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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3461

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3461

Turn The Table

Panic. That was what Floyd felt.

He had heard what the situation was from Gloria, and he was afraid that Levi would come to him.

That was why he had rushed back, hoping to hide away for a while.

Yet, to his surprise, he never even got the chance to recollect himself before encountering his master.

Luck was certainly not on his side.

Floyd found himself sweating buckets from the anxiousness he felt.

It was the most nerve-wracking moment he had ever been through.

It was especially so when he looked into Levi’s eyes. It was as though Levi could see right through him.

At that moment, he felt that all his secrets were lying bare in front of Levi.

Just as Levi parted his lips to say something, Floyd interrupted while panting, “Oh! Master, I am actually looking for you.”

Floyd had decided to turn the table and take control of the situation.

That was something that stunned Levi.

Am I not the one looking for him? Why has he become the one looking for me?

“What’s the matter?” Levi queried curiously.

“Master, I’ve found something shocking! They’ve found the cornerstone divine tools at the Esoteric Guild! However, the energy in the tools is all gone. Those tools are nothing but scrap metals now. The members of the Ecclesiastic Order are sure that the force is none other than the Esoteric Guild. Master, you must have looked into the wrong people. Nevertheless, there really is something fishy about Callahan. I’ve intentionally looked into him, and I guess that he must be a spy for the Esoteric Guild. The Ecclesiastic Order has recently found many spies in their ranks, and many are now dead!” Floyd said in an agitated tone.

The things he was telling Levi were things that Gloria had told Floyd to say.

She knew that Levi would definitely ask Floyd questions—that was inevitable.

Regardless of what Floyd said, his answers would raise Levi’s suspicions.

Furthermore, Levi would easily see through Floyd’s lies.

Without a doubt, Floyd was the one who revealed Callahan’s news.

That was something undeniable no matter what Floyd said.

Furthermore, the time between the revelation of that news and Callahan’s death was too short.

In other words, it was too obvious that Floyd had something to do with the matter.

If Floyd was not Levi’s disciple, Levi would have cut him down instantly.

Floyd was only alive because of Levi’s trust in him.

Still, things would take a turn for the worse for Gloria if Floyd were to slip up.

Thus, Gloria came up with a plan to turn the table by being the party with the initiative.

Instead of waiting for Levi to ask Floyd why his whereabouts were known to others, Floyd would offer the answer to Levi.

Moreover, the Ecclesiastic Order’s recent discovery of the cornerstone divine tools aided Floyd’s situation—it allowed him to initiate the conversation with Levi.

With that, it was highly likely that Levi would believe Floyd’s words.

Even if he was suspicious of Floyd, he was still his disciple. Hence, Levi would have to have a certain amount of trust for the other man.

One had to say that Gloria knew Levi’s team rather well.

She knew that they had utmost trust for each other.

That was why she was capable of coming up with a plan like that.

Still, time was not on her side, and Gloria did not get to explain to Floyd why Callahan was killed.

Floyd was suspicious about that, but the urgency of the situation made him prioritize on calming Levi down first.

“Huh?” A baffled look appeared on Levi’s face when he heard Floyd’s words. “You’ve gone to look into Callahan?”

Floyd nodded. “Yes. Master, you said that the guy’s fishy, so I looked into him instantly. You’re right! He really is the Esoteric Guild’s spy; he’s really someone bad! I can’t believe he tried to call himself my friend from the start.”

Floyd seems confident with his words. It doesn’t seem like he’s acting. Moreover, the witnesses and evidence he found seem logical. It’s just that he thinks Callahan is the Esoteric Guild’s spy. Wait a minute.

Levi frowned, sensing something amiss somewhere.

It feels like Floyd has prepared this speech for me. It feels like it’s meant to explain why others have found out about me keeping an eye on Callahan. Everything’s too coincidental. His explanation and the evidence he found are all meant to explain that.

That was why Levi sensed something off about Floyd’s speech.

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