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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3425

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3425

Highest Level Of Danger

Levi stared at the barrier and raised his punch.

That punch looked like an ordinary punch from an average person.

It didn’t cause the earth to shake or spell the doom of the world.

The planet wasn’t trembling because it couldn’t handle the sheer power of the punch.

There was no sound coming from heaven or earth.

The citizens of Yartran definitely didn’t feel the crushing pressure and melting heat from earlier.

Even Eternal didn’t detect any danger.

That punch was shot out like a bullet made of feathers.

It looked like a joke, so much so that it shocked the crowd. That’s it? Is it possible? Is Levi joking right now?

No one knew that was Levi’s most powerful attack.

All the energy he could gather was concentrated on a single explosive point.

On the surface, the punch looked normal, but Levi had actually compressed all his energy into it.

The crowd simply couldn’t see it.

They were taken aback earlier because they thought Levi was going to throw another apocalyptic punch.

Upon seeing that ordinary punch, however, they let out a sigh of relief.

How powerful could that punch be? That was what they thought.

It couldn’t take down the barrier. No way.


Levi’s seemingly soft punch made contact with the barrier swiftly.

Right as the crowd was about to mock Levi, Eternal suddenly sounded all the alarms.

“Danger! Danger! Highest level of danger detected!”

Only then did Eternal detected danger, but it was too late.

The energy Levi compressed into his punch exploded in an instant.


Out of nowhere, the mountains began to shake, and the ground cracked before shattering.

It was as though the planet was experiencing a seizure as a buzzing sound was heard in the sky.


Yartran’s balance was once again fractured.

A crazy amount of energy and pressure rushed through the entirety of the country.

It was the single greatest destruction Yartran had ever faced.

Even the very land the citizens stood on was torn into pieces. Cracks could be seen everywhere, as though the earth was swallowing everything on the surface.

That baffling display of power terrified everyone.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

In an instant, the damage the barrier received soared rapidly while its energy was dropped.

All of that happened in a blink of an eye.


Yartran’s greatest fear had been realized.

A crack was formed on the barrier.

Eternal detected that the punch took out one hundred and twenty percent of the barrier’s total energy.

It was enough to destroy the barrier completely.

The barrier was shattered without delay.




Once Levi’s punch cracked one spot, it caused a domino effect that led to the entire barrier coming down.

The citizens of Yartran couldn’t believe there would come a day when their greatest achievement, the barrier of Eternal, would be demolished.

It was a devastating blow to the citizens of Yartran.

Not only did the punch take out the barrier, a fifth of its power that the barrier failed to block shook the entire country.

It was as though the punch was going to destroy the entire land.

However, Yartran was still strong enough to withstand it.

Countless fighters activated their weapons to block Levi’s punch.

Sadly, Yartran was destroyed beyond recognition.

A once technologically advanced country with an ancient cultivation system was turned into a wasteland because of Levi’s loathsome punch.

It shattered the balance of the land.

Chaos dominated the entire region as the injured citizens were befuddled by Levi’s strength.

They had no idea what to do next as Levi advanced.

Yartran would need to gather all its greatest power to fight against him.

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