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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3486

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3486

Where The Elemental Spiritual Bones Are

By slowly infiltrating the Ecclesiastic Order, they were able to take over the entire organization one step at a time.

That was when Gloria knew it was all related to Solocus.

I wonder if Solocus is the mastermind behind it all, or if he’s just another puppet acting under someone else’s orders. I bet this is also the reason he wants to become the leader of the Ecclesiastic Order. He’s probably a member of the Cetus! The Ecclesiastic Order would never expect that! If a member of the Cetus is leading the Ecclesiastic Order, then they would have successfully infiltrated the Holy Guild and gained total control over the Ecclesiastic Order!

Man, this is such a crazy plan that I doubt anyone would’ve seen it coming! While the Ecclesiastic Order may appear to be unified, it’s actually completely under the Cetus’ control! Haha! Who would’ve thought the Ecclesiastic Order’s own organizational structure would end up being its greatest enemy?

Gloria shook her head and chuckled at the thought of that.

Eusof had disbelief written all over his face when he realized how corrupted the Ecclesiastic Order had become.

I can’t believe it has completely fallen into the Cetus’ hands… This is all because I got so obsessed with making pills! The Minister had reminded me to watch over the Ecclesiastic Order and stop being so obsessed with making pills, but I didn’t listen. On top of that, Gloria is a huge threat to the Ecclesiastic Order as well. It’s all my fault that the Ecclesiastic Order is going to be destroyed. Had I not been captured by Gloria, I would’ve gotten so mad upon seeing all this that I’d go fight the Cetus on the spot. Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can do about it now. Given the way things are, I can only watch helplessly as the Ecclesiastic Order gets destroyed. We probably won’t be able to change a thing even with the Minister around, let alone without him. Now that I’m nothing but a prisoner, there’s absolutely nothing that I can do.

Instead of leaving immediately, Gloria stood among the Cetus and watched on.

“This woman is here too?” Gloria mumbled to herself when she noticed Magdalena in the crowd.

That’s Solocus’ wife! According to my mentor, she used to be so beautiful that she had tons of suitors fighting over her. Eventually, Solocus was the one who managed to win her over and marry her. I also heard about an incredibly strong woman in a powerful deviant clan. She was amazing in both her looks and her capabilities, but died when the Ecclesiastic Order destroyed that deviant clan. My guess is, those two women are actually the same person. The deviant clan didn’t actually get completely annihilated, and Magdalena is one of the survivors.

“Looks like Magdalena is actually a surviving member of that deviant clan…” Gloria muttered under her breath at the thought of that.

After infiltrating the Cetus, she noticed an area that was protected by a group of people.

A strong energy wave could be detected inside.

It was as if someone was cultivating in there.

Noticing something was amiss, Gloria quickly snuck in there and made a huge discovery.

Huh? That’s an elemental spiritual bone! I can’t believe I found one here!

Due to how powerful an elemental spiritual bone was, the spiritual energy in the area was surging and accumulating like crazy.

While the Cetus had tried to conceal the person doing the cultivating, Gloria was able to get past that with ease.

It wasn’t long before she had a visual of the person that possessed the elemental spiritual bone.

Despite him hardly showing himself in public, Gloria was able to recognize him instantly.

That guy was none other than Solocus’ son, Xylas Geurin.

He’s quite the gifted individual. In fact, he could even be slightly more powerful than the eight Paladins from the Holy Guild. However, he later became crippled after his spiritual bone got injured.

He has been searching for a suitable spiritual bone donor all these years, only to stumble upon the elemental spiritual bones from Azure Dragon and his group. Since what happened to Xylas has been kept a secret, not many among the Ecclesiastic Order know about it.

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