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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3470

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3470

Raise Your Heads

The others answered.

The members of the Ecclesiastic Order were getting really curious. What does Levi want from the people of West Pavilion?

Solocus and the others didn’t dare to move, because they didn’t know what Levi was doing.

Gloria was in full panic mode as she felt a fear she had never experienced before. He knows I’m here!

It was the first time she met Levi in such close proximity.

Even though there were hundreds of meters of space between them, he still sensed her presence.

Currently, she was no different from anyone else in the crowd.

In fact, there was no special energy flowing in her body because she was doing her best to hide her true strength.

Logically, Levi shouldn’t be able to notice her, yet he still did.

That was why it scared her.

Levi shouldn’t be able to sense Gloria’s energy or aura because she had reached a very high level of strength.

According to her estimates, she was probably as powerful as Levi.

However, she didn’t have the guts to test that theory at the moment.

The techniques she had learned from the Ecclesiastic Order should be able to hide her strength and presence from him, yet his instincts were still able to guide him toward her general direction.

After Levi asked where that particular crowd came from and learned it was from West Pavilion, he became certain that his suspicions from before were correct. The culprit really is hiding in West Pavilion! They probably failed to escape in time and blended into the West Pavilion crowd. My instinct is correct!

Upon receiving his answer, he started scanning through each individual.

It was making Gloria really nervous. This is the most dangerous moment I’ve faced so far!

She wasn’t even that nervous when she was almost found out before. Levi’s too powerful. He’s still able to find out where I am, even though I’ve hidden so well! I already decided not to challenge him for the moment, even though I was pretty sure I’m about as powerful as him right now. However, it seems like he really is stronger than me still! I can’t afford to engage in combat with him. There must be a way for me to avoid being detected by him!

Gloria was so nervous that she felt like her mind was about to explode. If I’m discovered at this moment, I’ll be in deep sh*t, regardless of how powerful I’ve become. He’s definitely not going to give me a chance to grow stronger and formulate a plan to kill him if he finds out I’m here. I should escape now, but what if I can’t? I still know very little about his powers…

It wasn’t something she wanted to admit, but she had no confidence in succeeding.

Whenever she wanted to achieve a goal, she would go through a meticulous planning stage to make sure she was in control.

It wasn’t in her nature to do something she wasn’t confident about.

At that moment, she was uncertain if she could face Levi.

If she were discovered, her chances of escape would become pretty slim.

Even if she ran, he would no doubt chase after her to the end of the planet.

As powerful as a devourer was, without an enormous energy source to feed on, she wouldn’t be able to grow any stronger.

In the end, she would still die by Levi’s hand.

That was why she mustn’t let herself be discovered. I must calm down! If I show any unusual behavior, he’ll definitely catch me. I need to stay calm and compose myself… Wait, no. What are the people around me feeling right now? It’s intense fear, right? In that case, I shouldn’t calm down, because that’ll only make me stand out! I don’t need to pretend that I’m not scared!

Gloria lowered her head and allowed her body to tremble. She even started breathing rapidly.

Fear was overwhelming her, much like the others at her side.

Who wouldn’t be afraid when Levi was staring at them?

Levi wade through the people of West Pavilion and eventually arrived at the general area where Gloria was standing. “I want you all to raise your heads…”

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