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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3479

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3479

He Is Starting To Suspect You

How could he? He nearly took Gloria’s life!

Floyd go so emotional that he nearly lost his cool.

After all, his woman nearly got killed.

How could he possibly not be mad?

He couldn’t imagine what life would be without Gloria.

Should he ignore it, or should he take revenge by killing his master?

He couldn’t be sure about it.

Levi was his master, but Gloria was his woman.

If she got killed for no reason, he would definitely avenge her even if the murderer was his master.

Despite not knowing what he would do, he knew he wouldn’t stay put.

He had to demand an answer from Levi.

“He’s being unreasonable! How could he kill innocent beings? In the end, he didn’t even find anything. How ridiculous!” Floyd fumed.

Floyd was about to explode with rage.

Gloria managed to survive, but she was badly injured.

That was the reason he got furious.

Most importantly, Levi attacked for no reason.

Gloria wasn’t even the culprit but sustained injuries nonetheless.

It was a close call, for she was wrongly accused and nearly lost her life.

Thus, it was natural for Floyd to boil in anger.

“How could Master do that to you? He nearly took your life!”

The more Floyd thought about it, the angrier he became.

“Calm down, Floyd. I’m fine, right?” Gloria comforted him.

Floyd was a raging beast by now—frustrated, vicious, and incapable of recognizing his closest relatives.

He was capable of doing anything for the sake of his beloved!

In fact, he was on the verge of losing his cool.

“How could I calm down? I need to ask Master why he acted that way. You’re not the only one, for everyone else was also innocent. He isn’t one who would kill innocent beings.”

Floyd couldn’t calm down.

Furious, he declared, “I shall talk to him now. I can’t stand it anymore!”

Before he could leave, Gloria stopped him. “No! You’ll expose me if you go to him. He’ll assume I’m a traitor and kill me right away! Trust me. Never mind if he doesn’t recognize me. If he recognizes me, he’ll start suspecting me and kill me without any evidence!”

Floyd calmed down at once, for he understood her concern.

Levi had his suspicions, so if he got to know who Gloria was, he would definitely slaughter her.

“Fortunately, you did not divulge my identity to Master earlier. If he knew about our relationship, I would’ve met my doom today. He would’ve assumed I was the enemy who was using you to achieve my goals. The previous matters could be connected to me, too.”

Floyd panicked. “But that has nothing to do with you! I can explain everything!”

Gloria responded, “Yes, you can explain everything. But will your master and the rest believe you? If they find out about this, they will definitely accuse me of being a spy. Fortunately, they don’t know my identity. You can’t reveal my identity even if your master asks about it. Don’t admit to it, and avoid the topic.”

She didn’t want anything else to crop up at this crucial moment.

After all, she would meet her doom the moment Levi discovered her identity.

“Well…” Floyd hesitated.

He initially wanted to grab the chance to reveal everything to Levi.

It was the perfect chance to introduce Gloria to everyone and prevent unwanted misunderstandings in the future.

However, Gloria was against the idea. He had no choice but to give up.

“Okay, I got it,” he answered.

“Don’t worry. I’ll recover after recuperating for a while,” Gloria assured him.

“By the way, Master seems to be avoiding me. He doesn’t even tell me where he goes or what he does nowadays,” Floyd revealed suddenly.

Gloria sighed. “That means he is starting to suspect you.”

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