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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3443

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3443

When Did Floyd Learn The Technique

A terrifying thought popped up in his mind, shocking even Floyd himself.

“What am I doing? How dare I suspect Gloria?” Floyd chided himself.

However, he could not stop wondering about it. Even though so many people practised the technique, none of them lost themselves.

Why is Gloria only the one who faced difficulties? She’s even stronger than them! How could she have lost herself?

Furthermore, her cultivation techniques aren’t too extreme. They’re the same as mine. But I didn’t lose myself, so how could she have?

Gloria even said that the technique was overpowering and that anyone who practised it would lose themselves. But I cultivated it earlier. How is it overpowering? Not at all! Though the speed at which I absorbed the spiritual energy was overpowering… Is it Gloria’s own problem or is she lying to me?

Even though Floyd tried his best not to suspect Gloria, that thought kept surfacing in his mind. He could not control himself at all.

Did Gloria want to practise this technique secretly but was afraid that I’ll be suspicious? Is that why she pretended to lose herself, so I will think that only Forlevia can practise such an overpowering technique? In that case, I won’t suspect that Gloria’s practising it too!

In fact, Gloria might be the one who made me suspect that Master’s keeping it to himself and that Forlevia’s technique is the Art of Consumption.

Her goal was to get her hands on Forlevia’s technique! If that’s true, she would’ve reached her goal. Right from the start, all she wanted was Forlevia’s technique. Losing herself was just an act! Even I was intimidated. I even believed that only Forlevia could practise it.

The more Floyd wanted to dispel these thoughts, the more he thought about it.

He felt like he was going crazy.

I must not suspect Gloria! She’s my woman! How can I suspect her? Are you even a decent person, Floyd?

Floyd kept chiding himself. However, those thoughts kept encircling his mind.

He was about to fall into despair. The more he thought about it, the more likely it was that Gloria had deceived him.

Hence, he started to find evidence to disprove his thoughts.

Oh, right! If Gloria really practised Forlevia’s technique, her powers would have reached a peak after such a long time. I’ve been meeting her every day. Even though she is becoming stronger, the level of her powers is still quite standard. Also, when Gloria lost herself that day, it seemed quite real. She won’t lie to me.

Could it be that people from the Ecclesiastic Order cannot practise it? After all, they’ve been cultivating different techniques right from the start. Since they have different dispositions too, they can’t practise the technique. On the other hand, Zoey and the rest could. This must be it!

Furthermore, his understanding of Gloria was that she was a very direct person. If she wanted to practise Forlevia’s technique, she would tell him honestly instead of playing all these tricks.

After undergoing the intense mental struggle, Floyd finally convinced himself.

“Gloria treats me so well! I have no right to suspect her! Instead, I should be the one defending her when everyone’s suspecting her!” Floyd criticized himself harshly.

After tossing those thoughts aside, Floyd started cultivating. After practising Forlevia’s technique, he had discovered a whole new world.

He could become stronger and catch up with Gloria. At the same time, he could help his master and take revenge for Azure Dragon and the rest.

It was a pity that he had not discovered this beforehand. If he had practised the technique earlier, his powers would have reached unknown heights by now.

Hence, Floyd frantically cultivated Forlevia’s technique.

When he was in the middle of cultivating, a voice sounded. “When did you learn Forlevia’s technique?”

That voice scared the wits out of Floyd.


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