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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3445

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3445

Carrying A Baby For Floyd

Although Solocus still was a bit hesitant, he could not deny the fact that the Esoteric Guild had the power and ability to do so.

After all, who would believe that all that had happened was controlled by an anonymous person within the Ecclesiastic Order?

Who could have such an advanced ability?

There had to be a much stronger force behind everything.

If that was the case, everything could be explained.

That would also mean that there were spies from the Esoteric Guild within the Ecclesiastic Order.

The crowd seemed to follow the same train of thought. “Of course, they must have spies within the Ecclesiastic Order! If not, they couldn’t have carried out their schemes either!”

“Their target must have been to turn those within the Ecclesiastic Order against each other. They must have been surprised when we united with each other instead.”

“Now all they can do is trigger our animosity against Levi so that our two parties could fight each other till we used up the last bit of our energy. That way, they can reap the benefits without having to do anything at all!”

“That’s what happened to North Pavilion…”

At that moment, everyone was sure that the next step would be to uncover the spies from the Esoteric Guild within the Ecclesiastic Order.

The elder of East Pavilion spoke up, “According to my deductions, they were the ones who took the Top Ten and the cornerstone divine tools.”

“What about the Three Sages of North Pavilion? Why would the Esoteric Guild be after them?” Someone pointed out.

“It has to be so that they could uncover the various secrets of the cornerstone divine tools of North Pavilion! Remember, the Three Sages of North Pavilion knows all of the secrets of the Ecclesiastic Order!”

“If that’s the case, does that mean we would find the bodies of the Three Sages with the Esoteric Guild?”

Upon reaching that conclusion, Solocus immediately barked an order. “Send people to search the Esoteric Guild! See if we can find the bodies of the Three Sages of North Pavilion!”

He proceeded to announce, “Our target has now changed! I want half of us to start investigating the Esoteric Guild!”

No one could have expected the Holy Guild to change their targets so quickly.

Everything was going according to Gloria’s plan.

She was the one that hired the shadow guards.

Even though the shadow guards could not be controlled, they abide by a strict set of unwavering principles. As long as one gave them what they wanted, they would do whatever he or she wished for.

Gloria had purposefully requested them to reveal such a piece of information to the Holy Guild so that the Holy Guild would turn their focus onto the Esoteric Guild.

After that, she left a trail of clues.

She then proceeded to meet up personally with different individuals from different factions within the Ecclesiastic Order.

All those she had met up with were people she had complete control over.

Gloria had used the same technique she used on Floyd on the rest of them. She had managed to sweep them off their feet, making each and every one of them drunk on their feelings for her.

As long as Gloria said the word, all of them were willing to die for her.

“This is the time I need your help… Of course, you don’t have to help me. I can’t ask someone else for help.”

Gloria repeated almost the same thing to all of them.

She did not try to hide what she wanted them to do either. Instead, she let them know that she wanted them to be her scapegoats without beating around the bush.

Nevertheless, those men took Gloria’s honesty as sincerity and agreed to it without a second thought.

Whatever it was that Gloria asked them to do, they would do it.

Those men were all carefully selected by Gloria. All of them were head over heels for her and wrapped around her finger.

Not a single one of them was less than Floyd.

In fact, there would be no doubt that they would still stand by Gloria’s side after finding out what she was about to do.

Undeniably, Gloria was terrifying.

Even though she was not a figure of authority, she had so many people at her disposal.

Not only so, Gloria also knew that the intelligence department of North Pavilion was working for Levi.

“Perfect. Let me give Levi some information as well!” Gloria sneered.

Within a short period of two to three days, Gloria had arranged everything according to her plan.

“With everything I’ve planned, it should be enough to keep both Levi and the Holy Guild busy for the time being!” Gloria thought out loud.

“Enough time for my spiritual bone transplant!”

With a smirk, she concluded her plans. “Now all that I have to do is to deal with Floyd!”

Gloria took a risk and went to see Floyd.

By making it seem as though she was taking a huge risk just to see him, Gloria gave him the illusion that she cared for him. That way, Floyd’s dependence on Gloria increased.

Her actions managed to capture his heart even more than before.

“After all of this Floyd, I’ll carry a baby for you!”

Before Gloria left, she tossed Floyd one last sentence, locking his alliance to herself.

Not surprisingly, Floyd began to get excited about the future.

Yet at the same time, he felt more and more guilty.

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