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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3418

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3418

Levi Can Only Be Ranked Second

When Gloria said that, Floyd immediately asked, “What decision?”


She started pretending to be shy again. This made him so anxious that he almost broke into a cold sweat.

“Tell me! I’m worried sick!” Floyd kept sighing.

“Floyd, we might not have a chance anymore, so I’ve decided to entrust myself to you. I want to truly become your woman!” blurted Gloria after mustering her courage.

“What?” At that moment, Floyd thought that he had heard her wrongly.

What did I hear? Gloria wants to become my woman? What?

He felt like he had just been struck by lightning.

“Huh? Are you joking, Gloria? Um…”

Floyd was at a loss for what to do.

He was a very loyal man. His principle when it came to love was to just go with the flow.

Now that Gloria suddenly mentioned this, he did not know what to do.

“I’m serious! I’ve already made this decision a while ago. Now that things are getting complex, we might actually be separated from each other. To avoid leaving behind any regrets, I’m going to become your woman!” repeated Gloria firmly.

“But I’m not ready…” The moment Floyd said that, Gloria pressed her body against him.

A long while passed.

Gloria smiled. “Now, we won’t have any regrets. I’m your woman now. You must protect me forever!”

Floyd made a decision. “Don’t worry! Even if I die, I’ll protect you!”

Gloria said cutely, “You must listen to everything I say from now on!”


“You must not brazenly rush into danger or treat your life carelessly…”

With those few words, Gloria managed to manipulate Floyd completely.

“Okay! I’ll listen to you from now on. But I want to marry you and give you a proper title!”

Floyd felt like he needed to take responsibility. Now that Gloria had entrusted herself to him completely, he could not just leave her aside just like that.

“But Gloria, this isn’t a good time to get married. Even if we did, we’ll still live in fear. In fact, it might be a good opportunity for our enemies to attack! They might ambush us on our wedding day. I want to give you a wedding so grand that the entire world would know about it!”

Gloria listened to him quietly without saying a word.

“Gloria, I’ll wait till Master is done dealing with all the external troubles. Then, I’ll introduce you to him and we’ll get married. You can wait, right?”

Floyd stared at Gloria nervously.

Her eyes lit up.

Of course I can wait! My aim is to buy time! The more the better!

“I can wait! Anyway, I’m yours already. Nothing else matters!” replied Gloria excitedly.

“You’re amazing, Gloria. I swear that I’ll only live for your sake from now on! You’re the most important person to me!” yelled Floyd.

Gloria had reached her goal.

In the past, no matter how much she had Floyd under her control, Levi was still the most important person to him.

His position was unmovable.

Now, things were different. After becoming his woman, the situation changed drastically. From now on, she was the most important person to Floyd. Levi could only be ranked second!

This was the most important thing to her.

Not only could she dispel Floyd’s suspicions about her, but at the most critical moment, she could also make Floyd turn against Levi. For her sake, he definitely would betray Levi.

After all, she was more important now.

No matter what she wanted, he would fulfill her wishes—she could make him do anything she wanted.

After all, she had Floyd under her control now. This was her most scary move.

Now, not only would Floyd not expose her, but he would also think of ways to conceal her.

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