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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3411

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3411

Everyone Is Afraid Of Levi

The elites of the Ecclesiastic Order were about to make a move when a deafening voice pierced the sky.

The voice shocked everyone into halting their movement.

Levi was now the entire Ecclesiastic Order’s nightmare.

Everyone would shudder with fear upon hearing his name.

By loudly announcing his arrival, he stunned everyone there.


The eight Paladins paused in their tracks.

Ever since the Holy Guild leave the mountain, the name they heard the most was none other than Levi.

It was almost a permanent trauma that would accompany them for the rest of their lives.

The eight Paladins were arrogant and behaved as though they were the rulers at the top of the world.

They were more arrogant and presumptuous than the Top Ten.

They didn’t take orders from anyone other than the Ministers, Solocus, and Eusof. They didn’t even pay attention to others, who, in their opinion, would not pose a threat.

Even those in the class of Elders from the major factions didn’t have their respect.

After leaving the mountain that day, they were their usual conceited selves.

However, once they heard Levi’s voice, they panicked slightly.

Levi was nothing more than a monkey in their eyes.

They still had their sights at the top of their heads and didn’t take Levi seriously.

After all, Levi was nothing more than an amateur.

If it was the old times, they would’ve just attacked him straight without a care.

However, they had heard what happened to those who had chosen to go against Levi.

Levi had murdered the Top Ten, the Cetus, the fighters from the deviant clan, in cold blood.

They knew the Top Ten weren’t much weaker than they were.

In fact, Flavius and Rylai were almost on par with them.

Half of the eight Paladins couldn’t single-handedly suppress Flavius and Rylai without assistance.

Thus the eight of them were well aware of the huge gap between Levi and themselves.

Their deaths were almost a guarantee if they charged at him now.

Moreover, with Levi being such a cruel person, he would never let them go unharmed.

Upon facing Levi, the eight Paladins had lost their arrogance.

They cowered at Levi’s name.

The next moment, everyone saw Levi slowly descend from the sky and land on the North Pavilion hall.

“Come if you aren’t afraid to die!” Levi warned.

The reason Levi could arrive right on time was that someone had secretly informed him.

Gloria had informed Floyd about the North Pavilion being in danger, and he quickly relayed it to Levi.

Hence Levi arrived right on time as the Ecclesiastic Order arrived.

Gloria’s motive was simple. She wanted to aggravate the conflict between Levi and the Ecclesiastic Order.

It would be the best-case scenario for her if both sides engaged in a deathly battle.

No matter which side lost, she would be the one to benefit from it.

She had initially wanted to use the Cetus to restrain Levi, but they were uncontrollable, and she didn’t even know where they were now.

So as the situation unfolded, the Ecclesiastic Order had become the shackles to restrain Levi.

With that, the best way would be for both sides to fight endlessly.

It didn’t matter to Gloria if the Paladins of the Holy Guild started the fight.

It would be best if they did, but if they didn’t, she would continue to fan the flames of conflict between the two.

Now that Levi had shown up at the North Pavilion, the tens of thousands of elites of the Ecclesiastic Order had all paused their movement.

No one took a step further.

Such was Levi’s commanding presence that drove others to heed his commands.


The army of elites exchanged glances of hesitation.

What do we do now?

“An army of trash! This is all it takes to scare you? Are you all even men? Isn’t the Ecclesiastic Order the ruler at the top? Are you guys scared of me?” Levi taunted.


His biting remarks were a stab at the elite army’s inflated pride and ego, especially when arrogance was nature in the Ecclesiastic Order.

They were infuriated by Levi’s sharp comment.

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