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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3417

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3417

Floyd Is Suspicious

“Huh? Are you okay, Gloria?” Floyd was alarmed.

What’s wrong? Why is she so scared? This is unbelievable! Is… Is there a problem?

At that moment, Floyd thought that something felt amiss, though he could not put a finger on it.

“A force that can toy around with Master, the Cetus, and the Ecclesiastic Order?” asked Gloria as she trembled, feigning a terrified look.

She also realized that she was overreacting. If this continued, she would be exposed.

“Yeah! This is definitely true for now,” replied Floyd firmly.

“Why don’t I know about that? I can barely imagine what kind of force could toy around with those three! That’s impossible, right?”

Gloria was still in astonishment.

Quickly dispelling his suspicion, Floyd smiled and said, “It’s because this force is too good at hiding. Well, no one knows about you too, anyway. But Master’s already investigating it and the Ecclesiastic Order is unifying. There’s not a lot of space for the force to survive in, so it’s easy to discover its existence.”

Gloria panicked secretly.

It’s true. Everything is disadvantageous to me now.

Since Levi already had his eyes set on this, he could quickly discover her with his abilities.

She could not evade it no matter how much she tried to hide it.

Gloria was extremely certain about this fact.

She must not let Levi continue investigating, for something bad would definitely happen.

It was absolutely necessary to divert his attention—someone else needed to catch his attention.

It could be the Cetus, or the Ecclesiastic Order after unifying.

I must aggravate their conflicts and make them fight with each other.

Frowning, Gloria started to brainstorm plans on how to target Levi.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Gloria? What are you thinking about? You’re in a daze.”

Floyd thought that Gloria was acting odd that day. Her actions were very strange.

Could it be that…

Just when another thought surfaced in his mind, Floyd immediately rejected it. No way! I promised Gloria that I will never suspect her again!

Oh no! Looking at Floyd’s conflicted expression, he might be having suspicions.

Gloria immediately became flustered.

The moment Floyd becomes suspicious, I’ll be exposed. I can kill him, but I won’t have anyone spying on Levi for me. Furthermore, if he dies, Levi will find me even more quickly. No! This is a bad plan! It’ll be disadvantageous to me. I must still secure Floyd.


Gloria stared at him alluring as she lowered her head and called out to him shyly.


Floyd felt his body tingle when he heard her voice.

“What’s wrong, Gloria?”

He was stunned upon seeing how shy Gloria looked.

“I… I…”

Pretending to be conflicted, Gloria hesitated for a long while, causing Floyd to become increasingly anxious.

“If there are any problems, just say it, Gloria!”

Biting her lips, she exclaimed, “I’m so worried!”

“What are you worried about?” asked Floyd.

“You said that this force is so powerful and mysterious. It got those three wrapped around its finger. I’m afraid that one day, either one of us might be gone…”

Gloria revealed her worry.

“Well…” Floyd did not dare to deny it.

It’s true. Even Master can’t figure this force out. Perhaps, there’s a real danger. We might not see each other again. This is a very likely possibility.

“I’m so scared now! I’m worried that this might actually happen,” mumbled Gloria sadly.

Blaming himself, Floyd lamented, “I’m too useless and weak. Otherwise, you won’t be worried about this.”

“It’s not your fault! It’s just that things are changing now. Danger can occur at any moment!”

“Yeah…” Floyd sighed.

“So, I’ve reached a decision!”

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