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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3454

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3454

Where Will You Run To

At that moment, Floyd had just dealt with Callahan at the Heavenly Base.

Needless to say, it was for Gloria’s sake.

Though Callahan announced himself a representative of the West Pavilion during his public appearance, it was Floyd’s careless brag about leaking a fake trail of his whereabouts that roused Levi’s suspicion.

Sure enough, the news soon spread within the Ecclesiastic Order of the incriminating and inseparable relationship between him and Callahan.

Although the Ecclesiastic Order had attempted to identify the source, their frantic search had been in vain.

Having identified a clear target to pursue, Levi’s search had been narrowed down with many things falling into place.

It makes more sense now!

Levi also sent a message to Floyd to ask him about Callahan, which frightened the boy quite a bit.

He did not expect his master to head straight for the West Pavilion, or even having his sights on Callahan, as Floyd was well aware of Callahan’s identity as one of Gloria’s inner circle members.

Initially, Floyd saw Callahan as a romantic rival.

Disillusioned by the fact that Callahan’s strength and status matched Gloria’s, unlike his own, Floyd later took comfort in the fact that Gloria did not reciprocate Callahan’s feelings.

As his master was suddenly on Callahan’s trail, Floyd’s concern about the possibility of Gloria’s implication soon turned into panic.

However, he still told Levi everything he knew and silently prayed that Callahan’s connection with Gloria would not be discovered.

Although the matter had nothing to do with Gloria, Callahan’s confession may expose her and make her appear the common enemy to all the parties involved.

Meanwhile, Gloria was informed that Levi was unaware of the Holy Guild’s investigation of the Esoteric Guild upon emerging from the Corpse Pit.

She found out that he merely had the people from the North Pavilion investigate the matter in a seemingly lost and indecisive move.

Though she found it strange, the fact that the news had happened to chance upon Levi’s ears as opposed to the amount of effort the Holy Guild went through to obtain it further disconcerted Gloria.

Levi would be suspicious enough to deduce that it was a smokescreen designed to divert his attention. By placing herself in the shoes of her nemesis, Gloria was certain of Levi’s shrewdness to see through the scheme at once.

Now that Levi knew I was the one to have deliberately leaked the news to the North Pavilion, he will never take the bait! It’s going to derail my plans if he finds out.

Though she was less afraid of Levi now, Gloria still had no way to deal with him for the time being.

It’s better to avoid a confrontation and lay low for the time being. It would be disastrous to have my development greatly limited to have Levi on the lookout for me.

“I’ll check in with Floyd before deciding further.”

Making up her mind, Gloria then contacted Callahan through their secret channel and informed him that he was not to contact Floyd or any of the rest for the time being. Instead, he was to meet her at a secret location.

As she had already completed her cultivation, she did not intend to allow the continuation of their correspondence.

However, Gloria did not know that Callahan had already attracted Levi’s attention.

Despite the secret means employed to contact Callahan, Levi detected the attempt of somebody from the outside making contact at once.

Sure enough, Callahan dropped everything at hand after hearing from Gloria.

He even left his residence and headed for the secret base, exposing himself without his knowledge in the process.

Callahan’s making a move. He must be meeting the person behind all this.

“Time for us to meet at last, big fish,” Levi muttered with a smile, satisfied by the major discovery he had made.

Soon, Callahan departed the West Pavilion. Despite the haste in which he traveled, he remained cautious throughout the journey by taking the precaution of shaking off any tail he might have.

Levi was too quick and quiet for him. Even Gloria would not find out if Levi had been on her trail.

Still, Callahan arrived at the secret location with surprising speed after leaving the West Pavilion.

Levi smiled grimly as he mirrored his quarry’s pause. “Nowhere to run this time!”

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