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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3434

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3434

Floyd Is Lying

That stare pierced right through Floyd and he felt as if his entire soul was being bared.

He began to break out in cold sweat from his fear and panic.

Is he suspecting me of something?

More importantly, Floyd certainly had some skeletons in his closet!

“Floyd, if you don’t mind me asking, do you have any outside sources from which you get your information? It’s just that you always managed to get some of the most crucial information about the Ecclesiastic Order, including the Bonemaster’s name list. I just wanted to know where you get that from,” Levi asked.

Floyd felt his fingertips begin to freeze up in fear.

His heartbeat was so loud that he could hear his blood rushing in his ears.

Levi never asked because he had always assumed that Floyd was simply talented in this aspect.

But now that such things were happening, he couldn’t help but wonder if Floyd was being used.

That’s why he wanted to know how Floyd was getting his information from people in the Ecclesiastic Order.

What do I do? What do I do? All of this information is from Gloria! If they continue investigating, she’ll get in trouble!

In fact, this is probably going to be super easy to find out. As long as Levi is involved, nothing will escape his hands! If they find out that it’s Gloria, things will get even worse!

If they found out it was Gloria who had been giving Floyd information, then all of them would begin treating her like the enemy.

What do I do? Do I expose that it was her? Should I expose the both of us? If I tell them about our relationship, I might be able to dodge a bullet for now, but Master will definitely start looking deeper into it. If that happens, everyone’s going to think Gloria is using me.

Floyd was stuck in his panicked thoughts, coming up with all the worst possible scenarios.

He wanted nothing more than for everyone to accept Gloria as part of the family.

However, that would never happen with the current state between them and the Ecclesiastic Order.

What should I do?

“So? What happened?”

The longer he stayed silent, the more everyone began to stare at him.

There’s definitely something wrong with him.

“Wait! I remember!” Floyd suddenly announced loudly.

“I met some members of the Ecclesiastic Order when I went out one day. I couldn’t hold myself back from bragging to them!”

Everyone looked at him in confusion. “What?”

“A lot of them recognized me when I tried to get information from them. They even said we were in danger, but they wouldn’t say how. They also said Yartran was a difficult opponent and that death was certainly in our near future. After that, I began to brag about how you were invincible and that we weren’t afraid of them! That we would get rid of the Ecclesiastic Order and Yartran in the same breath!

“At first they didn’t believe me, but then I accidentally blurted out that you were going to destroy Yartran. Those friends of mine wouldn’t have said anything, so it must have been overheard by someone else!”

Even Floyd himself was taken aback by how quickly he had reacted.

His excuse wasn’t completely foolproof, and the rest of them would certainly still suspect him.

However, most importantly, he had managed to place their suspicions back on him.

They might suspect him, but since even he had admitted that it was his fault, it wasn’t much use.

Floyd was marveling at his own random excuse.

They could suspect him, but it wasn’t bad enough for their suspicions to be useful.

After all, he had already admitted it!

“I’m sorry! It’s all my fault that your plans got leaked!” Floyd said apologetically.

“I shouldn’t have been so arrogant. I never cared much about the Ecclesiastic Order anyway and I always ended up saying too much because it wasn’t like we had anything to be afraid of,” Floyd continued.

“It’s alright! At least now we know what happened,” Levi replied.

Even though Floyd had been acting weirdly recently, Levi still wouldn’t suspect him.

He wouldn’t suspect anyone whom he trusted enough to have around him in the first place.

Levi knew none of them would betray him, and he believed that wholeheartedly.

That’s why he didn’t think too much of it.

His first guess had been something around those lines, anyway.

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