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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3484

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3484

A Conspiracy

Gloria promptly burst out laughing.

Am I this strong now?

Outside, she reveled in the power within her body and beamed.

I’m a terrifying presence now!

“Ha! Levi, I’m about to catch up to you! I think I can battle with you now!” she exclaimed proudly.

Gloria was undeniably confident as she was tremendously strong now.

Finally, she was capable enough to battle against Levi.

Fear clawed up Eusof’s throat.

The last person that he found strong was the Minister, who had since disappeared without a trace.

No one could stop Gloria, so the Ecclesiastic Order would be in danger.

She was even capable of destroying the entire Ecclesiastic Order!

This discovery was simply too horrifying, and he couldn’t bring himself to imagine the consequences.

Before leaving, Gloria was reminded of something. “Mm? Should I take a look at the Holy Guild?” she wondered aloud.

Back when she first arrived, she sensed many powerful auras, far more than she initially expected.

Her senses turned sharper after she grew more powerful.

Sensing the energy fluctuations, she was pretty sure that there were many powerful elites within the Holy Guild.

It was certainly unusual.

The Holy Guild had plenty of elites, but now, there were at least a hundred times more elites than usual.

Gloria couldn’t help but grow suspicious.

That could only mean one thing—there were elites inside the Holy Guild that they kept hidden from the Ecclesiastic Order.

Perhaps Solocus is scheming something.

It was obvious to Gloria that Solocus had an ulterior motive. He wanted to be in charge of the Ecclesiastic Order and be the next Minister.

It seems like the Holy Guild is behind the Minister’s disappearance. Let’s see what secret is the Holy Guild hiding.

If she wasn’t strong enough, she wouldn’t have sensed those auras.

Previously, she felt as though she was a God who was a league above human beings.

She was in control of their lives.

However, things were different now.

She felt as though she had become one with the world.

She was both heaven and earth!

Everything in the world was within her reach.

She was strong enough to sense every little thing if she wanted to.

Soon, she arrived at the spot where the elites were gathered with powerful bursts of energy fluctuations.

She wanted to see who exactly they were.

These people were hidden in the most secluded spot inside the Holy Guild. Clearly, they couldn’t show themselves to the public.

No one was supposed to find them.

That only served to prove Gloria’s assumption.

She followed the energy fluctuations and soon arrived at her destination.

Eusof was also with her.

He could barely hide his surprise when he discovered such a place in the Holy Guild.

Why does such a place exist in the Holy Guild? There are so many elites here! Where did they come from?

Eusof had no idea where they came from.

He was obsessed with his pills but knew everything about the Holy Guild.

If he didn’t know where the elites came from, something was undeniably off.

Gloria took in Eusof’s expression and realized what was going on.

Solocus must’ve kept many fighters to himself without letting anyone know. Even Master Eusof was kept in the dark. This is serious.

Flashing a grin, she said, “You should know that the Ecclesiastic Order isn’t the same order you think it is. If you stopped making pills and stepped up to be the leader, there might be a chance. This is what happens when you leave everything to Solocus.”

Eusof was helpless, for it was all too late.

“If you’re curious, let’s find out who they are.”

Gloria led Eusof deep into the place.

It was considered a restricted area within the Holy Guild.

Eusof had no idea this place existed, let alone the others.

Shortly after, they arrived at the spot where the elites were gathered.

“What? It’s them?” Gloria blurted out in surprise.

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