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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3489

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3489

An Emergency

Gloria’s reply would never come no matter how long he waited, so the act of waiting itself was completely pointless, to begin with.

After all, she had no reason to waste her time on a pawn that she had no use for.

Levi had set his sights on Floyd, so he couldn’t possibly get any information out to Gloria.

On top of that, there was even a chance that Levi would use him against her.

Therefore, Gloria had deemed him useless and wouldn’t contact him unless absolutely necessary.

If anything, the sight of his attempts at contacting her only disgusted her to the core.

Besides, she was so busy with her preparations that she didn’t have time to entertain him anyway.

The more Gloria avoided him, the more anxious Floyd got.

He was so distraught and lost that his mind had completely shut down, and he refused to do anything at all.

The only thing he did was lock himself up in his room throughout the entire day, much to Phoenix’s dismay.

Something is clearly abnormal about Floyd’s condition!

A few days later, Gloria was almost done with her preparations to release the information on the Cetus.

As she had not responded to Floyd at all, he was driven to the point of having a mental breakdown.

Every day he spent waiting felt like a year.

He was so desperate that he would even settle for just hearing her voice, but that didn’t happen either.

Why do I feel like I’ve been dumped? I have a feeling that Gloria is leaving me… Man, that’d be the worst possible scenario! If that really is the case, then what’s the point in me living on? My life has no meaning if Gloria isn’t in it! I couldn’t care less about losing everyone else, but I can’t live without Gloria! She’s my only source of motivation in life right now. My previous motivation was to avenge Azure Dragon and his group, but now… Gloria is all I care about! Everything I do is for her sake! Being out of contact with her is a lot worse than death for me. I wish I could talk to her, even just for a minute! Could it be that she has found someone else? Or maybe she’s in danger or something? She would never go so long without contacting me, so something must’ve happened to her! This won’t do… I have to get in touch with her, but how will I do that if she isn’t answering my calls?

After racking his brain for quite some time, Floyd came up with an idea.

That’s it! Gloria did say that I should only contact her if something big has happened, so I could just lie and make something up!

Desperate to get in touch with Gloria, Floyd immediately sent her a message claiming that there had been an emergency.

Gloria, who was incredibly busy at the time, went pale and broke out in a cold sweat when she saw his message.

What happened? Has Levi discovered my location? Floyd wouldn’t have sent me such a message if it isn’t something serious! I may be capable of taking Levi on in a fight now, but I don’t want to risk exposing myself just yet. I need to wait until my victory against him is guaranteed before I expose myself.

Even if we are evenly matched in combat, I’d definitely lose if the Ecclesiastic Order and the Esoteric Guild find their way here. My chances of winning are less than fifty percent right now, so I need to wait until it is a hundred percent before showing myself. Since hiding from Levi is my top priority at the moment, Floyd contacting me so urgently must mean Levi has discovered my location!

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