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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3433

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3433

Who Have You Met

All the others described willingly what they had done and who they had met while away from the base in detail.

On the contrary, Floyd was becoming more anxious as time went by.

Nevertheless, he got a grip of himself and pretended to be pondering something. No way! I can’t let them sense anything! Floyd Irving, you must stay nonchalant as ever, by hook or by crook!

At the same time, it was as though all the others’ eyes were on him. He kept his head down while deep in thought.

Moments later, all the other twenty persons stepping forward had provided the relevant details as requested, except Floyd.

Based on their descriptions, it could be concluded that they did not reveal the information to anyone else. There was even concrete evidence to prove that they were being truthful.

Since none of them had anything to do with the exposure of Levi’s whereabouts, Floyd was the only one left. In other words, he should be the one exposing the latter’s whereabouts.

At that moment, everyone had their eyes on Floyd. No words could describe how tensed Floyd was at that very moment. Must I reveal Gloria’s name? No way! I shouldn’t expose her now! Once I mention her name, Master and the others will surely draw speculation that she’s the culprit!

Floyd made up his mind that he would not reveal Gloria’s name, despite being in a dilemma.

Wait a minute! Something is not right! Look at the current situation! Oh no! I’ll be doomed! All of a sudden, Floyd could not help wailing inwardly when something occurred to him.

All the others had explained in detail with valid reasons and traceable information. Thus, none of them had the possibility of revealing Levi’s whereabouts.

So does it mean I’m the only one suspicious? Of course, I won’t betray Master by exposing his whereabouts to anyone! I’d only told Gloria about it earlier! Could it be her? A petrifying idea flashed across his mind.

Hmm! Gloria’s the only outsider who knew about this. Thus, there’s a high possibility for her to expose it to others! Huh? At the thought, cold sweat broke out from every pore of his body. No way! How can I be suspicious of Gloria? Floyd Irving, you sc*mbag! How could you suspect her even after she willingly gave herself to you? Anyone else could have exposed the information, but Gloria will never do so! She couldn’t be the one! It will never happen! How could you suspect her? Have you gone nuts? Didn’t you swear that you won’t be suspicious of her anymore? How’s it possible that she’d done that?

At the moment, he reverenced Gloria as though she was a deity descending from heaven. Thus, he should not have any doubt about her. To him, he must never hurt her feelings by doing so.

Subsequently, he talked himself into putting any doubts about Gloria out of his mind. It’s impossible! She’s my woman! How could she be the one?

“Floyd?” Levi’s authoritative voice sounded abruptly, breaking his reverie.

Astounded, he responded instinctively, “Ah! Master!”

Right that instant, everyone kept their eyes glued to Floyd. Apparently, he was the only potential suspect left.

Levi was convinced that the others could not be the ones exposing his whereabouts. Among those who had stepped out of the base earlier, Floyd was the only one with whom he had not questioned anything. Who could it be if he’s not the one?

“Floyd, spit it out! Who had you met after stepping out of the base? Think carefully so you won’t leave out anyone. Don’t forget to explain what you had done too. Tell me everything!” Levi demanded.

First, Floyd elucidated his purpose of stepping out of the base. He was mainly probing into the Ecclesiastic Order’s current activities. He even roughly mentioned what Gloria had notified him earlier. Everything sounded fine, and Levi did not sense anything suspicious.

“Then who did you mainly meet?” Levi questioned further.

“Hmm… I’ve met…” Floyd enunciated the names of a few friends he used to know from the Ecclesiastic Order. In fact, many others knew them too.

Even Azure Dragon and the others used to be closely acquainted with them earlier too.

Gazing at Floyd, Levi asked sternly, “That’s all? Is there anyone else?”

He could not fathom why his gut instinct told him something was amiss. It seemed Floyd had left something out.

Meanwhile, Floyd talked himself into being extra mindful. I must be extra careful so as not to give myself away! If not, the others would see through me soon!

At the sight of Levi looking intently at him, Floyd mustered up his courage and replied resolutely, “Nobody else!”

“If that’s the case, I don’t think anyone among us had leaked the information!” Zoey commented matter-of-factly.

However, Levi still stared at Floyd with his penetrative gaze.

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