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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3464

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3464

Floyd Arrives

“What are you…” Linda uttered in disbelief. What is Gloria doing?

Gloria ignored her and continued to rub fresh blood on herself to pretend she was severely injured.

“What trick are you pulling here, Gloria?” Linda was starting to feel a little scared.

After all, Gloria had become too powerful, at that moment.

Linda didn’t have the guts to fight her.

She stared at Gloria as her desire to escape dominated her mind.

Her plan was to run away and then tell the Ecclesiastic Order and even Levi everything about Gloria.

Both her mind and body were telling her to run, but when she tried to, she found out she couldn’t muster the strength to do so.

It was as though both her legs were shackled to the ground. If she wanted to leave, she had to tear the ground up.

She felt as if there were hundreds of thousands of mountains pressing on her shoulders. It was breaking her apart as she stood completely still.

Her voice wanted to crawl out of her mouth, but it could only squirm in her throat.

She felt as though her entire being was controlled by Gloria.


In the next moment, a powerful sucking force was directed in her direction, pulling her to Gloria.

Linda panicked as she saw Gloria was getting closer and closer to her.

She wanted to resist her movements, but she couldn’t.

Eventually, Gloria arrived in front of her.


Gloria only unleashed a tiny bit of energy to make Linda vomit blood. The latter’s body instantly had wounds opening up, looking as though she went through a violent battle.

However, Linda was still in Gloria’s control.

She was wondering why Gloria didn’t kill her.

Soon, Gloria revealed a pale expression, appearing as if she had suffered severe injuries.

It was then Linda understood something. Is she showing this for someone to see?


Suddenly, Gloria fell to the ground.

Linda’s body was still being controlled as she was made to bend down and prepared to stab Gloria with a sword.

If someone approached them at that time, they would see Linda attempting to kill Gloria.

There were only a few seconds left before Gloria’s neck was getting stabbed.

Linda knew what Gloria’s plan was, but there was nothing she could do.

She couldn’t move or say anything. Who exactly is she trying to show this to?

It was then Floyd arrived.

He saw corpses scattered on the ground and Gloria, who was lying on the floor and was about to get stabbed by Linda.

“Save me, Floyd…” Gloria pretended to fight for her life and that she couldn’t win against Linda.

In that instant, Floyd was enraged as the thought of saving Gloria filled his mind.


His power had increased quite a lot lately, so he was able to instantly appear behind Linda.

Suddenly, as though all elements in the area belonged to him, they gathered in his body.


Upon accumulating enough energy, he unleashed a powerful slap on Linda.



Linda was instantly torn apart by the attack and turned into a cloud of red mist!

“Hmm? Evie’s technique…” A tinge of surprise flashed through Gloria’s eyes. I thought he isn’t going to practice Forlevia’s technique? Why is he using it now? Not to mention it’s more powerful than before.

“Gloria!” Floyd stared at her worriedly.

Her body was covered in blood, her clothes were tattered, and her face was pale. She was clearly injured in his eyes.

He was glad that he made it in time. If I was a second late, things will get so much more problematic. Thankfully, I’ve grown much stronger lately. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to kill Linda.

Gloria stared at him with gratitude. “I would’ve been dead without your help, Floyd!”

“Don’t worry, Gloria. I’ll do my best to protect you forever!” he promised.

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