly despondent and crazed over the days.

His behavior quickly caught everyone’s attention, and it was especially appalling when he didn’t react to news of the Cetus.

Revenge was no longer on Floyd’s mind because all he could think about was Gloria.

She was the only one for him!

There was no way he could live without her, so why should he still care about other people’s matters?

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