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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3413

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3413

Devouring The Top Ten

The Top Ten pleaded incessantly with Gloria to have mercy.

“Just kill me, please. I’m begging you. Just do it quickly.”

Flavius was begging too.

His talent and spiritual bone were his pride and joy.

They were more important than his life.

He could accept death but couldn’t handle it if someone dug away his spiritual bone.

Digging out his spiritual bone was like crushing his soul, and he couldn’t take that.

The same went for the rest of the Top Ten.

They would rather die than accept a fate like that.

However, Gloria wouldn’t let them have the chance.

“Begging is pointless. All of you are destined to be my stepping stone to conquer the world.” Gloria cackled.

“Please, I beg you…”

The Top Ten continued to plead, but their pleas turned to screams and later became dead silence.

The Bone Grandmaster soon extracted the spiritual bone of the Top Ten with the severance dagger.

Rylai’s spiritual bone was kept aside while others’ were placed together.

At that moment, the Top Ten were like the living dead.

Despite being alive, their hearts were dead.

Their eyes were nothing but soulless holes.

It was a fate more horrible than death.

Their pride had been stomped over and over again before turning into dust.

Even though Flavius and the rest were still alive, they might never utter another word again.

Their bodies might still be functioning, but their souls had already been taken from them.

All ten of them lay there immobile with lifeless eyes.

The Bone Grandmaster couldn’t help but admired the Top Ten’s spiritual bone. “As expected of the Top Ten, their spiritual bones are of legendary quality. They’re better than I thought. You’ll be much closer after to achieving devourer spiritual bone now.”

It was good news for Gloria.

All she needed now was to wait for the new spiritual bone.

“They can’t die yet. Take care of them well.”

Next, Gloria gave plenty of magical herbs to the Top Ten.

She wanted to devour their powers.

The Top Ten didn’t struggle. They merely lay there, letting Gloria do whatever she wanted.

They had completely given up on themselves.

Before long, the Top Ten’s bodies had temporarily recovered. They couldn’t recover their health completely from the severe adverse effect of the extraction in such a short period.

“I think I should wait a little longer for them to recover more.”

Gloria figured she didn’t have to rush into that.

After all, she had just absorbed the Three Sages’ powers a while ago.

Yet, the Bone Grandmaster was firm. “No, do it now! The faster you do it, the better it is for us. The road ahead of us won’t be easy with the return of the Holy Guild and the unification of the Ecclesiastic Order. You won’t have many chances left and it’ll be difficult.”

His words reminded Gloria.

He’s right. The Ecclesiastic Order wasn’t unified before, so chances were abundant. I could infiltrate whichever factions I wanted. However, with the Holy Guild taking control of the unified Ecclesiastic Order, I’ll have fewer chances, and it’ll be much harder for me to cover my trails.

The Ecclesiastic Order will notice a third party’s involvement. I’ll be finished if they find out about me, so it’s better if I heighten my abilities as soon as possible. I should listen to the Bone Grandmaster and devour everything.

“All right then. I’ll devour all your powers now!”

Gloria started unleashing her technique and aimed it at the Top Ten.


Before long, sets of earsplitting blasts struck the sky above.

The atmosphere within the Corpse Pit began to turn tense as though thousands of ghosts were struggling fervently.

The frightening part was the endless darkness accumulating around Gloria’s body.

She didn’t expect to absorb the endless darkness of the Corpse Pit when her aim was the powers of the Top Ten.

All of a sudden, the stir grew louder.

Fortunately, the Corpse Pit was deserted.

Otherwise, she would’ve been exposed.

After all, the power she was absorbing was tremendous and implicated mother nature.

As time tickled by, her presence got even stronger and domineering.

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