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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3466

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3466

As Powerful As Levi

“Besides, this is a unique technique Evie made herself. How can we ever teach this to others? Won’t that just allow them to reach our level?” Floyd uttered.

Gloria smiled. “That’s good! I’m glad you trusts me!”

In reality, Floyd didn’t care about that matter at all.

He became much more relaxed after seeing her calming down.

“You should go back! It seems to me that the truth will be out soon. Once everything has been taken care of, I’ll go and meet your master and let him host our wedding!” Her suggestion made him so excited that he almost leaped in joy.

That was exactly what he wanted, to marry her. I’m so excited right now! Although, I have to make sure she’ll be safe first and won’t be exposed ahead of schedule.

Once he left, Gloria dropped the act.

Then, she created an illusion that made it seem like people from the Esoteric Guild were the ones who killed Linda and the others.

That way, everything would have a logical explanation, including Callahan and the others’ death.

The Holy Guild soon figured that out and became certain the Esoteric Guild was behind the matter.

In fact, they had started to plan out their revenge against the Esoteric Guild.

After Gloria experienced that crisis, the first thing on her to-do list was to increase her power.

Otherwise, she would forever live under Levi’s shadow.

Only by getting close to Levi in terms of his power level would she be safer.

The way she increased her power was simple.

She just needed to find a bunch of energy sources to consume them.

The next source of energy she had her eyes on was the one in the Ecclesiastic Order, controlled by the Holy Guild.

It was the Ecclesiastic Order’s energy source and their greatest treasure.

That thing had been keeping the Ecclesiastic Order running.

Even the five cornerstones divine tools were crafted by using that energy core.

It was kept inside the Ecclesiastic Tower in the Holy Guild.

Rumors said that a lot of powerful fighters from deviant clans were sealed inside.

However, in actuality, it was the densest spot of a super-spiritual ley line.

It was the best place to absorb spiritual energy.

That energy core could accumulate an endless amount of spiritual energy, which was why it was the Ecclesiastic Order’s trump card.

For example, if the Ecclesiastic Order ran out of spiritual energy, they could just use that energy core to sustain them with an unlimited amount of spiritual energy.

After many years, it was hard to tell how much energy the energy core had accumulated.

Without delay, Gloria set off to the Ecclesiastic Tower that was under the Holy Guild’s control.

At her current power level, she could easily make it through all the guards, including Solocus.

Even if she couldn’t win against Solocus, at the very least, she wouldn’t lose against him because she had gotten stronger.

Upon arriving at the Ecclesiastic Tower, she saw no one there.

No one had the guts to go there because it was a restricted area.

Even if someone had the guts to come, they couldn’t take away the energy core because the spiritual energy kept inside was too great.

As powerful as an individual might be, they couldn’t control that much power.

The combined strength of the few most powerful members in the Ecclesiastic Order was required to use the energy core.

Anyone else other than the elders in the Five Pavilions probably wouldn’t be able to handle that much spiritual energy.

The giant mechanism within the tower was still in operation.

Inside the mechanism was the fiery red energy core containing an unfathomable amount of energy.

When Gloria arrived, she was shocked. The energy stored inside is incredible! So this is what years of accumulated spiritual energy look like! It’s definitely on the same level as a medium-sized super-spiritual ley line.

However, the thing she was really looking at was the super-spiritual ley line connected below the energy core.

“If I forcefully devour the super-spiritual ley line, people from the Ecclesiastic Order will definitely know I’m here, regardless of whether my body can handle it or not. I’ll probably get killed before I can finish my absorption.” That was why she had decided to devour the energy core first.

Gloria was able to enter the mechanism quickly because she was that powerful.

None of the scary energy in the mechanism could stop her.

She began devouring the energy core.

According to her estimation, the moment she finished absorbing the core, she would absolutely be as powerful as Levi.

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