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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3467

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3467

Levi Notices

Because the Ecclesiastic Tower was isolated from the outside world, as long as the tower wasn’t destroyed, no one would notice anything.

That was why Gloria was able to devour the energy core quickly without anyone noticing.

Her strength was rapidly increasing.

She had gotten so powerful that no one could imagine it.

It was faster than you could ever imagine!

Additionally, she was still in control. She tried to prevent her rapidly growing strength from causing abnormalities to occur in her surroundings.

Crack! Crack!

Still, heavy, dark clouds enveloped the entire area where the Ecclesiastic Order was located. It was so thick that it almost reached the ground.

Lightning bolts were blasting everywhere as thunder was heard again and again.

The scary amount of energy had even caused a storm to form.

Lastly, the clouds had started to turn scarlet red, as though the sky was dripping in blood.

It was an apocalyptic sight.

Everyone in the Ecclesiastic Order saw what was going on.

“What is this?” They all stared at the sky as a bad feeling rose in their hearts.

They had a feeling something terrible was going to happen soon.

That sinister omen was making them really uncomfortable.

Even Solocus and the others were panicking a little as they gazed at the sky.

“What is this? Is the sky turning red because someone has reached the pinnacle level of power?” he muttered to himself.

“Maybe a spiritual bone even greater than the celestial-level one has appeared! It’s just like the time when the minister appeared!” the others commented.

Solocus and the others in the Holy Guild were searching for the origin of the anomaly.

“We can’t be certain of the location for now…”

“We can’t find where the origin is!”

“If someone has reached this level of power, no one in the Ecclesiastic Order can be his opponent anymore! I don’t think even the ministers can defeat that person!”

The view surrounding the Ecclesiastic Order was so scary that it terrified anyone who looked upon it.

Solocus’ face darkened in silence. That’s true. If this really is the birth of a new elite, then I definitely won’t be his opponent.

“We should investigate what’s going on quickly!”

“See if it’s linked to the Esoteric Guild. Their Heavenly Thunder techniques may have caused this…”

The Holy Guild immediately sent out a bunch of people to check out what was going on.

Scarlet clouds were dominating the sky above the Ecclesiastic Order.

Additionally, a scary amount of energy was pulsing through it, so much so that even people from the outside world could feel it!

“Not good!” Levi noticed it too.

Of course, he was much more sensitive to it compared to other people.

Not only that, he immediately pinpointed where it was coming from.

“The Ecclesiastic Order…” He instantly set out to his destination and arrived there shortly after.

Then, he carefully felt the flow of energy to further pinpoint the origin of the anomaly. “It’s over… there!”

Levi locked on to the exact origin of the power surge and went there.

That was the difference between him and Solocus.

He could figure out where the energy was coming from.

Inside the Ecclesiastic Tower, Gloria was devouring the energy faster and faster.

She had done her best to suppress the anomaly occurring in her surroundings, but she still couldn’t hide it completely. I’ll definitely get found out now, especially by Levi. There’s no way he won’t notice. I need to consume the entire energy core before he arrives.

After she consumed the core even further, she realized she was getting close to her limit.

She thought her devouring technique had no limits, especially when she possessed the devourer spiritual bone, which reinforced her belief.

However, she realized she couldn’t absorb any more energy when she devoured three-quarters of the spiritual energy in the energy core.

It was because she wasn’t completely compatible with the devourer spiritual bone.

Only Forlevia’s original devourer spiritual bone could devour an unlimited amount of energy.

The devourer spiritual bone made by the Bone Grandmaster got it pretty close, but it wasn’t the same as Forlevia’s.

It still had a limit to how much energy it could devour.

If Gloria went overboard with the energy absorption, terrible things would happen.

However, that was fine for her.

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