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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3439

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3439

Someone Is Controlling The Cetus Clan

After all, she already had the skill. Once she had the actual power, even if she couldn’t defeat Levi, she could still manage to get away.

Then she could slowly work on making herself stronger once she got away.

The Bone Grandmaster chuckled. “Another good thing is that you won’t have to waste any time getting used to the devourer spiritual bone. After all, the only way to get used to it is simply to devour!”

Gloria’s eyes lit up at those words.

That sounds too good to be true!

Most of the time, one had to really take time to get used to a spiritual bone.

After all, it was from an external source.

The time varied from individual to individual, and some people managed to get used to it in a few days, while others never got used to it even across a few years.

Still, Gloria hadn’t expected that the devourer spiritual bone would be this efficient.

Devour to get used to it? That’s exactly what I want!

That meant she wouldn’t have to waste any time getting used to it.

God must be on my side! Hahaha! Gloria laughed maniacally.

Even though some things had begun to go wrong on her side, she was still succeeding overall.

Lose the battle, win the war, as they say.

“You must get ready soon. We will start transferring the spiritual bone in three days!” the Bone Grandmaster said.

Gloria left the Corpse Pit and begun her preparations.

Transferring the spiritual bone might be a long process, so she had to take care of everything else first.

If her identity got exposed while she was getting the bone transferred, things would be ruined for her.

When she returned to West Pavilion, she got wind of the Holy Guild beginning their thorough investigations.

They were doing a huge sweep across the grid and were determined not to leave anything out.

Gloria couldn’t help but chuckle at another thought.

There was something else that could come of this.

Both Levi and the Holy Guild assumed that the culprit was a huge force behind the Ecclesiastic Order.

They had also assumed that it was made up of many people, when in actual fact she was the only mastermind behind everything.

Her ‘helpers’ were simply men that had fallen under her charm.

None of them knew exactly what she had been doing. After all, they didn’t know what her plan was.

All they thought was that they had helped Gloria with a small, insignificant task.

Her trail was swept clean, and she had taken care of anyone else who might have been a clue.

Now that Levi and the Holy Guild were looking into the Ecclesiastic Order, they were definitely looking for more than one person.

On the contrary, that would only serve to distract them and split their attention elsewhere.

That helped Gloria to relax a bit.

“You guys will never see it coming! How many people do you even expect? It’s just me, myself, and I!” she snickered coldly.

Despite that, she still had to distract Levi.

The best distraction would be the Cetus clan.

She had already sent people to look for them.

If they were found, then she would inform Levi.

To him, getting revenge for the Azure Dragon would definitely rank first above everything.

Sadly, the people she sent after them returned with no findings.

It was as if the Cetus clan had disappeared into thin air.

Even the almighty Gerton couldn’t find anything about the Cetus clan.

“Why hasn’t there been any news about the Cetus clan? That’s not like them at all!” Gloria muttered to herself. “No matter how strong Levi gets, it’s not their style to back down so easily, much less disappear. That’s literally the last thing they would do. They wouldn’t be so easily defeated, which is why they’ve been against the Ecclesiastic Order for so long. Why would they be afraid of Levi if that was the case?”

Gloria frowned in confusion.

She just couldn’t figure out why exactly had they disappeared.

“Why do I feel like someone’s controlling them?” she mused out loud.

She was taken aback by her own guess.

How could it be? They didn’t even care about the Ecclesiastic Order at their peak!

Well, I suppose that was back then, before the unification. Who would be able to control them in their current state?

Gloria still prayed that she would find them eventually.

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