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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3421

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3421

Giant Device Of Yartran

No one expected Levi would make a violent visit to Yartran so suddenly.

After the failure last time, Yartran had vanished from the public eye.

Levi’s strength yet again exceeded their expectations.

They had revealed to Shield before on the probability of them winning, but they knew they would have to pay a terrible price.

However, after that battle, they completely changed.

They suspected it might be possible to defeat Levi, but only if the entirety of Yartran’s attack force was mobilized.

Recently, even the king of Yartran blamed his ambassadors for working with the Ecclesiastic Order to go against Levi.

The situation was dire for them, and they had no idea how to deal with it.

The battle thoroughly exposed them, on top of the fact that they also suffered severe losses.

Now, the world had learned about the existence of Yartran.

It was chaos everywhere in the world. Obviously, Yartran wanted to be the country to have the last laugh.

However, that chance of happening was lost forever, and they had made a terrible enemy in the process.

In the past, it was still fine, because Levi only had a grudge against Zarain.

He didn’t know about Yartran, so he didn’t care.

Things had sadly changed, and Yartran had become yet another target for Levi to destroy.

They knew what Levi was like, and they knew he would seek revenge.

The high-rank officials of Yartran gathered together to discuss what to do next.

Levi was coming to seek revenge, there was no doubt about that.

However, after their analysis, they were certain Levi would focus his attention on the Ecclesiastic Order and the deviant clans at the moment.

Thus, for the moment, he wouldn’t come for them.

That meant they would have time to prepare.

As usual, they were discussing how to deal with Levi that day.

They believed Yartran was still hidden, despite its existence was now known to the rest of the world, because no one could find them easily.

None of them expected Levi would arrive at Yartran in such a loud manner.

His voice spread to every corner of the country, informing them of his arrival.

Everyone in Yartran was in a frenzy. Some had even started to escape.

Levi was incredibly powerful, after all. Of course, they were afraid of him.

Even from afar, one could see the entirety of Yartran was in a frantic mess.

Black Hawk smirked. Who could’ve thought these high and mighty b*stards would be scared like this? Though, that just speaks volumes of how powerful Levi is. It would appear I bet on the right horse.

“Activate the defense system!”

Yartran reacted fast.


The earth began to shake before a formless force field instantly covered the entire country.

There was a terrifying amount of energy flowing through the force field. On top of that, there were ancient symbols on them.

Most importantly, the force field was connected to Yartran’s super-spiritual ley line.

Therefore, there was an endless amount of energy streaming into the force field.

It was Yartran’s greatest trump card.

The force field was actually a giant device with many functions.

For example, it could hide the country, change the gravity inside, manipulate the magnetic field, and, of course, construct a barrier that would protect the country by blocking all incoming attacks.

Since they were in danger, they didn’t have enough time to hide Yartran.

They could only activate the defense mechanism to halt Levi in his path.

“Be prepared to fight with Levi!”

Soon, everyone in Yartran was on the move in preparation for a battle to the death with Levi.

“Don’t worry! There’s no way he’ll crack open this force field!” Yartran was very confident in their force field.

However, it was an insult to them that they had to use it in the first place.

After all, they shouldn’t be afraid of anyone enough to activate the force field barrier.

Since Levi had made his way there, they had no choice but to activate it.

They were confident it was invincible, and that it could protect their country from all known attacks.

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