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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3481

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3481

Phoenix Gets Suspicious

Levi wasn’t suspecting Floyd on purpose.

As he paid attention to Floyd, he only asked that question casually after spotting Floyd in the crowd.

Following his question, everyone glanced at Floyd.

Azure Dragon and the rest had just asked Floyd the same question a while ago.

Levi’s question hit Floyd like a bolt out of the blue.

Alas, the very thing he feared happened.

Master is suspicious of me. Gloria predicted that, but she told me not to expose her.

Floyd began to panic.

“I…” he stammered, at a loss for words.

Obviously, there was something wrong with him.

Levi’s gaze grew sharp as he stared at Floyd.

Floyd was shocked.

He knew he couldn’t say anything now and risk exposing anything.

Master’s smart, so he’ll definitely see through my lies! If there’s no other choice, I’ll have to reveal the truth.

Before he could be honest to Levi, Azure Dragon and the rest laughed out loud. “Boss, you had no idea, huh? Floyd had stopped contacting that woman a long time ago.”

“We met her previously, and she’s no pushover. Floyd isn’t capable of keeping her under control. Besides, the Ecclesiastic Order is our enemy. I believe Floyd knows that well.”

“Yes, Floyd knows he’ll be used. He’s smart enough to cut off ties with her back then.”

“Floyd is more vigilant than us in such times…”

Floyd had no idea Azure Dragon and the rest would help him clarify the matter.

His lips thinned as he said, “Yes, Master. I stopped contacting her a while ago. I was embarrassed and dared not tell anyone about it.”

Levi chuckled. “Oh, I see. That’s fine, then.”

If Azure Dragon and the others hadn’t spoken up, he would’ve suspected Floyd.

Floyd walked away.

Oh, what a relief. I was nearly exposed. Gloria’s right. Master is starting to suspect me. If I expose Gloria, he’ll treat us as his enemies. I have to do my best to protect Gloria and keep our relationship a secret. He might even leak fake news so I can mislead Gloria!

Floyd knew that Levi wasn’t really suspicious of him. Levi was actually suspecting that he knew someone from the Ecclesiastic Order.

He had to be extra careful from today onward.

Now that Levi was keeping an eye on him, no mishaps could ever happen.

Azure Dragon and the rest were walking away when Phoenix suddenly asked, “Don’t you think Floyd is acting unlike himself?’

“Huh? I don’t think so.”

The rest were surprised by her sudden question.

Phoenix remained dubious. “Something tells me he’s acting unlike himself! He wasn’t embarrassed earlier. In fact, he looked nervous as though he was in a dilemma.”

Kirin chimed in, “Yes. I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t mention it. Boss’ words seemed to have shocked him senseless. Something seems off.”

“You’re right. If we didn’t speak up, what would Floyd say?”

“We shouldn’t have spoken up.”

Comprehension dawned on them.

Black Tortoise mumbled, “Should we tell Boss about it?”

Azure Dragon shook his head. “We can’t say anything if we don’t have proof. It will look like we’re trying to sow discord between them.”

“Well, you’re right. We got suspicious, but it wasn’t as though Floyd did anything wrong.”

“If we were wrong, that could be a huge problem.”

“Floyd wants to avenge us, so it isn’t nice for us to accuse him for no reason. We must keep this a secret among us.”

In the end, they decided to keep it a secret among them, for they didn’t want to upset anyone else.

If that were to happen, Levi would be put in a difficult spot.

However, Phoenix decided to keep an eye on Floyd to find out if her instincts were right.

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