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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3483

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3483

All His Efforts Destroyed

“No wonder you’re Master Eusof. You sensed my arrival swiftly,” Gloria announced with a chuckle.

She thought she managed to sneak in without alerting anyone, but Eusof caught her the moment she got in.

He might be infatuated with creating pills, but he was still a powerful being.

In fact, he was rumored to be stronger than Solocus.

Nevertheless, he did nothing but make pills.

Otherwise, he could’ve been in charge of the Holy Guild and be the next Minister in line.

Gloria was surprised at how powerful he was.

Indeed, Master Eusof is the most powerful person in the Ecclesiastic Order! Even Solocus isn’t his match. If the Minister isn’t here, he’ll be the most powerful person.

She had no idea she would run into the strongest being upon arrival.

Eusof was young and handsome.

His gaze was fixed on Gloria as he noticed something was off.

“Who are you? Why are you here?” he asked.

“Well, I came here to devour all the magical medicine in the Medical Guild,” Gloria revealed with a grin.

“All the magical medicine? Aren’t you afraid of exploding from the excessive energy?” Eusof scoffed.

No one was capable of consuming all the magical medicine here.

One could at most take three to four magical medicine in one go.

It was simply impossible for the unwanted visitor to accomplish the feat.

Hearing that, Gloria let out a mocking snort. “Ha! I’ve just devoured three-quarters of the energy core. It should be pretty easy for me to devour all your magical medicine, right?”

“What?” Eusof blanched in horror. “It was you?”

He was busy with his pills, but that didn’t mean he was completely closed off to the outside world.

“It was me!” Gloria announced.

She took action right after saying that.

Her power was enough to suppress Eusof.

Eusof might be strong, but he wasn’t Gloria’s match.

Right now, Gloria was almost as powerful as Levi.

Eusof couldn’t take her down himself.

Helpless, he was controlled in the blink of an eye and couldn’t move an inch.

“I won’t devour you for now. Watch as I devour every magical medicine in the Medical Guild!” she declared.

With that said, Gloria proceeded to plunder all the magical medicine in the Medical Guild.

She devoured everything she could and kept those she couldn’t devour.

These were all the top rated magical medicine in the Ecclesiastic Order.

This time, Gloria controlled herself deliberately so nothing out of the ordinary would happen when she increased her strength.

No one would realized what she was doing.

Of course, she had to thank the Bone Grandmaster for that.

Eusof stood rooted to his spot and could only watch as Gloria’s strength improved colossally.

The pills he made had all been swallowed by Gloria.

Oh, my efforts have gone down the drain! Ugh, I’d rather die than witness this.

Alas, he couldn’t even stop her.

The Top Ten felt the same back then.

No one would come to the Medical Guild.

The only two who were allowed to guard outside had been slaughtered by Gloria.

Thus, no one knew what Gloria was doing in the Medical Guild.

She took her time to devour all the magical medicine and increase her strength slowly.

Eusof was the only witness to Gloria’s growth.


Gloria could sense that her body was transforming.

Previously, she could only devour three-quarters of the energy core, but now, she felt she could devour more.

It was probably due to the fact that she was now stronger.

Her body and spiritual bone was improving slowly.

As of now, she could devour more energy.

To her surprise, she devoured all the magical medicine in the Medical Guild.

She soon reached her limits.

There were still some left, but she planned to take them with her.

“I’ll bring you with me, too!” she announced.

Having said that, Gloria brought Eusof with her.

Actually, it was useless to devour Eusof.

She wanted to bring him to the Bone Grandmaster.

Years ago, Eusof had kicked the Bone Grandmaster out of the Medical Guild.

She had taken revenge for him!

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