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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3435

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3435

What Do You Mean By A Dead End

To be fair, it was also thanks to Gloria’s intelligence.

If she hadn’t ‘given’ herself to Floyd, he wouldn’t have wrung his brains out trying to come up with a plan to protect her.

Even if he had to suffer all the blame, he certainly wouldn’t have allowed Gloria to be dragged in.

After all, she was the most important person to him, even more than Levi.

If Gloria hadn’t wholeheartedly given herself to Floyd, he might have been able to think more calmly and might even have suspected her or exposed her.

Even Gloria herself hadn’t imagined that dating Floyd would bring such benefits.

Before this, Floyd had still leaned more toward Levi’s side.

Even now, he was beginning to suspect Gloria.

If this had happened earlier, he would probably have said it out loud and might even have gone to investigate himself.

“Everyone should be more careful from now on. In the case that the enemy attacks when I’m not around, you guys really have to take care of yourselves. The best thing to do would be to hide in the underground bunker. That’s our wild card, so you guys shouldn’t tell anyone about it,” Levi reminded seriously.

The moment he said that, Floyd felt his heart drop into his stomach.

He had already told Gloria about it a long time ago.

Luckily enough, Gloria was one of their own, so it didn’t matter.

I should probably deal with all this quickly so that Gloria can meet Master and the others soon, Floyd thought to himself.

He did have one question in mind, though. Who leaked Master’s plans out? It can’t have been Gloria!

That was something he was definitely sure of.

Just like how Levi trusted him wholeheartedly, Floyd trusted Gloria the same.

Suspecting her wasn’t even an option.

“Next, I’ll need you all to minimize contact with the Ecclesiastic Order. After all, they’re about to attack us,” Levi continued.

He arrived at North Pavilion once more after leaving the base.

Their investigation team had already gotten him the information he was looking for.

“Okay. Show me what you’ve found.”

Levi set out again right after returning to North Pavilion.

“Huh? They’re all dead!”

The whole team was in shock when they found their first informant.

Everyone who had anything to do with them had also been killed, and whoever did it made sure to leave no survivors.

Soon enough, they found their second informant in the same condition.

Everyone who had any relations to them were dead.

The third, fourth, and all the other concurrent ones had suffered the same fate.

Everyone they were looking for had been killed, and so were everybody that those people had any connections with.

There were simply no clues left for them.

“We came too late. Now we’re at a dead-end!” Those from the North Pavilion lamented.

Levi chuckled. “What do you mean by a dead end?”


The rest of them all looked at him in confusion.

What does he mean?

“From the looks of it, they only just finished killing this batch of people. They haven’t even gotten rid of the bodies yet! They only managed to beat us by a little bit,” Levi said.

The other people of the North Pavilion couldn’t help but say, “So you mean the killers are right around us? They can’t have been so fast otherwise, right?”

“Exactly! It has to be the Ecclesiastic Order. Only they are close enough to finish the job this quickly and get away before we arrived. More importantly, they actually know these people,” Levi pointed out.

Every single circumstance was pointing toward the Ecclesiastic Order.

Levi continued, “Think about all of the crime scenes and string them together. Based on that, which unit of the Ecclesiastic Order is the nearest?”

The North Pavilion team immediately began searching.

Soon enough, they had an answer. “Based on the location wherein these people got murdered, the nearest unit of the Ecclesiastic Order can only be the West Pavilion. Even though most of the Ecclesiastic Order are gathered, those in the West Pavilion are still there. Only the elites of the West Pavilion could have been fast enough to kill all these people. It would have been very hard for anywhere else to pull off this feat.”

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