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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3437

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3437

The Exact Same Excuse

Things just kept coming up for her to worry about.

She didn’t even know if Floyd had exposed them yet. Either way, those whom they had been in contact with from Yartran had already been targeted.

Even though she had done her best to foresee what might happen and had originally arranged for those people to be killed, Levi was still too fast for her overall plan to succeed.

There wasn’t anything else she could do but personally go after and kill all of those people.

If she had allowed the original plan to move forward, Levi would definitely have caught them in the act.

Just like that, her plan was foiled.

If she hadn’t been as skilled as she was, Levi would have caught her red-handed.

She continued hiding in West Pavilion and she had a feeling that Levi had definitely come to look for her.

Luckily enough, those six people and whoever else she needed to kill were all close to West Pavilion. She was also lucky that she was familiar with the place, or else she would have been found out.

“What? How are the Holy Guild so fast? Are they already looking through the name lists?” Gloria said, panicked.

She hadn’t imagined that the Holy Guild would be so fast as well.

If her name appeared in that name list, she might end up being part of the investigation.

That’s why she had to make sure her name would never be enlisted.

It came as an easy task for her, seeing as West Pavilion was in the palm of her very hand.

All she needed to do was get some of them to make up an alibi for her and become eyewitnesses that she had been in West Pavilion the whole time.

Gloria quickly arranged for all of that to happen while she herself focused on escaping.

She panted loudly, completely worn out.

Who would have guessed that one small mistake would have brought on such a huge change of plans?

She had almost blown her cover.

“I wonder how Floyd is doing?”

Coincidentally, she received news from Floyd.

Gloria had already said that she wanted to meet Floyd, and they had come up with their own special means of communication.

Floyd told Gloria everything that had happened and she broke out in cold sweat just thinking about it.

I almost exposed everything! Wait, but doesn’t that mean that even Floyd suspects me now?

Apart from those who Levi trusted, only she knew about his plans.

“Relax, Gloria. You have nothing to do with this. I’ll get to the bottom of it and find out who exactly leaked his plans,” Floyd said.

Gloria thought about it and came clean. “To tell you the truth, Floyd, I was the one who leaked them.”

“What are you talking about?” Floyd said in surprise.

“I wanted to protect Master! That’s why I leaked it. Someone told me about the plans to kill Master and all of you. Both the Ecclesiastic Order and Yartran were coming after you. But I refuted by saying that Master wouldn’t be afraid, and that he was already planning to get rid of those from Yartran. I’m sorry! This is all my fault.”

Floyd frowned in recognition. That sounds like what I said! But now Gloria is saying the exact same thing.

He believed her without a second thought.

Besides, it was a solid reason.

He was also in firm belief that Gloria wasn’t someone with ill intentions.

Floyd immediately consoled her. “Oh, I see! Don’t worry, Gloria. Just be a little more careful next time. It didn’t end up hurting us anyway.”

Gloria had Floyd wrapped around her finger.

As long as she ‘admitted’ to it, Floyd wouldn’t suspect her. If he didn’t suspect her, then he wouldn’t do any investigating of his own.

“Floyd, things are going to get really dangerous after this. The Ecclesiastic Order is almost completely unified and I’m afraid they would start assassinating others. I’ll be on all ears. Let’s communicate at least once a day, and I’ll tell you whatever is happening on my side.”

“Got it!” Floyd replied enthusiastically.

Back at the Holy Guild, they had already come up with a realization after investigating the corpses.

They began searching far and wide.

Solocus smirked after hearing the results. “It has to be someone from the inside! We have to find this person as soon as possible. They’re most likely also behind the time that shadow guards kidnapped the Three Sages. Some of you will go contact the shadow guards and see who they’ve been in cahoots with recently.”

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