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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3436

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3436

It Has To Be The West Pavilion

“Still, we can’t forget that possibility. If the others simply took a risk, it isn’t impossible that they could have done it,” the other North Pavilion members mused.

Levi chuckled.

After his multi-faceted observations, he had deduced that the people who had done this must have been members from all around the Ecclesiastic Order.

They must have had to have enough information from all sides before they could have controlled the situation as they had.

However, whoever had done this must have been extremely careful and wouldn’t have barged into things blindly, much less taken such a risk.

That’s why he was sure that the murderers must have been from the West Pavilion.

The person in charge behind the scenes must have been from the West Pavilion as well.

Without another word, Levi arrived silently at the West Pavilion.

He wanted to see exactly who in West Pavilion was the culprit.

Weirdly enough, however, the West Pavilion was perfectly normal.

Even after half a day’s worth of searching, he couldn’t find anything.

“Something is definitely up.”

The West Pavilion was the nearest place they could have gone after killing all these people, so it was only common sense that those murderers come here to hide.

But things shouldn’t have been so peaceful. How could they have left absolutely zero clues?

That was where things were starting to go wrong.

After all, it had only been a matter of time before Levi came after them. They shouldn’t have been able to get rid of the evidence so soon.

All that only meant one thing: that these people originally belonged to the West Pavilion.

The brains of the operation had to be here as well to ensure that nothing was found when Levi came to investigate.

If they had simply run here all willy-nilly just to hide, he definitely would have found something.

Of course, there was another possibility.

Only one person had been behind every single one of those murders, and had singlehandedly murdered more than hundreds of people.

This person has to be extremely skilled in order to kill so many people so quickly!

That would also explain why the murderer in question would have been faster than Levi.

It also proved to be easier to hide if the murderer was alone.

Apart from that, the people who had been murdered weren’t weak either.

If the Ecclesiastic Order had sent out a lot of people after those informants, the fight that ensued would have been sure to leave a scene behind.

From what Levi had observed, those people had been killed instantly. There were no signs of any proper scuffle or fight.

Now, he had finally come to the conclusion that only one person had killed all of those people.

When Levi returned, he warned the others, “Keep a close eye on the West Pavilion. I will need all of you to investigate them. Go undercover and find out who was most likely to have done all this and give me a name list.”

Some people from the North Pavilion chuckled.

“We just heard that the Holy Guild suddenly laid down an order for all of the groups to return to their base and wait for orders. No one was allowed to leave, but word got out that those from the West Pavilion still did. We’re still finding out the exact names. The decision was very rushed and caught everybody by surprise. Even the Holy Guild will have to investigate now that so many people were killed.”

Levi himself chuckled at the news.

“Haha! I bet whoever was behind this never imagined that they would expose themselves to this extent all of a sudden!”

He really had to thank whoever leaked his plans. Now, they had a bunch of clues on hand.

By revealing his plans, it caused the enemy to make mistake after mistake and leave behind many clues as a result.

By now, Levi was almost one hundred percent sure that it was the West Pavilion behind all this.

It must have been some elite from the West Pavilion.

In order to kill so many people before Levi got there, the elite had to be extremely talented, which meant he had to be within the top ranks of the West Pavilion.

They were most likely of the same level as the Three Sages.

Just like that, Levi had a rough idea of the culprit.

Despite that, he was afraid that there might be some extremely skilled nobodies who were simply staying hidden.

They could have been extremely powerful, but Levi wouldn’t have known of their existence.

However, if they could find out who had left the West Pavilion within this time period, they had more hope.

“What do we do with these corpses?” someone from the North Pavilion asked.

“I’m assuming that the Holy Guild is already aware of these culprits. Now that they’ve exposed themselves, we should just send these to the Holy Guild so that they can investigate. I don’t want to give the people behind this anywhere to run,” Levi replied.

As of that moment, Gloria was in the West Pavilion.

She was the one who had killed all of those people.

“Phew! They nearly found me. Levi really is quick on his feet!”

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