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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3409

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3409

The Ending Of The North Pavilion Three Sages

“Please follow me, thank you.”

The Paladins of the Holy Guild wanted to train too.

This is a great chance to test our skills against the powerful North Pavilion Three Sages if we want to kill them.

“All right. I’ll leave it to you.”

The Elders took a few steps back.

The Paladins of the Holy Guild charged toward the Three Sages immediately.

Gloria’s eyes lightened at the sight.

Isn’t this better for my plan?

The Three Sages fought back good as they went against the Paladins.

Doran and the seven others were soon at a disadvantage under the consecutive attacks of the multiple elites.

In the end, they were chopped into mince meat and died without leaving a complete body.

It was the consequence of being a traitor.

Gloria was all smiles as she watched their miserable ending.

Soon, the barrage of attacks from the Paladins had the Three Sages stretched thin.

The Paladins of the Holy Guild were terrifying.

Each one of them had the capability to rival one of the Three Sages.

Some were even stronger than the three of them.

With the disadvantage in numbers, the Three Sages couldn’t hold on much longer.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Not long after, the Three Sages were thrown backward.

They had been holding on for long enough.

“Kill them! Don’t leave anyone alive! Let’s wipe out the North Pavilion next!” Solocus commanded.

The Paladins’ attacks became deadlier against the Three Sages.

Despite the Three Sages’ desperate resistance against the Paladins’ assaults, they were hurled backward again and again until they couldn’t defend themselves anymore.


At that moment, the square in front of the Ecclesiastic Order main hall collapsed.

The crowd urgently tried to make their escape to safety.

Amidst the distraction, a few figures slithered out from a dark corner. They dashed toward the Three Sages, carried the trio, and ran.

The figures were quick on their feet and disappeared as quickly as they appeared.

Even the Paladins of the Holy Guild couldn’t catch up to them.

“I supposed they were the former shadow guards?” The Paladins mumbled to themselves.

The shadow guards took orders only from the Ecclesiastic Order.

There were only tens of them.

Even though their capabilities weren’t the best, their speed and stealth were top-notch.

Once they started running, not many could catch up to them.

It was much harder to give chase under such an unexpected situation.

“Stop chasing! Since it’s the shadow guards, no one can catch up,” the Elders explained.

“I want people sent out to search for them now! I want to know why the shadow guards helped them.”

Solocus was puzzled.

“All the others listen to my command. Let’s obliterate the North Pavilion first! Stand in line, and leaders, take your places!”

Solocus commanded the Paladins of the Holy Guild to lead their troops over to the North Pavilion.

“Yes, Sir!”

An army of elites began marching toward the North Pavilion.

During the commotion, Gloria had disappeared from the crowd.

Since she was merely a menial member of the West Pavilion, the big shots of the Ecclesiastic Order wouldn’t pay her any attention.

No one even paid attention to whether she was present or not.

That’s right! I was the one who arranged for the square to collapse and the shadow guards to save the Three Sages. The Three Sages have to die, but they have to die in my hands and not killed by others.

The Three Sages didn’t expect to be saved.

Almost instantly, they knew the shadow guards had saved them.

But why did the shadow guards save us? We don’t understand but are grateful for it.

Before long, the shadow guards suddenly stopped at a random spot.

“We have brought you the ones you requested,” the shadow guards reported.

“Excellent, and I’ve given you what you needed! It was a great collaboration.”

The Three Sages wanted to take a peek but lost their vision and consciousness.

When they woke up, they realized they were in a lifeless place.

There were so many bones littered everywhere as far as they could see.

“Could this be the Corpse Pit, one of the Deadly Seven?”

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