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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3423

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3423

Failed To Shatter

In a blink of an eye, the barrier instantly gained tens of layers of additional protection. It was the maximum capability of Yartran’s defense system.


An earth-shattering explosion was heard, as though the god of lightning was roaring right above the country.

A shockwave was spread out from Levi and reached all the way to Zarain.

That amount of terrifying power could only be matched by the activation of countless superweapons at the same time.


shoppingmode Levi’s punch made contact with the barrier.

Another thud was heard as the defense system shook violently.

That punch almost caused the entirety of Yartran to flip over.

It wasn’t just shaking the ground, it was flipping heaven and earth upside down!

The sky was collapsing, and the earth was sinking.

Everyone uncontrollably flew into the air and floated.

Many of the machines in the country were destroyed.

Even the land itself was spinning.

All kinds of extreme weather appeared at the same time.

The loss was too great!

An important detail about Yartran was that its region was different from the outside world.

They practically used giant devices to create a whole new world.

The gravity and magnetic field there were completely different from the outside world.

However, at that moment, the barrier, which was the giant device, suffered an extreme punch from Levi.

He broke the balance of the region, causing the gravity and magnetic field of the country to go totally haywire.

That was why crazy stuff was happening.

Yartran never thought it was even possible for a single punch to destroy their country’s balance, and it scared them greatly.

Chaos was in the streets, as though judgment day had arrived.

While it felt like the country was getting uprooted, the citizens were glad the barrier didn’t break.

It managed to block shoppingmode Levi’s punch.

“Oh god! That was so scary!”

“Levi’s punch actually managed to deplete forty-seven percent of the barrier’s total energy!”

The staffs controlling the giant device were shocked when they saw that number.

It was beyond their expectation because when they were doing their testing, the best they could manage to deplete was thirty-five percent of the total energy.

Yet, Levi almost depleted half of it in just one punch.

Cold sweat was covering their entire bodies as they took in a deep breath. No wonder he managed to break the balance of our country, because he managed to deplete almost half of the barrier’s energy!

Then they cackled wildly.

That was because, in their mind, they believed that punch was the upper limit of shoppingmode Levi’s strength.

How could it not be with the damage the punch caused?

As scary as that punch was, it only depleted forty-seven percent of the total energy.

In the end, it still couldn’t destroy the barrier.

If Levi wanted to crack the barrier, his punch had to be strong enough to deplete at least eighty percent of the total energy.

Otherwise, it wouldn’t break.

Some might think that, if one punch could take out forty-seven percent of the total energy reserve, then two punches would be enough to deplete ninety-four percent of the energy.

And if a third punch was unleashed, then the barrier would no doubt break, correct?


One couldn’t be blamed if they thought the barrier only had fifty-three percent of the total energy left after shoppingmode Levi’s punch drained forty-seven percent of it.

However, that wasn’t the case.

That was because the moment after the barrier received damage, the defense system would instantly repair it to full capacity.

It would be as though it was never damaged at all.

That was possible because the giant device was connected to a super-spiritual ley line. It supplied an unlimited amount of energy into the barrier.

The moment the barrier suffered damage, it would be instantly repaired.

There would be no chance for a second punch to damage it further because the barrier would be fully recovered in a blink of an eye.

A second punch would be pointless.

That was how powerful Yartran’s device was.

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