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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3414

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3414

Even Levi Cannot Make It

Boom! A loud boom sounded from the Corpse Pit.

Gloria had succeeded in devouring all the martial skills from the Top Ten and negative energy from the Corpse Pit.

She was like a tsunami—terrifying power and extreme aura surged through her.

It was as though she had changed into another person. Her powers had just exceeded the celestial level—a level higher than before.

“Hahaha! Even the strongest elders from East Pavilion won’t be a match for you. If they want to defeat you, the elders from the four Pavilions and other factions will have to join forces. Your combat prowess is probably on par with Solocus and Eusof’s. You can even fight with them now! Other than the supreme fighters, No one in the Ecclesiastic Order can do anything to you!”

Looking at Gloria, the Bone Grandmaster smiled in delight.

The more powerful she was, the closer he was to achieving his crazy revenge.

“Don’t be anxious yet! After I finish the devourer spiritual bone, you’ll immediately surpass Solocus and the rest, eventually emerging as the top fighter in the Ecclesiastic Order! When that moment comes, both Levi and the Cetus will be crushed underneath your foot!” exclaimed Bone Grandmaster.

“Hahaha! So is this how it feels like to wield extreme power? It feels amazing!” Gloria could not help but burst out laughing.

“Don’t worry. I’m representing the ten of you now. I’ll definitely fulfill your dream of rising to the top of the Ecclesiastic Order!”

Gloria stared at the Top Ten who were on the brink of becoming shriveled corpses.

“But you can’t die yet! You must see my growth.”

Even though she killed the Three Sages of the North Pavilion directly, she wanted the Top Ten to witness her growth. That would satisfy her desires.

“I’m handing them over to you now. They cannot die for the time being!” Gloria instructed the servants.

Gazing at Gloria, Sonja and the rest were filled with despair.

Only a short period of time had passed, yet she had almost reached the peak of the Ecclesiastic Order.

If the Holy Guild did not show up, she would become the most powerful in the Ecclesiastic Order.

In the past, she thought that it was impossible to surpass Levi. However, she managed to reach this level within such a short period of time. If this continued, she could probably catch up to Levi.

This was simply too terrifying.

Once the Bone Grandmaster managed to create a new devourer spiritual bone, Gloria could officially challenge Levi.

Guessing what Sonja and the rest were thinking, Gloria glanced over and laughed. “The three of you are the first witnesses! I will let you survive to the end. I can’t bear to kill you!”

“How shameless… Just wait! You will end up horribly. Levi will teach you a lesson!”

Sonja and the rest were hoping that Levi could discover her quickly—this was their only hope.

But if more time passed, even Levi could not do anything. He probably could not hold her back anymore.

“Hahaha! I’ll wait for him to come. It’ll be too late by the time he finds me,” declared Gloria as she laughed.

Then, she glanced at the four cornerstone divine tools.

“I’ll devour your essence too!”

Gloria was eager to devour everything. However, after a while, she realized that she could not devour anything.

The technique was limited. Although her body could still take it, her technique, at its current level, had reached its maximum extent. She could not devour anything else, especially the enormous power that the four cornerstone divine tools possessed.

It was possible if she devoured a lesser amount of power.

“This is probably the spiritual bone’s problem. If your spiritual bone is the type to devour, the technique can reach even greater heights and you can devour more!” explained the Bone Grandmaster.

The main reason was that Gloria had devoured too much.

The Three Sages and the Top Ten together added up to a terrifying extent of power.

“Okay, then. I’ll complete it as quickly as possible!” The Bone Grandmaster went straight to work.

Meanwhile, Gloria left the Corpse Pit to kill those she really wanted to kill. Although she was too weak in the past, she was now powerful enough.

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