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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3459

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3459

Coming Closer To The Truth

If Callahan knew that he had been targeted, he might have ended his own life.

He would not have come to the secret location, let alone exposing such an important spot.

Hmm, something is fishy.

Callahan must have only figured out that he had been targeted after arriving at the area.

Levi was irked that he had been too slow. Otherwise, he would have been able to stop Callahan.

Most importantly, it was because he thought someone would come to meet with Callahan here.

The truth was that Gloria was supposed to meet Callahan there.

Levi’s guess was right, and he had done the right thing to wait there.

Unfortunately, he had been discovered.

Levi’s expression drastically changed as realization struck him hard.

He realized that Callahan must not have figured it out himself; someone must have told him about it.

Someone else realized that Levi was targeting Callahan and knew that Levi was already at the secret location.

But how can that be? No one would be able to notice me tailing them. No one in the Ecclesiastic Order and Yartran would be able to do that. If someone like this really exists in the other party, why would they bother hiding their identity? They could have just shown themselves.

From the way they’ve destroyed the evidence, it’s obvious that they’re still scared of me. They don’t have the courage to take me head-on, so they’re pulling tricks in the shadow instead. But how did they find out about me? That’s impossible. No one should be able to notice that I’m tailing them.

When Levi focused on the movement of energy in his surroundings, he sensed no one around him.

That means no one realized I’m here. In other words, someone has found out where I am. But not even Zoey and the others know where I am. I never even got the chance to tell them. Right! Floyd! I was asking Floyd about Callahan’s matter a while back. Floyd’s the only one who knows that I’m keeping an eye on Callahan. Could it be that Floyd has gone to the West Pavilion to look into Callahan and the others after talking to me? That must be how my whereabouts are exposed. It’s because of my trust in someone else. Levi came to a realization.

His first thoughts were not of the worst case scenario.

Levi did not think that Floyd would have revealed his whereabouts willingly.

He was certain that there were other reasons as to why his whereabouts were made known to others.

Sadly, there was no use crying over spilled milk.

Callahan was dead.

The others at the secret location were all dead.

There was no evidence to be found.

Levi could only try his best to piece back whatever bits and pieces were left in hopes that he would be able to find a clue.

It was a disappointing moment.

Levi could find nothing even after a long search.

Callahan had destroyed everything.

He had left Levi with nothing.

I’m still one step behind Callahan.


All of a sudden, a thought popped into Levi’s head, and a puzzled look crossed his face.

That’s not right. Callahan killed himself, right? What kind of power would make Callahan willingly kill himself? He was not lousy, and he was no unimportant pawn. How could he had possibly chosen to kill himself after merely finding out that he had been targeted? Why would he destroy all the evidence and end his life? That’s too extreme. Is the organization harboring a suicide squad?

The more Levi thought about it, the more terrifying it became.

It seems like this force is much scarier than I imagined.

Nevertheless, Levi became even more sure about how that force was the West Pavilion.

As long as he clung to the clue along Callahan, he would be able to find evidence to prove that.

Moreover, Levi had figured out many things from the people Callahan had contacted a while ago.

Perhaps he would be able to find more evidence from them.

However, after a brief analysis, Levi realized that looking into those people would lead to nowhere.

There was nothing in common about them.

Even though Callahan was dead, Levi still laughed.

He was getting closer and closer to the truth.

Soon, he would be able to find the force.

West Pavilion, you can’t run from me!

On the other side, Gloria was relieved to have escaped.

That was a close call! Levi nearly learned about my involvement.

As she lay on the ground, she gasped for fresh air.

That was so dangerous! I was so close to getting caught by Levi!

Frankly, Gloria was already one step too late when she told Callahan about Levi.

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