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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3428

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3428


In the past, Floyd was the one who went to visit Gloria.

That was why he was excited when she started visiting him on her own. So this is what having a girlfriend is like.

“Master is not at North Pavilion right now. He’s currently in Yartran!” Floyd, of course, didn’t know what Gloria was scheming and told her that.

Gloria acted worried. “He’s going to Yartran? Won’t he be in danger?”

“I don’t think so. Maybe he might’ve even destroyed Yartran!”

Her eyebrows were tightly furrowed. I’m not sure why he’s there right now. Is he enacting his revenge? Or is he actually there to find out who contacted Yartran? I need to know which it is now! It’ll be bad if he finds out who contacted them. Sure, I was extremely careful, and I did hide the identities of the people I sent, but I’m not sure if that’s enough to cover my tracks. Yartran is pretty powerful, after all. Even if I’m not exposed, what if they found a lead that connects to me?

“That’s fine! I’m visiting you because I want to tell you what’s the current status of the Ecclesiastic Order…” She proceeded to tell him what the order had done so far.

Floyd nodded. “Got it! Right now, what they’re doing hasn’t affected us, so I won’t let Master know about it for the time being. I know what to do!”

After bidding her goodbyes, she left.

“Since Levi’s not here right now, this means North Pavilion is unguarded! It’s the best chance to attack them right now!” She smiled.

What happened next was her letting the Ecclesiastic Order know about the news before she went to do something else.

Upon receiving the news that Levi wasn’t at North Pavillion, the Ecclesiastic Order made their move immediately.

“Quick! We need to wrap this battle up as soon as possible! Take down North Pavillion now!”

As insurance, the Ecclesiastic Order swiftly sent out elites to assault North Pavilion to take them down quickly.

Thousands of elites promptly arrived in front of the North Pavilion.

“Attack!” The elites charged forward.

The few hundred elites at the front looked excited because they thought North Pavillion was screwed.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They didn’t expect to be blown into bloody mist the moment they got close to North Pavilion.

It scared the thousands of elites behind and stopped their advance.

Levi’s voice rang out. “You lot think you can cause a mess here just because I was gone? Foolishness! Now, die!”

The crowd was terrified. “Run! He’s back!”

In an instant, thousands of elites from the Ecclesiastic Order escaped as quickly as possible.

They disappeared in an instant.

“A bunch of cowards!” Levi shouted. I can’t believe I have to deal with this the moment I come back. Hmm? Wait, this doesn’t make sense! The Ecclesiastic Order definitely only attacked because they knew I was going to Yartran! They wanted to take down North Pavillion before I returned. In that case, who leaked out the news that I went to Yartran?

It must be that hidden mastermind! They must’ve told the Ecclesiastic Order where I was going to, which was why the Ecclesiastic Order attacked! Isn’t this mastermind a little too powerful? There shouldn’t be anyone else but my people who know about this. From what I analyzed last time, I can tell this mastermind knows everything about me and everything related to me.

The fact that they know about my visit to Yartran can only mean one thing — they had planted a spy by my side. How else could they know so much about me? Still, how is it possible? As powerful as they may be, it’s impossible they can know everything about me. Well, it’s next to impossible in this case. Maybe one of my people did it? No way! I know for sure there aren’t any traitors by my side!

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