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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3487

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3487

Everything Would Soon Change

Hold on… This means I’ve got a hold of the most complete information at the moment! Xylas has never shown himself to the members of the Ecclesiastic Order, so I wouldn’t even have known of his existence otherwise. Looks like they’re the ones who removed the spiritual bones from Levi and his friends! Hahaha!

It all makes sense now! The ones in control of the Cetus from behind the scenes are Solocus and Xylas! They’re the ones who took the elemental spiritual bones away! Now I see why Solocus is familiar with everything on the outside! Turns out, he already had everything under his control! With his strength almost on par with that of Solocus’, Xylas has become the greatest talent in the Ecclesiastic Order!

While Xylas may be really powerful with the elemental spiritual bones, he’s nothing but small fry to me! After all, I have both the Ecclesiastic Order and Solocus at my mercy! None of that matters right now, though. What matters is the fact that I now know the location of the Cetus and the elemental spiritual bones, so things are going to get exciting from here on!

If I so much as tell Levi about this, he’ll focus all of his rage toward the Cetus and go after them! The Ecclesiastic Order would go after the Cetus too, so there will be chaos everywhere! Not only would it buy me a lot more time, but I might also be able to benefit from the aftermath!

Looks like luck really has been on my side this whole time! I’ve encountered so many obstacles, but I managed to survive them all just fine! Even in a time of crisis like this, I was able to discover the existence of the Cetus and the Holy Guild’s biggest secret.

By leaking this information to the public, I’ll buy myself so much time to strengthen myself that Levi won’t even stand a chance against me. It’ll be too late for them to do anything by the time they realize it was my doing. The discovery of this huge secret has truly shifted the situation in my favor!

Gloria was so thrilled by those thoughts that she nearly burst out laughing maniacally on the spot.

After taking a brief moment to regain her composure, Gloria brought Eusof out of there without anyone even knowing she was there.

Nobody realized that Eusof was gone, nor were they aware that all of the Medical Guild’s magical medicine had gone missing.

Little did they know, all of that would soon change the Ecclesiastic Order completely.

“I have brought you a gift, Bone Grandmaster!” Gloria said as she tossed Eusof to the ground upon arrival at Corpse Pit.

“What? Is this Eusof? On top of that, you’ve grown so much stronger in such a short amount of time!” Bone Grandmaster was so shocked that his jaw dropped.

He had always known that Gloria was a very powerful existence, but he didn’t expect for her to be this powerful.

She had gotten so much stronger that she exuded an overwhelming aura more powerful than anyone else Bone Grandmaster had ever seen.

Eusof went pale and trembled all over when he saw Bone Grandmaster, but calmed down when he recalled everything he had been through earlier.

Bone Grandmaster was nothing compared to any of that.

“I bet you didn’t see this coming, did you, Eusof? We’ll soon destroy the Ecclesiastic Order!” Bone Grandmaster shouted gleefully and burst out laughing.

Eusof kicked me out when I started violating the ethics of medicine. Now, I finally have a chance to get my revenge on him!

“Go ahead and kill me, then,” Eusof mumbled as he lay down on the floor.

Since he was powerless to stop them, he figured he would just go with the flow instead.

“In that case, don’t mind if I help myself to your energy!”

Gloria then devoured all of Eusof’s energy before tossing him over to Bone Grandmaster. “Here you go!”

Bent on getting his revenge, Bone Grandmaster subjected Eusof to all sorts of tortures.

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