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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3494

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3494

She Must Be Concerned About Me

A scary thought appeared in Floyd’s mind.

Could Gloria have been the mastermind? I heard from Master that the mastermind’s power keeps growing! Could it be due to Evie’s technique? Only Evie’s technique can allow someone to improve rapidly within a short period of time! Everything matches now! She deliberately hurt herself and told me training in this technique would make her insane! It was a trick to prevent me from finding out that she wanted to continue learning this technique.

Floyd widened his eyes in shock.

Gloria had also stolen Master’s God Crusher. Other than Sonja knowing our base previously, I think Gloria knows too. Although she didn’t come in openly, she could have followed me. With her level of power then, it would have been easy for her to follow me. After she understood the base layout, she deliberately informed the Cetus and stole God Crusher. If I connect Gloria to everything that happened after that, it would explain everything. It makes sense!

Floyd analyzed every matter carefully and took into account Gloria’s involvement.

Suddenly, he realized everything made sense.

It confirmed his suspicions about Gloria.


Floyd, what are you thinking? How can it be Gloria?

Floyd thought Gloria was his beloved woman and instantly turned nervous and irrational.

Even if someone had placed the evidence right before his eyes, he would likely still not believe it.

Thus, how could he believe his speculation?

Gloria would never do that! She is powerless! So, how can Gloria fool the Ecclesiastic Order? Furthermore, even if she trained in Evie’s technique and grew her power rapidly, it is still impossible for her to reach a level that can threaten Master in such a short time. Therefore, it can’t be Gloria! Floyd, you’re a scoundrel! You have suspected her not just once or twice! How can you doubt Gloria all because she scolded you? Perhaps she scolded me out of concern for me.

Then, Floyd considered solemnly.

This is a crucial moment. Since Phoenix suspected me, Master must be watching me too. Perhaps everyone could see something strange about me! If I act recklessly and contact Gloria, everything will be over if Master finds out. Then, I will lose everything! Gloria must have been worried about this. That’s why she did what she did!

Floyd came up with a good excuse for Gloria’s behavior!

Meanwhile, Levi was observing West Pavilion and noticed many of its followers had died.

He was now investigating the correlation between these people.

Furthermore, he had collected information on those the Holy Guild deemed as undercover from the Esoteric Guild to see if there were any connections between them.

Everything was beginning to make sense, and all these people seemed to point to something.

Levi still did not know what it was yet, but he believed he would find out soon.

Suddenly, important news spread throughout Gerton in the Ecclesiastic Order—they had discovered the whereabouts of the Cetus.

Furthermore, there was news saying that Cetus wanted to destroy the Ecclesiastic Order and was devising a shocking plan.

However, no one knew what it was.

It was all speculation.

Still, the news spread throughout the Ecclesiastic Order and the Holy Guild, shocking everyone.

Even Solocus was shocked.

Has the Cetus been exposed? No way! The Cetus are all hiding in the Holy Guild. No one knows about them! Could it be fake news that an enemy released to wreak havoc?

“I need you to investigate this properly! Go to Gerton and find out what’s going on!” Solocus ordered immediately.

However, this investigation would lead them to fall into Gloria’s trap.

She would never let Solocus find out everything at once but would feed him information bit by bit.

“Mr. Garrison, news about the Cetus is coming out of Gerton…” Levi’s men in North Pavilion informed him immediately.

“I need you to investigate this properly. It could be a distraction from the enemy!” Levi instructed.

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