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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3438

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3438

Three Days Until The Devourer Spiritual Bone Is Complete

Things were beginning to look extremely dangerous for Gloria.

Both Levi and the Holy Guild were looking into the case, which meant her means of escape were getting slimmer and slimmer.

She had to use Floyd even more carefully now.

The most she could do was get information out of him. She could no longer get him to do anything important, or else Levi would find out.

After Levi’s most recent plans got exposed, he would definitely become more cautious.

He would certainly begin paying close attention to those around him, too.

The number one thing that Gloria had to do was improve her skillset. Only then could she truly protect herself.

She had to complete the devourer spiritual bone as soon as possible.

She didn’t have any way to aggravate things between Levi and the Ecclesiastic Order any more, since both sides already knew about her plan.

If she were to actually put it into action, she wouldn’t fool anyone. Worst comes to worst, she would only expose herself.

Another bad thing would be that Levi and the Ecclesiastic Order would both stop their fight and begin investigating her with full force.

By then, no one would be distracting Levi, which meant that she would really be in deep trouble.

What about the Cetus clan? If they were here, they would be able to distract Levi.

But after they had disappeared, she couldn’t find even a trace that they had ever existed.

After getting through the Holy Guild’s investigations, Gloria immediately returned to the Corpse Pit.

She wanted to see how the Bone Grandmaster was doing.

The Top Ten were practically on their last leg and were breathing heavily.

They were but empty shells as of that moment. Their souls had already been taken away.

When Gloria appeared, they hadn’t reacted at all or shown any trace of human emotion.

That was just happened when one’s heart died.

They didn’t care about anything anymore.

There was a saying that someone could die long before their lives truly ended.

This must have been the case.

After all, they couldn’t even bat an eyelash when Gloria, who had once been their greatest fear, was in front of them.

As of now, though, Gloria was no longer their greatest fear.

They didn’t even feel fear anymore.

Gloria wasn’t interested in looking at them anyway.

However, Sonja and the others could clearly see that she was worried.

Gloria hadn’t been like this in a long time, and her change in attitude must have meant that something happened.

The most obvious thing that might have happened was that Levi had discovered her.

At the very least, he must have had an idea that she existed.

“Haha! Levi’s right on your tail, isn’t he? You look so worried! Stop trying to run! He’ll find you eventually,” Sonja chuckled.

Her words pierced through Gloria like a knife.

She wasn’t simply worried about Levi now that the Holy Guild was added to the mix.

She was stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Gloria rained down a series of slaps across Sonja’s face.

“Btch! Whre! Slut!”

Along with the slaps, Gloria continuously hurled insults at Sonja in an attempt to get rid of her frustration.

Sonja was bleeding profusely, but her smile remained bright. “That’s all you can do, isn’t it? The more you hit me, the more scared you are! Let me guess how far Levi and the others have gotten. You’ve probably exposed yourself one way or another, right? Even the Ecclesiastic Order must have gotten a whiff of whatever you’re doing!”

Sonja’s words were like adding fuel to Gloria’s burning rage.

More importantly, she was right.

All Gloria could do was say coldly, “So what? Once I succeed, none of them will be able to hold a candle to me. Just wait for it. I will succeed before Levi finds out it’s me!”

Gloria stopped paying attention to Sonja and the others and approached the Bone Grandmaster to see how things were going.

“Three days! It’ll be done in three days. It would have taken a few months originally, but luckily enough, this kid’s spiritual bone is already a devourer. It’s much faster with that base,” the Bone Grandmaster said.

“Very well!” Gloria exclaimed excitedly.

She thought she would have to wait for another fortnight at least, but now she only had to wait for three days.

To her, time was more precious than gold right now.

She might blow her cover at any moment.

As long as she had her full potential before she was exposed, then she had nothing to be afraid of.

She didn’t even have to be on the same level as Levi now.

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