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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3463

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3463

Reveals Her Identity

Floyd started suspecting Gloria.

It must have been Gloria who leaked that piece of news. Master had kept an eye on Callahan, so the latter died. It was too much of a coincidence!

Right then, he couldn’t quite tell whether Gloria was colluding with Callahan or whether she inadvertently leaked the news.

He plunged into a dilemma.

Although he trusted her indefinitely and had sworn to never doubt her again, the facts were right before his eyes.

As such, he had no other choice.

No matter how much he liked her, the reality was there in the open.

Thus, it was only natural that he was suspicious.

If Gloria couldn’t give him a reasonable explanation, he would definitely suspect her.

However, Gloria was an exceedingly smart woman, so she naturally anticipated Floyd’s thoughts.

Hence, she certainly had a subsequent plan.

Shortly after, Gloria contacted Floyd.

“It’s bad, Floyd! Something happened on my side!”

When Floyd heard that, his expression changed drastically.

“Huh? W-What’s wrong, Gloria? What happened?”

Floyd was utterly frantic.

“Didn’t you tell me that your master was keeping an eye on Callahan? I specially came over to check the situation out and told my master, Linda! Subsequently, Callahan died! It was all the doing of my master, Linda! I found out that she was in cahoots with him, and they were both the Esoteric Guild’s spies! At present, she’s aware that I have discovered her identity and wants to kill me! I’m injured, so come and save me quickly!”

As soon as Floyd heard that, he forgot all about his suspicions.

Only one thought remained in his mind—he must save Gloria.

“Hmm, should I notify Master about this?” Floyd muttered.

He was afraid that he might not be their match if he went alone.

But if I tell him about this, Gloria would definitely be exposed. That would be a huge trouble.

After mulling it over, he decided to go alone.

As he had trained in Forlevia’s techniques in the past few days, his capabilities had soared at lightning speed. Thus, he had quite a bit of confidence.

Having gotten the location, he immediately set out.

Someplace a near distance from West Pavilion, Linda and seven or eight of her disciples all stared at Gloria across from them intently.

It turned out that Gloria revealed her identity to her master, Linda, to give Floyd a justifiable explanation about that matter.

“Gloria, oh Gloria! Truly, I never expected it to be you! I nurtured you for so many years, yet you betrayed me?” Linda questioned coldly.

The seven or eight other disciples tore into Gloria as well, repudiating her for being so shameless.

“Seize her first!” Linda ordered.

All at once, the seven or eight disciples charged at Gloria.

Alas, considering Gloria’s capabilities then, even Solocus of the Holy Guild wasn’t her match, much less the few elders of West Pavilion.




In no time, all of them died tragically under Gloria’s feet.

To her, they were no more than ants without any combat prowess to speak of.

At that turn of events, Linda wore an incredulous expression. “W-When did you have such capabilities?”

Gloria flashed her a smile, drawling, “I merely drained the energies of the Top Ten, the Three Sages of North Pavilion, and the four cornerstone divine tools!”

“It was you! You were the one who framed the Esoteric Guild!”

By then, Linda understood everything.

“Did those people all willingly die for you? What a vixen! It was all your doing! How utterly shameless! You’re the true traitor of the Ecclesiastic Order!”

Linda was aware that that disciple of hers had her way of seducing men.

Even her own husband almost fell prey to Gloria’s seduction.

Casting her mind back on it all, everything made sense then.

There was no spy at all.

Instead, they all died for Gloria.

However, she didn’t quite understand why the woman was starting to smear the blood of the few dead people onto her body.

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