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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3395

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3395

Levi And His Thoughts

“But we let the Top Ten go. We even let them keep their divine tools! How can they just blame us when their elites go missing. Unbelievable!” exclaimed Floyd depressedly while the others, too, got upset with the accusation.

We’ve admitted countless times to taking our enemies’ lives, so what’s ten more? But the fact is we didn’t kill the Top Ten! The cornerstone divine tools are nothing but trash to Master, so why would we have any reason to take them? Floyd had every reason to be angry because the allegation was utterly ridiculous.

“Master, I’m going to make this right. We know we showed those men mercy and even let them keep their divine tools, so we can’t just stand by while others distort the truth,” voiced Floyd angrily.

Floyd was about to walk away when Levi responded, “There’s nothing you can say to change it. No one’s going to believe you.”

Zoey and the others agreed with Levi. “He’s right. There’s no use trying to explain ourselves since nobody can find them or the divine tools.”

“Besides, the Ecclesiastic Order treats us like their sworn enemies now, so why would they believe anything you say? They wouldn’t even listen to a word that comes out of your mouth.”

“They have no reason to trust you. Do you think they’re going to believe that we let the Top Ten live after slaughtering the rest? Heck, they might even think that we’re insulting them!”

After listening to all that, Floyd got so furious that he violently sent his fist into the wall. “Damn it all! Somebody’s trying to set us up!”

“Probably an enemy of the order’s. I’m guessing they seized the opportunity to take out the severely injured Top Ten before blaming us for it,” suggested Zoey after some thought.

To that, the others nodded in agreement. “She’s got a point. We all know that the order has many enemies and that they were envied for possessing talents like the Top Ten. Given the opportunity, anyone would’ve done the same thing.”

“The same goes for the cornerstone divine tools. Just because Boss thinks they’re trash doesn’t mean others share his opinion.”

Suddenly, Floyd thought of something. “Do you think Sonja and the others could be responsible?”

The man immediately caught everyone’s attention when he asked the question.

“They’re the reason our base was exposed and the God Crusher stolen. We also got ambushed because they revealed our position.”

“They have every reason to capture the Top Ten and take the cornerstone divine tools. With the elites severely injured, they could’ve easily arranged for spiritual bone transplantations. On top of that, they may have something to gain by turning Master and the Ecclesiastic Order against each other.”

“After all, they were the ones who stole Master’s God Crusher. Maybe they thought they could get the order to deal with Master once and for all. They probably feared him and wanted him dead,” chimed in Floyd, who seemed more clear-minded and logical when it came to analyzing Sonja and the others.

“That’s possible and very likely!” agreed the others.

Meanwhile, Levi simply furrowed his eyebrows in silence, for he did not think Sonja and her companions were responsible for what happened.

He was sure since he personally visited North Pavilion last time.

I know Sonja’s not capable of such a feat, and I don’t think it’s the Cetus either since they sent their people to me this time.

The Ecclesiastic Order’s probably not responsible either since they’re still recovering from their recent defeat.

Besides, the Top Ten disappeared near our base, so why would they risk sending their people anywhere near here? It can’t be them!

Since losing the God Crusher last time, Levi sensed the presence of a formidable force different from that of the Ecclesiastic Order and the Cetus.

He could tell that the mysterious force was secretly pulling strings in the shadows to turn the Ecclesiastic Order and him against each other. If I’m not mistaken, Sonja and the others must be under their control as well.

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