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The Return of the God of War Chapter 3383

The Return of the God of War Chapter 3383

Gloria Attains The Four Cornerstone Divine Tools

Levi had Forlevia and the others leave the underground defensive base after everything settled down.

Everyone assumed that the place would be in a wreck, so they were surprised when they crawled out of there and saw the place.

It was all cleaned up.

There were still signs of cracks here and there, but overall, everything looked fine.

It was so, so different from what they imagined.

No one saw what things were like during the battle, but they could sense that it was an intense one.

Levi actually won?

Everyone smiled brightly at that.

On the other side.

Gloria received the news as soon as the Top Ten left.

At that moment, no one dared to target Levi’s base anymore… No one except Gloria.

She tended to take bold risks and had her men monitor the place.

“He didn’t kill the Top Ten? Now that is unexpected,” said Gloria in a surprised tone.

“There’s more to that. He didn’t even keep the cornerstone divine tools and had thrown those weapons to the Top Ten as though they were pieces of trash.”

Gloria’s eyes glowed as soon as she heard that.

With desire burning in her eyes, she demanded, “How are the Top Ten now? How wounded are they?”

“Every single one of them is severely wounded, and their strength is negligible when compared to yours.”

“He’s right. Zordian from the Central Pavilion looks like he’s on the verge of dying, and Flavius and the others were barely hanging on.”

“I bet Levi never had any intention of killing them. That is why he let them go.”

Gloria laughed when she heard how terribly the Top Ten was wounded.

“This presents the perfect opportunity for me to get all four cornerstone divine tools. I will also be able to deepen the hatred between Levi and the Ecclesiastic Order. Come on. Let’s go. Right now!”

Gloria was obviously excited.

After the Top Ten left Levi’s place with their cornerstone divine tools, they headed back to their respective places.

They were all wounded at the time and had the four cornerstone divine tools with them.

Hence, it would be dangerous for them to stay out for too long.

Unfortunately, the very thing they feared happened.

Zip! Zip! Zip!

Daggers flew out of nowhere, and poisonous fumes began seeping into them.

The Top Ten were wounded, but they did their best to defend themselves from the dagger.

Still, a few of them were hit.

Things became worse when the poisonous fumes made it to them.

Every single one of the Top Ten was poisoned.

The fumes would not kill them right away, but it would affect their spiritual bone and reduce their strength.

That was when dozens of fighting experts showed up and attacked the Top Ten mercilessly.

It didn’t take long before the Top Ten were defeated and fainted.

“What now? Should we kill them?” asked Gloria’s subordinates.

“No, take them all away. Killing them will just leave traces of evidence behind. Besides, I’m not done with them yet,” replied Gloria.

Just like that, all the ten elites were brought to Gloria’s secret base.

The Top Ten might have fainted, but Gloria worried that they would recover, so she did something cruel. She used specialized needles and stuck them on the Top Ten’s nerves, joints, and every other important spot on the body.

On top of that, she used thick, specialized chains to lock all of them up and tie them together.

She made it so that they couldn’t recover, absorb spiritual energy, or fight.

Her fears were understandable because the wounds wouldn’t erase the Top Ten’s skills.

That was why they would eventually recover if they weren’t restricted.

Hence, it seemed the only way to keep them locked up was to do something so cruel that she basically had full control of their lives.

Then, Gloria kept caressing the four cornerstone divine tools and grinning.

“This is amazing. All four of them are mine now, and I even have God Crusher with me!”

Gloria fished God Crusher out of her possession and compared it to the four cornerstone divine tools.

The excitement and glee that shone on her face were indescribably bright.

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