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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3476

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3476

Should I Use Floyd

All the while, Solocus had been making use of the situation.

Accepting the challenge Levi issued wasn’t important at all, for his main goal was to win over the masses.

Minister wasn’t there, and he could control the entire Ecclesiastic Order, but it couldn’t change the fact that he was just a stand-in.

Many members hadn’t thought of him as the leader of the Ecclesiastic Order.

Most of them were unhappy at the news.

Hence, he had no control over the masses, for they wouldn’t listen to him well.

The Ecclesiastic Order was in danger, and the masses merely elected him to solve the problem.

They didn’t really acknowledge him as the leader of the Ecclesiastic Order.

After all, they only had respect for Minister, and Solocus was just a deputy minister.

He could take over the spot temporarily to deal with some problems.

However, he would never appease their worry or gain their respect.

That wasn’t what he wanted.

Besides, Solocus’ faction had been wanting to take over the entire Ecclesiastic Order.

Levi and Gloria’s fight allowed him to take over the Ecclesiastic Order earlier than he had expected.

Now, what he wanted to do was to earn their reverence.

Levi happened to show up, so he immediately used the opportunity to gain everyone’s trust and control the Ecclesiastic Order entirely.

Even if the Minister were to return at a later date, it would be too late to change things.

Solocus gave the crowd a shameful bow. “It was all my fault. I put the Ecclesiastic Order to shame! I allowed the order to get humiliated!”

As he assumed total responsibility and showed how responsible he was, everyone thought he was the leader they had always wanted.

Thus, they started to have trust in Solocus and thought of him as the backbone of the Ecclesiastic Order.

They could be at ease now that Solocus and the Holy Guild were here.

Instead of ordering them around, a leader should assume responsibility at their darkest moment.

At once, someone yelled, “Master Solocus, that doesn’t mean we’re afraid of Levi. We’re giving him a chance to live! The Ecclesiastic Order has been in control for a long time. If we take his life now, it will be no fun!”

The others agreed readily and chimed in, “Yes, that’s right. It might seem that we were cowards who didn’t dare accept his challenge. However, we’re giving him a chance to flee for his life!”

“Haha! Yes, we decided to spare Levi’s life!”

“It isn’t fun to kill him right away, so we allowed him to live a bit longer!”

They didn’t bother hiding their arrogance, and their previous fearful and timid selves had disappeared into thin air.

In the end, they resorted to comforting themselves in such a way.

Instead of saying the truth, that they were terrified of Levi, they were saying that they had spared Levi’s life.

“We’ll pick a time to kill Levi at a later time!” the crowd chorused.

None of the Ecclesiastic Order members took Levi seriously anymore.

Solocus turned to Gloria and the others who were injured and promised, “Don’t worry. I shall avenge you!”

An evil smirk flitted across Gloria’s lips.

I shall take revenge no matter what! If it wasn’t for Bone Grandmaster, Levi would’ve taken my life today. I need to increase my strength quickly!

That day wasn’t a fruitless day, for Gloria felt as though she had seen the limits of Levi’s capability.

She finally knew the extent of his power.

As of now, Gloria would return to the West Pavilion and recuperate.

Levi might’ve dealt a huge blow to them, but to Gloria, her wounds were nothing serious.

She could recover almost instantly, but she had to put up an act so her comrades wouldn’t notice it.

Meanwhile, Levi went back. Floyd and the rest rushed over to him and asked, “Master, where did you go?”

“Nothing. I was bored and went out for a stroll,” Levi responded cheerfully.

He flashed them a reassuring smile.

Indeed, they had no idea I would show up as I didn’t tell Floyd where I was going. I nearly exposed my tracks to Floyd. Hmm, will this work? What if I tell Floyd where I’m going deliberately so he’ll leak the fake information to the enemy? That way, I can lure the enemy out. That’s a great idea. But I would have to use Floyd, then.

Levi hesitated.

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