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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3415

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3415

You Have Changed

Those people were high-rank officials from the Ecclesiastic Order’s various factions.

When Gloria looked for them back then, she wanted to have them under her control. However, they were so hard to deal with that she still could not defeat them.

They even humiliated her back then, causing her to harbor hatred toward them.

However, as they were simply too powerful, she could not kill them.

Things were different now—she now possessed terrifying power.

Now that the Ecclesiastic Order was unified, she would be delivering herself to death if she killed those high-ranking officials.

The Ecclesiastic Order and the Holy Guild would notice it.

This feat, however, was not a difficult task for Gloria. In fact, it was very simple.

Now that the Ecclesiastic Order was being unified, everything was in chaos.

Hence, Gloria played some tricks to create internal conflict. Then, she secretly found the high-ranking officials she wanted to kill.

Gloria was so powerful now that it was a piece of cake for her to kill those people without anyone noticing.

The dozens of people were murdered by Gloria just like that, without any clues left behind.

Even when they died, they did not expect such an insignificant person from the West Pavilion to become so powerful in a short period of time.

It was simply unbelievable!

Now, Gloria was already at the peak of the Ecclesiastic Order.

After testing it out, she was delighted and surprised at her newfound power.

This was merely the beginning—she would become even more powerful in the future.

All that she lacked now was the devourer spiritual bone.

Even if she could not devour powerful items like the four cornerstone divine tools, she could devour other things.

Gloria’s power kept improving. By the time the Holy Guild dispatched some people to check on the chaos, she had already left.

Furthermore, she had an alibi.

As it was an internal conflict, no one noticed that a few dozen high-rank officials died.

After Gloria left, she mumbled to herself, “I wonder what’s the gap between Levi and me.”

She wanted to have a fight with Levi to test it out, but she did not dare to.

Even if she had tremendous power now and there was no one in the Ecclesiastic Order whom she feared, she was still scared of Levi.

“Forget it. I’ll look for the puppet first and see if anything else happened!”

Soon, Gloria found Floyd.

“Huh? Gloria, you…” Floyd kept scrutinizing her, feeling like something was wrong.

“Yes? What’s the problem?” Gloria looked suspicious, thinking that she had exposed herself.

After checking her out, Floyd shook his head. “I can’t tell! I have a feeling that you’ve changed, but I can’t articulate what’s wrong with you.”

Naturally, she had changed. Now that her powers had increased by almost ten times, there would inevitably be transformations.

Even if she was concealing her aura and power, she still did not have full control over them—after all, it had not been long since she gained that power.

There would inevitably be something different about her.

If it was Levi or other experts, such as the elders of the Ecclesiastic Order, they would definitely notice it immediately.

However, Floyd could only sense that something was different. He just could not put a finger on it.

“Oh, it’s because I became stronger recently!”

Floyd was shocked when she revealed some of her powers. It made him even more motivated to catch up to her.

“Oh, right. How’s Master and the rest? They aren’t affected much, right? The Holy Guild has come out of seclusion and the Ecclesiastic Order is unified. Soon, the Nine Guilds will emerge again! Master might face some trouble in the future.” Gloria tried to pry some information out of Floyd.

He replied, “Actually, the Ecclesiastic Order unifying doesn’t have a huge impact on Master. In fact, he isn’t even bothered by it. What’s bothering him is a mysterious force that is different from the Ecclesiastic Order and the Cetus! They have been controlling everything recently. Master’s determined to find out who they are.”

When he said that, Gloria’s expression changed drastically.

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